World of Warships – Onward and Upward

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Final game before the tier 10 Pan-Asian , I had fun and hopefully the game was entertaining. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Pan-Asian Destroyer Replay


  1. Hey Notser , when are you back on Twitch?

  2. What most of DD players forget is that a spread of torpedoes even if they don’t hit the enemy forces them to maneuver and if you’re watching the minimap can actually set up some favorable broadsides for the rest of your team.

  3. why do none of the you tubers show the bad battles?

    • Basically because what a bad battle is to a great player, is a good battle to a bad/decent player. Unless of course if it happens to be a battle where you get deleted almost instantly early in the battle, well there’s no point uploading such battles, not much to view there.

  4. “Everybody have fun tonight! Everybody Chung Mu tonight!”

  5. Good game, Notser. The Yue Yang is excellent. … something that not many people notice is the torp reload on the Chung Mu is only 9 seconds longer than the Z46.

  6. man superintendent is NOT as useful as other skills on the pan asian. u rarely need 6 smokes. other skills like torp expert or demo expert should be WAY better!!

    • But then if I swap smoke for radar it becomes a God tier commander skill, at some point it is just too expensive to run the perfect build all the time

    • your choice…i just dont find it valuable to give up the smokes for radar .
      i see u always using smoke so SI seems totally pointless when u can grab several VERY useful skills instead.

    • If you want to run radar in a Pan-Asia DD, division with a USN DD. Or another Pan-Asia who’s loaded the smoke. Or better yet for maximum winrate farming, both.

  7. Man pants, Notser. I know you have them somewhere.

  8. Hey Notser,
    When you list the captain skills (unless you are already doing this and I’ve misunderstood), could you list them in the order to get them, with level 1 skills on the left, 4 on the right and the first row being what you should get first, then the second row next and so on.

  9. Seriously I think this thing is to good for tier 9.
    A lot of players like to say how fletcher was the American tier 9.5. This is just a better Fletcher.

    • It’s a mixed bag. Fletcher is a better cap contester than Chung Mu since it can hit DDs with its torps. But Chung Mu’s torps are even better than Fletcher’s at dealing with the BB overpopulation.

      And if you really want to get dirty, run a division of a Fletcher and a radar Chung Mu.

  10. at 5:00 mark there I wholeheartedly agreed Notser that’s why I always torp the 2nd ship of enemy lemming train because they’d expect the first ship to screen the torps. Worked more often than not.

  11. I found more than once that a ship that looks AFK (standing still up until then)suddenly wakes up when the ship starts to sustain damage. I’m suspecting that those players are really not disconnected. They launch a game and got distracted by something else. Then, as they sustain damages, they got the attention with the alarm and decide to do something about it. I believe that most disconnections are recoverable within 5 minutes, the time to relaunch the game or in the worse situation, the whole computer when the problem is so severe that it crashed the computer. The only time that a problem is not recoverable is when you install a MOD that crashes the game. In this case, you can chose to launch the game in its vanilla configuration. It is a total disrespect for the other team mates and I always report AFK beyond the 5 minutes mark, especially when the ship is still at the spawn location.

    • Depends upon the disco – I’ve had issues where it’s taken 10mins to reconnect. But in general 5mins is probably a good estimate.

    • VuHien2011 I agree on 5 min afk report. I usually wait til the end of the round in case they do pipe up and admit the dc. Otherwise, yes they are wasting everyone else’s time and round.

    • 5min sounds fair. I’ve been DC’d and had to restart the whole game and came back to find myself dead. Only thing I could do was leave a message that WG screwed me over. In another fight, 3 of our BB’s were unable to connect. We managed to eventually get back into the game and win, but it still sucked.

    • Flamu’s video today also had an AFK FDG that came alive near the end of the game. Gotta report these guys like you said.

    • I’ve been having random brief internet drops lately so I’ve ended up joining a game 5-10 mins late more than I’d like. The most recent one ended up being a spectacular carry where me and my division mate swept most of the enemy team, despite only getting in with 10 mins on the clock.

  12. still waiting for that fucking usa cruiser change :F

  13. I watch two videos and in both of them I see an AFK player that never moved from spawn “come back” from AFK as they are being shot… hmm.. I find that to be a bit too much of a coincidence.

  14. I’m glad you enjoy the Pan Asian line. I don’t, I deal probably half as much torpedo damage with them as I do other DD lines. This could be because I play exclusively in coop mode. I use to enjoy highly competitive games but I just don’t anymore.

  15. Hey Notser— How about a refresher for us low- medium level players who have yet to earn a T10, or anything like it?

  16. Getting decapping flags (green) is so important. I had a T10 game in my Kidd. 40k damage, a solo cap, a joint cap, and 6x decap flags. We lost, but I was top of team in bottom tier dd because of pto, and hitting ships trying to cap. You get insane xp for those decap hits. Great vid as always Notser!

  17. Must be nice getting to play against complete retards on the enemy team that always sail into your torpedoes.

    Every spread I ever launch gets dodged or spotted.

  18. Hello Notser,mate which of pan asian are worthy to keep in the port?

  19. It’s nice to have fun last games before progressing. I tend to have a ‘Wargaming curse’ where my last games with vehicles are appalling. Most recently was the Edinburgh, which in maximum uptiers is pretty team dependant. In my last game there I was repeatedly torpedoed by an allied Tirpitz for having the gall to finish off a Moskva he was fighting so I could rush in and clear a cap of destroyers then hiding behind an island and shelling battleships (no surprise the game went very badly after that).

    Nothing beats the VK 4501A though. Fifteen losses in a row, utterly appalling games and totally demoralising. B turned out to be one of my favourite tanks though so was worth it in the end.

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