World of Warships: Oops, I did it again…

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What happens when a vaguely competent Kaga driver runs into a Saipan who…erm…isn’t? This.

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  1. Your prayers to the MM gods at the beginning of the video made me think of the pure evil that my friends and I do: One of my friends loves to use his Saipan, and when he does, another friend and I usually hop on our Atlantas…. a Saipan + 2 Atlanta division = worst nightmare for Kaga.

  2. Hopefully the link is taken as meant, helpfully.

  3. Now I’ve got that Britney Spears song stuck in my head. Thanks ? lol

  4. I had a Saipan 3-0-1 today lose the air war to a 2-2-0. The 3-0-1 of course on my team could not get me unspotted from the enemy fighters. He killed a total of 8 planes. We need something to stop CV seals. Seriously.

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