World of Warships – OP gun lullaby

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I know a lot of ppl are wondering if this ship is good. This ship is VERY powerful but it has also many downsides. In order for you get the most out of this ship, you will have to adept to a different DD playstyle.

In case someone was wondering which game I was talking about at the start of the video, it's PUBG. Me, Statsbloke, TCFreer and BoomfunkMC are probably the most epic you could find in that game (we started playing recently) but we always laugh our asses off and it's fun play for us, so we don't care what others think about PUBG.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. the map was over in the first mins when 4 of the other teams ran to hide leaving it a 12 to 8 fight .

  2. You cant tease a cat being a derp and not add a pic

  3. 08:12 So IEarlGrey thoughed his last name was Notser?

  4. Its a lot like a late night drive on the freeway when a car ahead has their hazard lights on.

  5. Doesnt help Ohio with DD, instantly expects Ohio to take care of mino for him

  6. I see you have not adjusted your settings for the new sounds, lol.

  7. “absurd” and Monotonous are good terms for this DD’s gun firepower^^

    • It’s like the old American western where the cowboys 6 shooter fires 52 times never running out of shells. Don’t even need to aim just keep shooting…..ok I guess this is an arcade type game.

    • @Jim Shoemaker at least, the fire rate is historically correct. This ship had “automated everything” plus water-cooled barrels to not overheat. Ridiculous arcadey rpm are on BBs which irl fired once a minute.

  8. How to be ashamed in 3 simple steps……

    1: Join a game ( in a smolensk that have hydro )

    2: Notice that Flambass in on your team, and say hi to him and his chat.

    3: Push in and get torpedoed to bits. Die first.

    FML …….

  9. The suspense for me, was waiting to see if the sky cancer has a repair bill or not. I was muttering at the screen to get you to ignore the Smolensk so the match didn’t end and kill the CV in time.

  10. how can the atlanta have room for torpedos, but this thing can’t?

    • It’s not really a matter of “fitting them in”, more a result of changes in technology and fleet doctrines. This ship was designed and built in the late 40’s/ early 50’s. By that time, most major navies had figured out that with gun ranges becoming ever greater and radar guided accuracy getting better and better, if your major surface combatants managed to get into range to dump torpedoes over the side at anything worth firing a torpedo at, something had gone horrifically wrong and that combatant was firing their torpedoes as a last ditch effort to make their inevitable death’s worthwhile.

      Add to that that even roll-off depth charges were being phased out in favor of rocket boosted ASW systems like what is mounted on the Friesland’s forward superstructure and it becomes clear that this ship was designed as an almost dedicated ASW platform and torpedoes (of that era) are entirely superfluous to that role.

  11. This ship is going to be a good investment, do you see those depth charge launchers at the front? While other ships will drop depth charges when the subs come out, this one is going to catapult them. Can’t wait for that 😀

  12. This Ship is Annoying as Hell, that is all that you can say to the Friesland ^^

  13. The is the first DEFENSIVE Destroyer in WoW.
    So it has to be played with a different style.

  14. lol the camera shaking when flambass sneezes is funny as crap

  15. Mattias Van Staeyen

    Got this ship myself and having a blast in it, I never got 100k XP so fast in a ship

  16. This is actually a dakka ship that isn’t really annoying to play against, and it’s still very decent. I have a feeling it’ll be very, very good against subs when they come out.

  17. Powerful ship yes… was just thinking this is kinda boring to watch. flambass… I almost fell asleep lol. powerful ships don’t automatically translate into fun ships to play and this is a good example.. pass

  18. “Mo-Knot-Inn-Us” is that word you were looking for.
    Thinking of making a loop with this gunfire to sleep by.
    Just a good as the Ocean sounds loops.

  19. The Friesland must have a huge detonation chance. Imagine the size of the magazines on that thing? 🙂

  20. funny how monkey is surprise that he is 2nd in the team haha.
    nice video 🙂

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