World of Warships: Open 20 Santa’s Mega Containers (Hunting Missouri & Belfast & Coal)

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Time to try my luck!
Last Year I fail the Container open on the video (that channel is gone -.-)
This Years Santa’s Container look cooler than the last Years Santa’s Container!

The thing that I want from that Santa’s Container:
Missouri (BB Main)
Belfast (Missing in my Port)
Doubloons (for Ship Building)
Coal (try to get that cancer “Smolensk”)
Special Signals (just used all of it on Tech Tree Ship -.-)

The thing that I don’t want from that Santa’s Container:
Warships Premium Account (1000 day or more already on me. Nooooooo! not another 180 days!!!!!!)
20x Camo (I sell all of those camo on the last Years, guess I need to do it again)


  1. UltramanYamatoGrimLockZero

    The more Premium Ship you aready have in your Port, the more higher chance you will get the ship that you want from the Santa’s Container! (I don’t know if this is right or wrong)
    Just don’t buy too much Santa’s Container if you aready got all of the Premium Ship in your Port.
    Unless your going for other thing in the Santa’s Container!

    • MackDye Transformers

      More prem ships you already own the smaller the loot pool of the crates. If you own all non-rare ships the loot pool is only rare ships.

    • @MackDye Transformers but if you have all the premiums a supercontainer rolls and it will give you alternate prices, so its possible getting normal flags or some mods

  2. UltramanYamatoGrimLockZero

    5/20 Santa’s Mega Containers give me Premium Ships
    25% of the change to get Premium Ship from the Santa’s Mega Containers

  3. WOW, Miss 63

  4. damn you got really lucky lol

  5. Nice video mate

  6. mute the music, and very lucky

  7. Gratz with Missouri if you look closely you see the table where japan signed surrender forms such a epic ship !

  8. Rigged
    Bought 40 containers and got 1fking exeter

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