World of Warships – Open At Your Own Risk

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DO NOT OPEN WORLD OF WARSHIPS REPLAYS! This is important, there’s a huge vulnerability at the moment that allows hackers to insert instructions into replay files that allow them to do whatever they want to your PC.

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If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Hi Jingles! I was drafted five weeks ago (25th of April) and today graduated from boot camp and this is the first video I’m watching with my phone in a month. I missed your videos and humour, hopefully I can make enough time every day over the next two years to keep up with your uploads!

    • Alexander Guttman

      @The Infidel No… but If you hadent noticed Hawaii is actually relatively close to Korea.

      Most of our Koreans are 1st generation or second. Most younger generations leave the island.

      Please stop assuming that every city is the same its a very dangerous way to think.

    • Alexander Guttman

      @Alec Murray I would never argue with K-pop fan girls. I value my life.

    • @Mark Thompson plenty do. and this guy is in South Korea – which technically is still in a state of war with North Korea – so it makes sense.

    • Generic Person X

      Glad to hear you made it through. Greetings from the United States of America and I extend a salute to you on behalf of some friends of mine who were there for your nation in 1950-53. They never regretted their time there, even though it cost some of them very dearly, and I hope you don’t regret your time either. A lot of good people bled very badly long ago so you could have the life you have, and it is good to give back to them by taking your time in the line, ensuring the children of today can sleep without fear of finding enemies around them when they wake. Above all, I hope your time is very uneventful and that you never miss a Jingles upload.

    • Stefan Skoglund

      If i understands correctly, every south korean male below the age of 30 is required to do 18 months ?
      And after that becomes part of the reserves until 30 ? or 40 ?

  2. Don’t open ANY replay. Not only those you ‘don’t trust’ – if there is a vulnerability first thing that will happen is somebody will alter the payload so that it infects your own replays which will be able to infect other systems. So even if you think you’re fine, you might already be infected and your replays will be dangerous to others.

  3. I don’t wanna watch you being good at a game. I wanna watch you struggle. Insert evil laugh and cue lights to fade.

  4. The Rangar has already fired its WHAT? (8:23) Jingles? Are you playing the same game as us? Ragnar is a pure gunboat, just as friesland

  5. I would totally be willing to watch more of your 40k videos as fill-in for the lack of WoW. 🙂

  6. So for those of us who remember when most of the videos were of jingles playing the game, we don’t mind watching you play because it can be just as fun to watch.

    • Indeed. I actually went back to a few of his ancient WoT videos and i did enjoy them just as much as i do the new ones (videos in general).

    • Especially when he plays with streamers/friends.

    • Agreed. IMHO some of his own battles and insight into his thought process might be more useful/relatable to most viewers than these awesome one-in-a-million replays. Not that those aren’t entertaining too.

    • Jingles was actually better than some of his tanker peers at wows. He doesn’t give himself enough credit.

    • @Statistenpirat I do that every now and again as well.

  7. You could always open world of warship replays in a virtual machine. This would protect your computer from attacks

    • The computer possibly yes, but not necessarily his network. And recording in that setup would be quite the pain – if WoWS can even decently run in a VM without passthrough GPU.

    • running it in a sandbox could be another option

    • @Gathorn Exactly a sacrificial PC with nothing else on it and as WoWs will run on a toaster some way maybe to reuse/recycle older hardware.

      @The Mighty Jingles Don’t kid yourself, your replays would be great.

    • Sadly VMs don’t play nice with GPU-intensive activities, such as recording a game at 4k 60fps.

  8. Jingles, I’m sure lots of us would really enjoy watching your own battles once in a while. That way you can go into detail as to what your strategy was and what you were thinking throughout the battle.

    • You are assuming Jinges has some strategy, you must be new here 😀

    • I second that. It would be entertaining on so many levels

    • IF he was thinking. IF he was thinking…

    • I mean..jingles isn’t actually crap guys. He’s pretty good and strategic, but I think he just doesn’t compound think, like most of us. The only thing that makes a “good player” is that they can calculate the next move, then the next move, and the next move, and each consecutive individual move while calculating everyone else’s moves aswell.

    • @ert wert I am not stating he is crap 😀 But mistakes he is making are hilarious and he is always presenting it with self-reflection that he is “crap” etc. And that is what make it hilarious, take X com for example, there is no way I would be watching that game, if not Jingles playstyle and commentary. 🙂 Same goes for Wows, I do not assuem he is crap player, he is most likely joe average like most of us, but that is good, i I would like tips I would go to Unicum streamer, but for laughs – always Mighty Gnome Overlord. Would not be watching him for so long otherwise 😉

  9. Wow, that replay vulnerability is scary stuff, thank you for the heads up. Excellent video as always.

  10. I still love the fact that you are one of the last Youtubers that refuses to say “and by the way guys don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe” on every video; followed by a 3 minute ad and some shameless merch store plug….

    THAT, and you are literally the same salty British Uncle and eloquent “Olde maan” that i started watching back in maybe 2011 2012? Idk, but you’ve never changed in a negative way and just been yourself. Im glad you are still around to keep delivering amazing quality content to balance out the other droves of carbon copy video makers. God speed gnome! hope you the best on your trip with Eddie and the fans!

  11. “Ragnar has already fired it’s torpedos at his Division mate” Really Jingle? Unfair, my Ragnar doesn’t even get torpedoes… maybe that’s because: “Ragnar is inherently underpowered. It lacks the necessary attributes to make meaningful impact on match result. No burst damage to speak of, split turrets, and yet still retains a fragile platform. I would take 1 Conqueror..Thunderer or 1 DM or even 1 of just about any CA over 2 Ragnars on my team any day of the week. Now… If WG gave it the specialized repair party of the Nestrashimy ( and 1 more base charge)… And maybe a few more thousand HP if could make up for where it is seriously lacking with longevity”

  12. Congratulations to your promotion, Eddie! Going from “incompetent camera minion” to “good friend” is a real big step forward! 😉

  13. Jingle let me tell this to you. I don’t know about others but, I come here to hear you commentary. So even if you play world’s worst, most stupid game i will still watch you. ( actually i did that FC6)

  14. Don’t sell yourself short, for you are The Mightiest of All The Jingles. It was your replays that got me watching your channel to begin with. Even though I like the replays of others doing crazy things, I can’t relate as well to them since my skills aren’t there yet. Your replays provide a bridge for players like me to the next level of playing. They are educational along with being hilarious.

  15. I would love to see your own replays again. It makes people who play the game that are normal/average feel less bad about themselves.

    Since you only show “the best” videos, they feel out of reach for the less good player. Besides, I think it would be more authentic.

    That doesn’t mean that it should be only your replays, but you should consider adding some to the mix.

    • Agreed. And it’s not like we don’t laugh at his mistakes anyway. And he’s been taking it in good stride for years.

  16. 6:00 Damn Jingles… do not be so hard on yourself. You are nearly ten years in the making here because you are you. So just hand them out and let us be part of the moments where you mighty jingle some things.

  17. I mean if you run out of WoWS replays to use there is this other game with tanks, boats & planes which also has a replay system you can make videos of…👀

  18. that was an amazing battle. i love a German secondary built ship in a close quarters combat scenario. The perfect blend of torpedo dodging, submarine sinking and both sides of the ship lighting up with gun fire with the booming sound of those main gun batteries, its just a sight to be seen!

  19. ACTUALLY JINGLES : “The aircraft that Warspite launched and sunk the submarine was a Swordfish Torpedo bomber in the rarely used float plane configuration!”

    Jingles : Click click BANG!…..ding!
    HAR HAR! I’m wearing Kevlar with plate inserts!

    Wait no put down the ridiculous oversize MALLET
    Sound of thumping, screams and squishy noises.

  20. 11:38 “Hopefully the Conqueror’s heal is on cooldown” Jingles says, failing to notice the Conqueror had activated it’s heal only seconds prior when it gets slapped at 11:20

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