World of Warships || Open Beta Impressions

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ItR;s finally here! Wargaming just set sail and shipped of Warships into Open Beta – here are my initial impressions two weeks in.

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  1. Where is your XVM? :`(

  2. World of Tanks Mod Pack please ?

  3. Unrelated question.. Will you review the new Swamp map in 9.9 anytime soon?

  4. Iono Sama (IonoTheFanatic)

    naval AP shells… are not pure solid shells… at least not since
    explosive shells were invented for use in naval guns…

    virtually all of them, by WW1 even are AP with HE payload as well (burst
    charge)… set to detonate within the hostile vessel.

    so not, bouncing around inside… rather they explode inside the ship, and
    within the vital component if possible (ie: within citadel area) turning
    the shell into high powered fragments…

    the closest analogue to tank shells would be the common APCBC-HE shells

    the only question is how much burster charge the naval shell contained,
    some carry less.. some carry more depending on what kind of target the
    shell is expected to be used against. But unless someone can correct me…
    there isn’t a single naval shell in use at the time that i know of that was
    just pure solid shell with no burst charge…

    except for training shells..

  5. iam only joining when i can get the ” Bismark ” 🙂 , but knowing the bias
    in thees games it prob will play like a armoured dingy :-(

  6. battleships in this game are a fucking joke ,im not playing this shit again
    untill they fix it

  7. Bit lost I have only play 20 games not sure how to train my comander ..can
    you swop crew like wot ?? Not used torpedo yet…. question if using the
    mouse I move up and it won’t go is that the limits of the gun and how do I
    know there in range? ?? Only on 3rd cruiser so don’t really know what I am

  8. QB, how can you play with those drops to sub-10fps?

  9. love this game getting shocking feezing in the game play getting a new cpu
    hoping its not bandwith

  10. Fantastic ? Nah .. rather garbage

  11. aim bot user, more like u and the game will go dawn faster then will be

  12. you have it somewhat laggy. hard to watch

  13. Matt “ParanaPoison11” Channel

    I feel kinda rude when I say this but I just don’t like watching
    Quicklybaby playing WOWS because I have always thought of him as a total
    WOT fan and watching him playing WOWS just makes me kinda sick, don’t get
    me wrong, I live watching Quicklybaby play and analyze WOT, but WoWs, no
    just no…

  14. My biggest problem with World of Warships and World of Tanks is that I
    often think that these games are simulation games and think that they are
    realistic. But these games are more like fantasy games with realistic
    models, thats why my friends or myself never go really hot with it.

    Sorry Wargaming. But for real history fans of world war 2 its a waste of
    time and money.

    • Actually they did. In the early days of the open beta of world of tanks
      they sayed to wot it is a in german ” eine action geladene kriegssulation”
      or in englisch a war Simulation full of action. After some months they
      deleted the simulation part in the sentence.

    • +Axt _moerder Wargaming never said that they were sims. Nobody expects a
      sim out of WoT. Nobody ever even mentioned that WoT was supposed to be a
      sim. It’s hardly a waste of money if you don’t spend any and it’s hardly a
      waste of time for someone who enjoys a rather unique competetive game.

  15. Yea, it’s always nice when you have a couple of teammates doing damage for
    you and then get the final shot, not only do you not have to do all damage
    yourself, but the enemy gets distracted aswell, like that Cleveland in the
    end who stopped shooting you and started turning the guns towards the BB
    and CA in the sout-east rather then killing you.

    • +bewing77 That’s how smart people play. They don’t rush in first and then
      spam the chat with “noob team” when they die (even though they were focused
      by 2-3 tanks/ships). You should always have support, especially if you’re a
      battleship. Same goes for WoT.

  16. There are few things they need to change, like right now:

    – lower the HE fire chance on hit,
    – they need to fix the mm a tier 7 dd is not equivalent to a tier 7 bb, not
    to mention ending up vs tier 10 cv when in my tier 7 Nagato :3
    – change in the arming range of torpedoes launched by planes, right now
    they drop them 50m off the ship gl turning a bb even after u started
    evasive actions long before they droped them.
    – fix the camo on dd’s they tend to pop up 3km away from me with my scout
    plane launched 🙂

    Other than that the game is amazing, and it’s a great change of pace
    compared to WoT, but it’s a bit pain in the ass coz of the new players 😉
    yesterday had a 200k dmg battle in my Fuso and we lost ( put in Jingles

    PS. I liked how u changed your shells to AP when Cleveland gave you his
    side, most of the players right now just brainlessly spam HE.

  17. Arabesque Tohchino

    Every thing are deadly to BB

  18. Nice, can you tell me where you from, and when and at what time you can see
    the twitch?

  19. finnaly patch 9.9 came in W.o.T

  20. It is a fun game , but only for so long. The maps just seem too small so it
    doesn’t leave much strategy. It starts to become the same old routine
    quickly. I still play it , but can only handle so much before it gets to
    feel boring

  21. so are you saying that open beta account will not be wiped when wows comes
    into full release?

  22. Zachery Detweiler

    That is why I think HE is OP because each she’ll has about a 20-30% chance
    of setting on fire. I think that needs to get nerfed. 

  23. How are you getting 60 % or more win rates…..So many bad players in the
    game , least the game I get stuck with. I have killed 6 ships with the
    Umikaze in one game , but yet still lose…

  24. Having armour values or even schematics inside the game would be too
    complicated for many players. And it’s almost impossible to do that anyway.
    Ship’s armour is much more complex, with multiple layers and varying
    thickness and angle.
    Also, shell impact angle is way more important in WoWs than in WoT where
    your shells fly horizontally most of the time. Your shells, depending on
    the range, can hit enemies from a nearly vertical to nearly horizontal
    angle, you can hit top of the ship, its sides and there is also another
    angle to consider at which enemy is sailing compared to your guns.

    It’s not hard to learn, even mid-fight with enemy ship, what shell type you
    should be using. Also, most of the time, both AP and HE are viable choices
    – you will just get better results with one or another (compared to WoT
    where HE is useless most of the time).

    In short: having raw armour/shell penetration values would mean nothing
    unless you’d be firing at enemy side armour within knife range.

  25. How does he keep his guns aimed in and firing while hes in 3rd person and

  26. its good and nice

  27. Fire Wolf (FIREWOLF)

    wow this video came out late quicky what are you doing the beta came out
    july 9th

  28. This review seems a little uninformed to me because on most of the forums
    (WoWS, Reddit, 4Chan) seem to largely agree that the open beta patch has
    made the game the worse it has ever been. And while most people still love
    it, they seem to agree that the overall strategy and tactics of this game
    are far too shallow. Too much RNG in almost every part of the mechanics
    makes your own personal skill rather ineffectual. In WoT you can go 1v5+
    and win, in WoWS your skill doesn’t have nearly that much effect on the

    Plus the Balancing of the ships is really off:
    Battleships guns are extremely random in their accuracy
    Cruisers are nothing but HE spam in all but a few situations
    Destroyers are spotted too easily in higher tiers now and killed instantly
    Carriers still have insane disparity between American and Japanese.

    Honestly the only skill based ship in the game is the carrier to me.
    Because its torpedoes go where you tell them and you don’t deal with random
    scatter all the time. Unfortunately this has made them more hated than

  29. Richard Gustafsson

    How the fuck can you aim at the mountain and still “lob” the shoots around
    the mountain?

    • +Richard Gustafsson It doesn’t matter where he was aiming. Shells arc over
      long distances. Barrels are pointed upwards at a high angle. They’re not
      firing directly at the ship, they’re firing at the sky. Gravity does the
      rest by pulling the shells down obviously. The shells have an arcing
      trajectory, they’re not fired straight where you point them.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      He should still be hitting the mountain, he wasn’t aiming through the

    • +Richard Gustafsson The shots obviously arc at long ranges, they don’t go
      straight where you shoot at.

  30. Richard Gustafsson

    9:45 And that’s what I hate the most in my BBs. It makes me almost ragequit

  31. And now lets look what the War thunder ships be like in the future.

    I think that they could be a bit better because WT has no HP-bars and you
    could be able to land really lucky shots and win an engagement faster (like
    a direct hit into the ammorack)

    And I think carrier gameplay could be really nice.
    Like teammates in planes start from your carrier with their planes in
    really big operations.
    Instead of looking from above on the map you also could fly with your plane
    in the mission.

  32. Don’t forget about World of Warplanes Quickybaby!

  33. Miguel Landestoy

    3 things i would love to see in this game, other than more ship lines, is a
    lightning storm map where the waves are big and actually affect the
    movement and accuracy of the ships, a nighy map where we have the artillery
    shells lighting up the sky as the fly to the point of impact and lastly, on
    the artic map i think it would be cool if we can shoot at icebergs and see
    them fall apart and possibly have the capacity to damge ships if the pieces
    fall on them, what do you guys think?

  34. I think there should be a mobile version of WoWS in the near future. It
    would be very popular 

  35. really? is the gold shared with Wot?

  36. This shit of a game will never be more popular than WOT and will have a
    short life ! what a stupid lil game :)

  37. how do i leave all the information on the screen
    like shell travel time and stuff

  38. This game is much better than wot

  39. I’m not quite sure I see the point of the Omaha (c) hull upgrade, and
    though I’ve got it unlocked, I’ll definitely skip buying it. It doesn’t
    increase HP and only upgrades your AA a bit (which is already perfectly
    adequate, imho), but it decreases the number of your main guns (from 10 to
    8) AND your torpedo tubes (from 4 to 2)! That is totally NOT worth it,
    imho! I’d rather have more direct firepower than marginally better AA,
    thank you very much. Am I missing something?

    • Im on Cleveland already and used the (C) Version on Omaha, your AA is
      absolute georgious with it an you lose 2 of the Guns, which you doesnt ner
      das much, they are the 2 ones one your rear at the top(both on one side)
      and the topedos, for me i didnt Need them, as JPN destroyer driver i can’t
      work with 5,5km range so i didnt Need them as well, one is enough to give a
      broadside in CQB against some BB or Cruiser 😉 … Just try it out, your AA
      wont let planes through if you cover some allied BB’s

  40. Don’t forget the plunging fire mechanic Quickybaby. If you fire from close
    to max range the shells will come almost directly down on top of the weak
    deck armour. So BB’s firing at BB’s from range will be effective with AP,
    but up close you need to use HE again for consistent damage since your AP
    won’t pen the thick armour of the torpedo belt. This is because the shell
    trajectory is much, much flatter.

    • +timmy3822 Nope. You should always use AP. Belt armor can easily be
      penetrated by 305mm+ AP shells. You will melt opposing battleships with AP,
      but they’ll also melt you. You’ll be scoring citadel hits rather
      frequently. Even if it’s not a citadel hit, a couple thousand damage is
      assured, as it’s impossible to overpenetrate a battleship. An AP salvo can
      also almost one shot cruisers. A flat trajectory is a good thing at close
      range since it won’t hit the armor at an angle, it will hit it flush.

  41. HE is BS – it should be removed.

  42. I definiely would like for WG to add armour statistics to the game. That’d
    be really helpful.

    And spotting damage!

  43. As a native of the namesake of the USS St. Louis, I feel that it is
    necessary that I trek you that the correct pronunciation of St. Louis is
    not “St. Louie”, the “s” isn’t silent. You pronounce “Louis” like you would
    pronounce “Lewis”

  44. I’m definitely trying the game out. 🙂 

  45. hey guys , if i play in the beta , my progress wont be wiped ?

  46. World of Warships is a better game as it stands now than WOT for my style
    of play, and I have played over11,000 WOT battles so I like it also. Now I
    play 90% World of Warships, maybe it will get old but now it is #1 in my

  47. The daily missions system was implemented in WoT a long time ago, and they
    are very rewarding! Personally I also like the fact that wg has linked
    their games, I’m not a premium player, but I think that players who do buy
    premium time have to be really happy, they don’t have to buy double time

    • oh I’m sorry to hear that, I talked about my experience in WoT Blitz (I
      don’t play anymore, but I did, and I was good) where I own the some tier 9
      and 10 tanks, and the concept is the same, 3 missions that change every
      day. In WoT blitz the progress is saved, so that if you have to get 10000
      xp with a tier 9 in one day, but you only manage to get 7000, when the
      mission appears again you can continue to grind with the 7000xp that you
      gained in the past.However, maybe in WoW they did it worse haha

    • +Master opi I drive a tier 4 and 5 BB which have mega shit AA. Guess what
      90% of the daily missions are that I get? Kill things with torps and shoot
      down planes, like seriously wtf XD. Daily missions? Waste of fucking
      time, they don’t even pay that good, they’re crap.

  48. How the hell did you get twentyseven +50% xp flags? Press account??

    • +HerrRoehrich I found IJN DD to be good at farming them, land a torpedo or
      two on a half dozen ships and you got it.

    • +WindmillStalker Also, when CBT players got the Arkansas Beta BB they also
      a full set of flags, ten each.

    • +HerrRoehrich
      Oh right, that makes sense I guess. I forgot about the once a day thing
      when it comes to getting flags.

    • +WindmillStalker No, just play well and get Confederate several times. Once
      a day, you can get 10 flags for getting Confederate. I already have 40 of
      those flags lying around… and always forget to put them on my ships 😛

  49. Thx for the Video, good explanations!

  50. Nice 0% draws QB

  51. Jingles actually posted a tutorial on when to use which ammo. Short range
    is HE while long range plunging fire you should be using AP because it
    drops into the deck from above and deals massive damage. But that also
    requires knowing your ship and most people don’t know a lot about warships
    so they simple spam HE to set people on fire and burn them to death. With
    future updates what Wargaming should focus on is balancing HE for less of a
    fire chance to lessen HE spam and tightening up shot spread within the RNG
    to make people actually want to use AP.

  52. Plz more wows content. Wot is old news

  53. Are the aimmod still a problem? Havent played for the last few months

  54. Also im not getin my face near that game you wana know why cuz 1 of all its
    in beta i hate playing unfinished products 2 those skills we give the
    people who play alot ubeatable advantage over guys who dont play much so
    WGN YOU SUCK AT BALANCING GAMES go ask Icefrog who is working on balacing
    Dota and Dota2 many many years and the WGN your gona learn how to balance
    a game or else you will suck :D

  55. Hey QB, have you ever considered showing some outtakes of your video making
    after the end of the video. I think it would be good fun

  56. Cool this Ship Montana it has the same name like my town :D

  57. I like it but can u get WOTB on iPad/iPhone/iPod so we can be freinds on

  58. Yeah QB, the reason you aren’t afraid of tier 6 battleships in your tier 4
    cruiser is because battleships are currently broken in the current
    iteration of world of warships.

  59. WOWS seemed like a great idea however I just feel like there is something
    missing in the game play. I really intended to download it but…not now.
    I’ll stick with WOT thanks :-)

  60. For me it’s the friendly torpedo game because every fuckn new person spam
    fires it randomly and sinks their own team :/

  61. woow…. I’m early huh….

  62. Not sure you coved this bit but whats the best way to keep skill points etc
    when moving from one tier ship to the next ?

  63. I love World of Warshis. Found World of Tanks quite boring for me lately
    but I am having a lot fun in WoWs 🙂 Awesome game!

  64. Balc0ra's Gaming

    This video just shows how broken the game is. BB can shoot 2 times min with
    6 shells doing 1800 damage with HE if they are lucky. Or 5K+ with AP if
    they are lucky vs other BB’s. While cruisers can do 2-5K every 7 seconds.

  65. When are they going to introduce that premium account sharing between WoT
    and WoWs? I really like World of Warships, got 7 kills in the phoenix the
    other day. Battleships are a joke compared to destroyers and cruisers tho
    and higher tier carriers are just over the top killing machines to the
    point where if you have 2 tier 9 or 10 carriers on your team you might as
    well just get everyone on the team to surround them, protecting them from
    other carriers aircraft (which i guess is realistic).

    • +JKSSubstandard nah…not really. low tier us bbs are slow and cumbering.
      they just have tons of gunz =)

    • +NichoTBE Well, US BBs are highly maneuverable and regularly avoid torp
      attacks, but they lose some resistance to gun fire for that.

    • +JKSSubstandard that sucks then, i guess cos i have a US WoT account and an
      EU WoWs account and no premium between the two. Yeah i love the Minsikazi
      (sp) best destroyer ever. The Kongo is a good battleship but the US ones
      seem to have really weak armour as they melt really quick as shown in this
      vid with the New Mexico.

    • +NichoTBE Premium account sharing is live right now. Every ship has its
      best and worst parts. While battleships are a joke at times, if you land a
      good salvo and instakill a cruiser or DD that was on full health…its
      suddenly worth it. My favorites so far are the Japanese destroyers with
      their long range torpedoes. You can essentially haunt other ships from
      outside spotting range and force then to disengage battle every 30 seconds
      or get eliminated.

  66. QB, you may need to make a correction on the commander’s skill. The part
    where you said “this skill with make your guns more accurate and increase
    their range,” those skills are for secondary guns and not for the primary
    guns. This means those skills will not be useful for destroyers as they
    lack secondary guns and their AA isn’t all that impressive.

    • Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

      +Tom Wißling Except it may NOT be a bug – a description of the skill states
      that it affects all “small guns up to and including 155mm” – it does not
      make a distinction between primary and secondary guns so it is entirely
      possible that it is meant to affect small-calibre primaries as well.

    • There is a Bug, they work for every Gun Till 155mm, also Main Battery 😉

  67. I’m kinda annoyed that the only access i got into the closed beta was on
    the US server, never did get a code for the EU server, so all my progress
    and the Arkansas Beta ship are on my US account, and I don’t think they
    will transfer it over.. ugh

  68. They need to improve graphics, effects and sounds to compensate the slow

  69. Reyhan Officiall

    Wow, you’ve got Chikuma already!?

  70. Right now I have 2 Guardian missions and 1 Sky in Flames, but I dont have a
    ship with good AA. They should allow you to deny missions.

  71. jokerspet karlsson

    you fucked up the sound/vid sync

  72. So i brought the Gremyashchy pack in closed beta and so i also got 2900
    gold. However, the gold is not showing on my wot account. Any solutions?

  73. The Phoenix is an AMAZING ship! Just got my highest dmg ever game in it.

    • +Sebastian Plate Oh just you wait till you get the Omaha and especially the
      Cleveland! They’re even more awesome 😀

  74. QB for the recort japan’s cruiser tier 5 guns dosent reload fast lol 18 sec
    rload time :)

  75. Hey guys! Dont you know whey they delete infomation about armor? i saw many
    replays and it looks like some higher tier ships have more armor as they
    had in real life… just my impressions

  76. The other thing to take into account is fall of shot. Decks are more
    lightly armoured than the sides!

  77. Stern Von Afrika

    whats with the jittery fps?

    • +Stern Von Afrika Maybe for you. If you go on the WoWs forums theres entire
      threads about the FPS issues. Theres also issues where the audio will start
      cutting out every other frame. Just because you have had a perfect
      experience doesnt mean everyone else has.

    • Stern Von Afrika

      +JKSSubstandard bullshit. never had that problem. runs with smooth 100+ fpa
      for me at all times.

    • +Stern Von Afrika Its in Beta so there have been some performance issues
      when a lot of ships are firing in close quarters. They are optimizing a
      little more every patch

  78. Still can get like 6 kills in St. Louis :p

  79. HE is OP. Battleships are hilariously underpowered. The repair mechanic
    sucks. There is just so much wrong with WoWs right now.

    • +CommandoDude Oh really? I guess i’m some kind of a pro player then? I
      regulary do 5 to 20k damage against cruisers (tier III and IV currently)
      with a single AP salvo. Yes, i do take damage and i am usually set on fire,
      but 30 seconds after that salvo they’re dead, the fire is out and my damage
      is totally repaired. As good as new. If they aren’t dead, they’re near
      death and teammates finish them off. No idea why people complain about
      “underpowered” battleships as i surely don’t feel “underpowered”. Of
      course, you’ll be torn apart if you get focused by 2 or 3 cruisers, but
      this is a team game, you’re not supposed to go alone. You’ll get torn apart
      by any combination of 2 or more ships, regardless if they’re firing HE, AP
      or torpedos. In the case of cruisers, HE does more damage because AP can’t
      penetrate battleships, so HE is the only choice. Against other cruisers, AP
      does way more damage than HE. You’ll be scoring citadel penetrations on
      other cruisers like crazy.

    • +TheGreatRakatan HE does more damage than AP, because you don’t do spalling
      damage and fire makes up the difference. Battleships are atm hilariously
      inept at fighting off Cruisers because of HE spam. Meanwhile BBs need to
      pray to RNGesus because dispersion was nerfed so hard for them. Repair
      mechanic is lazy design period, Battlestations Midway had a better repair
      mechanic and is almost 10 years old.

    • +CommandoDude HE does considerably less damage than AP, battleships have
      gigantic guns that murder ships if you can aim properly, and the repair
      mechanic only sucks if you use it the instant you get set on fire, before
      even considering that you should probably get out of HE “spam” range before
      trying to put the fire out.

  80. Any thoughts on getting xvm for this? I have been using your mod pack for
    wot since i started playing and would love to see some of thise features

  81. For me WoT is pretty much the slowest game i’d be willing to play, WoW is
    even slower! Much slower! Just not as exciting (most of the time) and too
    tactical, almost like a turn based strategy or something.

    • I guess like 95% of all new players you got into a battleship, which are by
      design a very slow and strategic class where you need to plan stuff often
      10minutes ahead of time. Like someone said, Destroyer gameplay is much more
      action, but also pretty much the most difficult class to play, so be
      warned. Extremely fun and rewarding though.

    • Try playing Destroyers. Spend half the time on the verge of a heart attack.
      . I found Battleships and carriers really slow n dull but Destroyers are so
      much fun

    • +UrbanTarzan Duh I am guessing you are a light tank driver on World of
      Tanks. T71 your speed?

    • +tianle chen time flies when you’re a faggot

    • +UrbanTarzan Duh Beautiful.

  82. BustRobot's Gaming Corner

    Two ships I’d recommend you definitely try out are the Kongo (Japanese tier
    5 Battleship) and Mogami (Japanese tier 8 cruiser)

    The Kongo is, like you said, quite quick with decent armour and good guns,
    and I seem to recall you prefer quicker and more maneuverable ships. The
    Mogami is a great tier 8 cruiser with, with both the 155mm and 203mm guns
    being excellent, depending on the role you want Mogami to play. Her torps
    are also useful when you are on the retreat.

    • +BustRobot’s Gaming Corner
      *Awkward*, OK I should really go to bed. Thanks for the info.

    • BustRobot's Gaming Corner

      If you type in Google “Fast Battleship Kongo” you’ll find a few sites
      detailing the history of the Kongo class and how it got re-rated from
      Battlecruiser to Battleship to Fast Battleship over the course of her life.
      This page provides basic overview of her history and refits.

      There’s also wikipedia as well, but I won’t link that. 🙂

    • +BustRobot’s Gaming Corner
      Could you please direct me to a page where I can confirm that the ship was
      classed as a “Fast Battleship”, cause I don’t want to repeat false infos.
      The reason I’m pedantic is the ambiguous classification which leads to
      playing the ship the wrong way, frustration and many comments in the forum
      that the ship is a shitty BB.
      I did so, too.

    • BustRobot's Gaming Corner

      Oh I know it’s a Battlecruiser – though if we’re going to get ‘really’
      pedantic in it’s top configuration it’s actually a “Fast Battleship” – I
      was using the term Battleship, because it’s in the Battleship tree.

    • +BustRobot’s Gaming Corner The Kongo is a battlecruiser not a battleship.
      This might seems to be a pedantic distinction but it is not because what
      advantage the Kongo and the Myogi have in speed they lack in armour. And if
      you play them like real battleships (like the US ones) you play them wrong.

  83. XxRapidBladezxX 57

    Im download it right now!!

  84. 0:06 you and absolutely everyone

    – not Mac users

  85. I really hope they do reset progress after ending open beta, since
    otherwise it is big douchbag move, since right now you don`t have option to
    make “check” on elited ships like in WoT, so all exp are acumulated on
    those ships and that promotes people to spend gold to get that exp as free

  86. Marvin Metalhead

    +QuickyBabyTV HE- Shells are not the way to fight against bb´s if your
    shells are plunging his weak deck armor

    • +Marvin Metalhead Small caliber AP shells will still bounce off and be
      useless. HE shells are basically your only option if you have smaller guns
      than can penetrate the battleships’s armor.

    • Marvin Metalhead

      +ultraboy222 i pen bb´s with my american 152 ap shells

    • +Marvin Metalhead Depends on the caliber of your guns. Basically anything
      below 200mm firing AP at BB’s is useless. for IJN cruisers tier 5 and up
      you get 203 mm guns. With HE you can do 2k-5k damage consistently and set
      fires, but at longer ranges and with some luck, you can do upwards of 8k
      damage with your AP shells. However it requires much more luck to do that
      and it’s not worth it since you can get 5k consistently and set fires with
      HE. Obviously BB’s should shoot AP at other BB’s at any range, but for
      other classes of ships you need to choose the right ammo type, and more
      often than not it is going to be HE

    • +Marvin Metalhead Low caliber AP shells (152mm) are not going to penetrate
      the deck since they lose a lot of penetration at long range. At short range
      they won’t be able to penetrate hull armor as it’s too thick. In short, you
      don’t use AP shells against battleships if you’re playing cruisers. If
      you’re in a battleships you should be using AP against everything but

  87. +QuickyBabyTV You are sure about the wipe (6:52)? I didn’t find any info
    about this.

    • +kvineyard Thank you for this answer. So it’s time to grind hard!

    • +Krzysztof Dudek It’s been said a lot by Wargaming that they do not plan to
      wipe progress from open beta to release. Which really just means the open
      beta is the release for all practical purposes. But WG seems to hint that
      they are reserving the right to change their mind with little or no notice.

  88. Love QuickyBaby giving in game info. help us a lot :D

  89. How did you say beta there I thought you were British!!!!! ;)

  90. HE module damage is OP :p

    Kinda wish they’d bring that into WoT for non-arty tenks :<

  91. Thanks QB, this was a good intro to WoWS. For some reason, no one else
    seemed to come right out and say that you have to have a ship targeted in
    order to aim and hit it when it’s behind an island. That was driving me
    crazy. I agree with you that they should have the armor values and pen
    values displayed. Maybe someone will come out with a version of Ship
    Inspector or something. But really, at long ranges it’s pretty much a crap

  92. I’m grinding US destroyer line and I am on tier VI Farragut.Today I did
    180k DMG with Farragut torpedoes so I don’t think that U.S. Torpedoes are
    much worse tha Japanese.Also the guns on US destroyers are DPM demons

    • +Peter Melicher The difference between Japanese torpedoes and American
      torpedoes is the range. The Americans are very short range.

  93. For now, WoWS is more exciting than WoT…. just having way more fun
    grinding ships in WoWS. Though honestly, I’ll have fewer battles per day
    than in WoT, but hey I get larger XP values :-P

  94. Tried this for a while, couldn’t stomach it. Got up to the T4 in
    battleships which I wanted to play, and then T3 in crusiers which I played
    just to confirm my suspicions. Playing a Battleship in this game was quite
    possibly the worst experience I ever had in online gaming, I just felt like
    everyone’s XP pinata. You can do everything right and the game will STILL
    give you the shaft. Most of the time you get one or two hits out of each
    salvo regardless of how well you aim it, because the RNG controlled spread
    is off the bloody charts, when you do hit, the damage isn’t even worth it,
    HE shells do 50-100 percent of what an HE cruiser salvo would and AP shells
    either overpen for 1000dmg on everything or bounce on battleships. You’re
    apparently supposed to hit citadels with battleships, but with the accuracy
    they give you that’s utterly impossible. I looked on the web where exactly
    you’re supposed to shoot and how and then I quit the game after I was
    shooting at a guy standing still from 4km away, and not even once have the
    guns hit where I actually aimed them. Not even close. And while youre busy
    missing and cursing the cruisers will just light fire after fire after fire
    and you can’t do anything about it, because your salvo missed despite you
    aiming it well and you have a 30 second reload. You can’t outrun them
    either and their range is more or less the same as yours. (Even bigger than
    yours if you’re in a T3 BB, which are quite possibly the worst ships in the
    game right now) Heck, you saw exactly what I’m talking about in the video
    above with that poor New Mexico and the other masochists in the other

    And don’t even get me started me started on torpedo bombers, you can dodge
    arty in world of tanks no problem, you can’t in this. A good dodge of a
    torpedo attack means you will still take 1-3 hits. That’s still about a
    quarter of your HP gone. How is that fair? If two carriers decide they will
    kill you, they will, in 2 attack runs tops, and nothing you can do will
    change that. Enjoy your 5 minutes of gameplay. Thing is the cruisers on
    your team are supposed to give you AAA cover, but the cruisers on your team
    don’t give a single crap about you, this is online gaming after all, cause
    they’re too busy lighting enemy battleships on fire and farming free dmg.
    And you can’t stick with them, they’re much faster, They gotta stick with
    you, and they never do.

    Secondary battery fire is even less accurate than your main battery fire,
    making your close proximity protection against light fast ships essentially
    worthless. Not to mention it has almost no range. They’re the same calibre
    guns the destroyers and cruisers fire at you but somehow they only have 3km
    range. Makes sense. This means you gotta shoot destroyers with your main
    guns and you need about 4 hits of HE to kill one. Good luck getting those,
    your spread is 5 times as big as his ship.

    I say screw this, the game is not balanced whatsoever and more or less
    forces you into playing the cruiser/carrier meta. Destroyers are somewhere
    in the middle, the only class actually dependent on player skill. And if
    you play a Battleship, you’re simply gonna have a bad time. They’re a joke.

    • +bla4547 I never lost a gunnery duel against a cruiser. No idea what you’re
      complaining about. A cruiser just can’t beat a BB. It just can’t, not by
      itself. Of course, we’re talking about two equally skilled players. I
      usually get a hit or a couple hits before the cruiser even starts firing.
      An AP salvo can almost one shot a cruiser, but it will mostly halve their
      HP. Yes, you’ll take damage and most probably be set on fire, but all of
      that will be repairable by the unique ability that you can use 3 freaking
      times. The tier 4 Kawachi has pretty shitty range, yes, but it’s the only
      example. The range gets absurdly high after tier 4, it goes above 20km.
      Battleships are not underpowered at all, you just don’t know how to play
      them. I don’t know what you want them to do. Make them super accurate even
      though they outrange everything? Give them even more HP even though they
      have the most of every other ship? Make them as nimble as destroyers? Give
      them 5 times increased firing rate so they can match cruisers with their
      305mm+ guns? Battleships are extremely good in good hands of course. Skill
      has the biggest influence on your performance, it’s just that your not good
      enough (yet) and you’re blaming the game for your incompetence. I never had
      a bad game in a battleship (although i’m only at tier IV, but i doubt you
      even got there since you’re complaining so much). I did have mediocore
      games, but that’s due to my lack of skill, not because battleships are bad.

    • Seems to be hard capped at that too. When firing AP I only do 1000dmg on
      overpen, 3300dmg on good pen or 10000 on citadel pen. Nothing inbetween.
      Then suddenly out of nowhere 1600dmg or other random number, dunno what
      those are supposed to be.

    • Adrian Tepes (AlucardElite)

      +bla4547 I would kill to do 1600-3100 damage with each shell XD. But it’s
      still beta, and a lot of peeps are complaining about it, so it’ll be
      altered prolly lol

    • +Adrian Tepes I do that. I bloody do that. But the problem is that my skill
      has no influence whatsoever on my damage it seems. I just went 1v1 with a
      Wyoming in a Miyogi in the last moments of the game, we were roughly the
      same HP. The range was 7km, I had the lead good, but most of my shots went
      either over his ship or fell short, and the ones that did hit, only did
      inbetween of 1600-3300dmg. I did what I was supposed to do, I scored
      multiple pentrations right into the middle of his ship below the smoke
      stacks, below the guns, close above waterline, higher above waterline…
      about a thousand dmg was all I was getting, once or twice 3300dmg.
      meanwhile he just fired HE and absolutely rekt me. Like I’m saying the
      citadel hits are just luck, the damage model in this game is absolutely
      inconsistent. If I don’t get a citadel pen when I hit him right above the
      waterline in a flat angle below the smoke stacks, then where the fuck else
      should I be shooting? The bridge?!

    • Adrian Tepes (AlucardElite)

      +bla4547 Ok, you’ve been saying this a lot, but that simply doesn’t happen
      to me XD. Here’s some actual advice, start the game by engaging at long
      range, then get close to wounded ships and tear them to shreds. You’ll do a
      lot better that way lol

  95. abdul rahman wadah

    i went to search for the website and i accidentally typed ”world of
    warshits” xD

  96. Right now driving a battleship is a bad place to be in this game.

    Cruiser HE spam kills you. DD’s wipe you out and CV’s are deadly to you.

    BB’s are supposed to be strong Vs Cruisers. The effectiveness of HE Vs
    heavy battleships and fires needs radically changing. It is astonishingly
    unrealistic and unfair.

    • +thegeneral123 The fire coused by HE shells turns the life of the BB into
      some serious pain! I think WG should consider to change the current HE-fire
      vs BB mechanics. You cannot catch the Cruisers most of the times, so they
      just spam the HE on you. I think they should buff the secundary guns on the
      BBs too.

    • +thegeneral123 Because I can 1-2 shot cruisers with AP from my huge deck
      guns, and you generally have longer range than they do.

    • +Joe Crasse Let me guess, you hang at the back and miss a lot at extreme
      range? Yes that is easy to do. A good cruiser captain will get you at the
      edge of his range and bombard you with HE spam. You will succumb to fires.
      Or if you are really unlucky a DD will slip through the net and close on
      you and give you 6 torps at 2km. Something I like to do.

      I got so fed up of driving a BB, I started learning the DD route. I’m
      getting 2-3 big kills every game now in a DD.

      BBs are too vulnerable in this game.

    • +thegeneral123 Dude, I decimate cruisers in BB’s. You have to start
      rethinking the way you sail those bad boys.

  97. they totally f*cked up the japanese starter ship …but aside from that
    well its typical WG , premium ships all over the place and no real new

    • Wtf the Hashidate is waaaaaay better than the Erie what are you talking

    • I live in the world where they add 6-7 PREMIUM SHIPS during the CLOSED BETA
      , make the japanese starter ship out of paper with slingshots for guns ,
      can´t get rid of the aim assist mod users they dont like to talk about
      anymore … and i never said i want new content i said its typical WG …
      more premium stuff more stupid and pointless nerfing no consistent values
      on Penetration,Armor etc.

    • +German-HEAT- Lol wut? Wanting new content between a closed test beta and
      open beta? What fucking world do you live in?

    • +German-HEAT- Seriously? The open beta just got released for fucking gods
      sake. Priority is squishing bugs and improving the game untill the final
      release, not releasing more content. There’s also only a couple of
      premiums, nothing bad about that.

  98. I think wows, wowp and wot could all do with having a separate divisions
    based on players skill level. would stop seal clubbers and allow new
    players to learn against similarly skilled players and also stop better
    players getting annoyed by people that have no idea what they are doing.

  99. HE ammo is overperforming in the game and the need to lower fire chance.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      Then you’re better off not puting it out löl

    • +Azure Gearsts Just wait to use your repair skill until you aren’t getting
      showered with shells from a cruiser.

    • +Azure Gearsts My rule of thumb is…DDs always fire HE because if you are
      needing to use your guns in a DD, you are lighting a fire and running away.
      In a cruiser, use HE against DDs and BBs and AP against cruisers. DDs are
      weak to HE and cruisers should be doing as much module damage as possible
      to BBs, meanwhile cruiser AP is the easiest way to citadel an enemy. In
      battleships, always fire AP.Penetration is your friend and if you have to
      fire at a DD, chances are you are already dead to his torpedoes

    • +ultraboy222 thanks

    • +Azure Gearsts I don’t agree with that. The game is definitely about ammo
      switching and maneuvering. People who complain about either HE or AP just
      didn’t grasp the concept yet. Play a bit more or find a guide on youtube
      and your performance will improve greatly. Citadel penetrations and AP are
      the real damage dealers.

  100. Tip for new players: for citadel hits try to aim at the center of the ship,
    near the waterline, there’s a chance your shot will go trough the water and
    hit low armoured parts of a ship.

  101. Yea QuickyBaby playing World of Warships. About time

  102. Next patch will have cs:go style case openings but for signal flags instead
    of guns or knives,

    • +John Herbold Yeah lol, having a bad time getting flags in my BB atm, there
      are really only 1 or 2 that are even possible to get by deliberate actions
      in a BB. Even then it still relies heavily on rng. Might have no choice
      but to actually buy them to get a fair fight.

  103. Ar-ken-saw? Shouldnt it be “Ar-ken-sis”?
    Also, Are 3+ upgrade slots only available on premium ships or also on
    regular non-premium ships later on?

  104. Unbalanced as hell.

    Played up to T6 then uninstalled.

  105. The team have gone really downhill, rarely got hit with friendly fire in
    closed beta now im getting teamkilled/damaged in half my games. new
    Destroyer captains just randomly launching torpedoes without any thought as
    to where they are going to end up. SOOOO much camping at the back now, had
    games where nobody else on the team even left the starting area. shame as
    this used to be a really fun game.

    • FunnyVideosShowPL

      +johnfarscape I don’t think you realize that every game which was in
      closed/open beta has gone through it. The game is now available to public,
      so you shouldn’t be surprised that some childs or idiots gets to play and
      ruin the battles.

      There’s also another possible reason. Open beta means that new players
      comes along. The same as you learned game and was noob at Closed Beta, the
      same they starting their journey on Open Beta. Just give it a time and
      battles will look much better.

    • That was kinda my point. In closed beta we all had no idea what to do but
      players helped each other out like if someone didn’t know how to manually
      drop bommer torpedos or something someone on the team would tell them how.
      Overall the whole experience was very enjoyable . Played since the start of
      beta and I cant think of a single argument or intentional team damage. . I
      couldn’t play for a few days but when I get back the games gone into open
      beta and my first game back at tier 1 a guy goes off on his own right
      through the middle of the map n gets killed. Next 15 mins he spends whining
      we are all noobs and no support then constantly tells the enemy team where
      we are on the map. . Thought it might just be a one off but after getting
      my first destroyer a guy on my team launches a spread of torpedos straight
      into my side then calls me idiot in chat and said I should look where I was
      driving. . Another guy team killed me so he could kill the enemy carrier
      before I got it. . Just a few examples of the dozens so far. . . Anywhoo
      the point I was trying to make is that something needs to be done by
      wargaming to stop the same thing spoiling wows that spoiled wot. The report
      a player thing does nothing.

    • +johnfarscape sure those toxic players are a pain no doubt about it and i
      can imagine that the atmosphere was nicer in alpha or closed beta … but
      all this complaining about people dont know how to play the game somewhat
      sickens me because well yes in oposite to you closed beta testers those
      people have their first battles in a new game at the moment so how should
      they know how to play it?

    • If you played closed beta you would know. Players then were really nice.
      Helpfull. Polite. and sportsmanship was common. Got a lot and gave out a
      lot of comliments on gameplay etc. . Now its like WOT with offensive chat
      and the first guy to die blaming the rest of his team and calling everyone
      noobs. Just seems a shame . Maybe if Wargaming actually done something
      about toxic players rather than the current report system which as we all
      know does nothing it would improve everyones enjoyment.

    • +johnfarscape That’s literally every multiplayer game ever, I don’t know
      what you’re going on about.

  106. ”the commander skills are more powerful than ever”
    *shows nerfed skill as example

  107. It’s pronounced Saint LouiS

  108. Can you bounce shots?

  109. DetectiveMuffins 25


  110. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    There’s one thing I don’t like about this game as a BB captain. HE Spam. I
    hate that so much. Being on fire in like 3 places at once for half the game
    isn’t fun at all.

    • +The Warlord of the Rising Sun Solving this involves actually thinking
      about when you use your repair skill. If you use it the second you catch on
      fire and you are still being shot at, then you might as well have saved it
      until you were out of range or sight.

    • +The Warlord of the Rising Sun But I bet you enjoy those 20k damage citadel
      hit. HE is a way to punish BB’s when they do a bad moves. I play BB’s and
      have no problem taking out cruiser lobbing HE.

    • +The Warlord of the Rising Sun I’ve only had about 10-15 games as a
      battleship, but i never had that problem. Tier IV currently. I mean, i
      never got into a situation where a couple of ships were targetting me. You
      gotta use your environment and always have support. If you’re getting fired
      upon by 2-3 cruisers you’re gonna get melted in no time and you’re gonna be
      burning like Vietnamese jungles after multiple napalm strikes. A single
      cruiser is no problem though. About two AP salvos are usually enough to
      destroy it and if it survives your supporting ships are going to finish it
      off. I might catch fire once or twice, but oh well. You forget that you’re
      the only class that can repair the damage (and you can repair A LOT of

    • +The Warlord of the Rising Sun I feel you, man..

    • +adeafkid Don’t you touch them!

  111. but do i sidescrap a island with my battleship?

  112. Good lord this game looks even more grindy than World of Tanks. No thanks.

    • +knotwrite Progression != grind, but naturally people who don’t like the
      gameplay are going to say it’s grindy, but that’s just because they don’t
      enjoy actually playing the game.

    • +knotwrite Being a stock vehicle in this game is not a death sentence,
      contrary to WoT.

    • +knotwrite It’s not. It’s not even close to the WoT grind.

    • +knotwrite If you play in a strong platoon (meaning lots of wins), use
      premium account (+50% exp), use flag for +experience (+50% exp) and you
      perform well, you can have tier 10 in 4 days, after like 250+ battles? It
      took me 18 games played in tier 6 carrier to unlock tier 7. Ofc no noob
      will ever get these massive amounts of exp per game, but it is the same in
      WoT, where also new players get like 200-400 avg exp per game.

    • so you expect tier 10’s to be had in a few days? of course it’s going to be
      a grind, no one said it wasn’t. we’re fanboys because we told him how it’s
      not as painful as WoT?
      edit; most games are decided in ~15-20 mins just like WoT btw..

  113. How can i get a press acount

    • +Mstrike Mstrike This isn’t a press account. If this were a press account,
      QB wouldn’t be utterly broke at less than 300k credits. 😛

      It’s just that, depending on how much you played in closed beta, you got
      advanced levels and their respective rewards at the release of open beta,
      plus any gold and/or premium ships you bought during CBT. e.g. I played up
      to tier 6 in closed beta and got advanced to level 6 and got my Yubari and
      3000 gold, as well as 2 of each signal flag when the game reset for open
      beta. Apparently QB, having played more/better and having bought more
      premiums/gold during closed beta, got advanced farther and recieved a few
      more signal flags.

  114. And what do you think about STA-2?

  115. Nice ship

  116. 666th.


  117. What do you guys think so far of World of Warships?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

    • +QuickyBabyTV Hey, How do I get a German sounding crew, on the Asia
      server. What is the best mod for it?

    • +Joe Blobdob If slow sucks, then grind to T4 DDs. Fast pace action there if
      you need it.

    • +QuickyBabyTV
      qb i think you made an error when discussing the commander skills at 6:10
      which i made myself. the second column of commander skills is for secondary
      armament only (The first column is for main battery or player controlled
      guns) and they have put a label on it but the writing is black so its very
      very easy to miss. this means that you are actually unable to increase the
      gun rof and range on low tier cruisers or on destroyers instead its only
      really useful for battleships.

    • +Flaviu Crystian It looks incredibly slow and boring. I wouldn’t go near it
      and I predicted when I first saw it that it would eventually fail as a
      game. I haven’t seen anything to change my view.

    • +QuickyBabyTV Well, you open by saying its now open for everyone, but alas,
      it is not. I can only play with inverted mouse, its just what I’m used to.
      WoT, WoP and every other game I play, I play with inverted mouse. Guess
      what? WoWs doesn’t have the option yet, its like trying to play with your
      mouse in the wrong hand, practically impossible. I’ve ticked WG who say
      that they’ll implement it sometime in the future, but not soon. Looking at
      the forums this has been asked for since Alpha! Why are they alienating a
      good portion of their player base? If you have any influence whatsoever,
      could you ask WG to look at fixing this issue? Surely, its only a few lines
      of code?

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