World Of Warships – Open Beta Wipe! The Grind BEGINS!

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World Of Warships – Open Beta Wipe! The Grind BEGINS!

We all knew it was coming World Of Warships has been wiped, to make room for the Open Beta coming very very soon



  1. +Legion Of Eclaires Ahh, So unlucky, I made it to the New York 😛

  2. Is you good at doing grammar?

  3. +Alex BOU why sucker

  4. Reported for spam

  5. Starship Enterprise

    +Epic Icey Hehe 🙂

  6. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    +karimzone No, it was confirmed by gunlion, (NA server Community Manager),
    that this was the last wipe.

  7. +The Super Boy it’s on the 30th

  8. +Nick5220 – We’re all Open Beta! 😀

  9. +LazyFaux5656 its open beta… so yes

  10. Internet is in germany “neuland”

  11. +Quetsch Tomate It’s available to every place that has internet

  12. +Rakesh Boodoo USS Enterprise (CV(N)-6) is a Yorktown class carrier that
    was built after the Lexingtons and before the Essex, likely will be teir
    VIII, however if you’re thinking the nuclear powered CVN-65 USS Enterprise
    will be in game forget about it

  13. +Patrick McDonald The Ronald Reagan one?

  14. +Colum Meighan yep

  15. +Mahmoud Kahilan It’s still in Beta, there are only 4 navies currently,
    they will eventually add the rest of the Royal Navy, maybe the rest of the
    Soviet navy. add more to the IJN and USN. the French, Italians, and the
    Kreigsmarine/Kaiserichemarine (German) will be added in a year or so

  16. It's Harharhoman

    +GravityForce19 Wait, a week? Wut? Wut?!?! WUT?!?!? O_O Thank you Phly for
    naming your video this, if it weren’t for you, I’d probably still be
    checking my e-mail to see if my application was accepted XD

  17. Oh yeah, I read it I thought it said hype, not wipe xD thanks though

  18. +GravityForce19 Actual Open Beta for everybody starts sometime soon, CBT
    people were wiped and now have a week to play before OBT is available to
    all, so on the 30th i think.

  19. Illuminarty sceambeg

    M8 dis vedio iz nut poop.

  20. marvin stevenson

    There’s something called turning up the volume. It worked for me

  21. +Brandon Lopez Spain had near no adequate navy in the 20th Century, in fact
    the Brazillians have more of a chance to make it into the game, but the
    Italians/Germans definitely I want my Littorio Veneto class

  22. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    +Nathan Peterson thanks for the correction

  23. +SPARTAN Ravindra-919 not yet, it’s still in CBT, accounts were reset, and
    now WG is giving the testers a week to try and get ahead of the new players
    before OBT

  24. In a week brah

  25. +Marcello Seganti likely the 30th

  26. GamingLeprechaun

    +Mathieu Couture War Thunder you get a YouTube ad every six months for the
    big update. WoT you see TV commercials…

  27. +Oskar Puzio I see WoT ads on TV here in Canada all the time

  28. +Mathieu Couture That’s because they had a HUGE advertising campaign in
    eastern europe.

  29. +Panzerkampfwagen VI “Tiger” Sonderkraftfahrzeug 181 From what I’ve heard,
    WT’s player base is around 130k. WoT is over a million…

  30. +dexecuter18 I don’t play wot, its way to arcadish for me, yes I play wt
    I am level 66 and have almost all german planes including jets and all
    german tanks, tier IV Russian tanks and tier IV brit planes and tier
    III Japanese planes, but wt is actually worth it for me

  31. Ever play WT or WOT, WT is like 250 games for a T5 plane or tank, in WOT
    its like 180 games for a T10.

  32. +dexecuter18 ok lets say I make 2k/game….that’s about 80 games for ONE
    tier X/IX ship…IMA NOT DOING THAT!!!

  33. +JTS264 the grinds have been made on par with WOT, you can easily get 1-2k
    xp in a match with ought prem.

  34. ShenanigansAndStuff

    i loved it

  35. +Chandler Brown by the 30th

  36. +IN10SE GAMING did they announce it on their site?

  37. June 30th

  38. +Ruairidh D plus he said SOON!!!!

  39. +Ruairidh D It comes out June 30th…

  40. Necromancer Hellscythe

    I haven’t received any news about the OBT.

  41. It’s coming June 30th

  42. Necromancer Hellscythe

    *open beta is almost here.

  43. +PhlyDaily keep that intro that was pretty badass

  44. I agree so majestic

  45. +LazyFaux5656 ??!

  46. +Steffen Meyer It should say Sail Daily for WoW, Tank Daily for WarThunder
    Ground Forces and WoT, and PhlyDaily for War Thunder. C:

  47. +Nairam10 True, it almost brings tears to my eyes 🙂 When mighty warriors
    of past come back…

  48. +Flamezombie I think they just want to test the new patch before they
    launch OBT.

  49. Necromancer Hellscythe

    OBT first to balance the game with many players. Then the next phase is the
    final release.

  50. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooow yeah

  51. Jonathan Padgett

    +JENS DAEMS soon we can paly

  52. +JENS DAEMS Yes. They’re basically just giving a bit for closed beta
    players to get out of the low tier new player sadness

  53. +Flashelements123 not yet, but in a week or so

  54. +robert clarke another retad with sandstorm…

  55. Darude-Sandstorm

  56. Time- by Hans Zimmer

  57. I personally think either the start of July or around the 10th

  58. +Necromancer Hellscythe ok thx ive been waiting for ever and i saw the
    video name went to my pc and tryed to download it and i didnt read the whol
    title or even the disription

  59. Necromancer Hellscythe

    I donlt know yet. Wargaming haven’t announce when the OBT or final release.
    Phily or Baron might put a video of the OBT or Final release.

  60. +DwarfSpartan i would like to know this also

  61. +Phillip J. Fry Well played Wargaming, GG, much PR, stronk reputation.

  62. +Jim Redtalon
    Agreed. I’ve sunk (haha) several dozen hours into the game at this point,
    having bought that humble bundle, and I enjoy it a lot, but the entire
    debacle over us not getting everything we were promised is seriously
    degrading any sort of trust I had in wargaming. If they’d just admitted an
    error and given everything back, I would have been mostly okay with it, and
    probably gone on to purchase more premium stuff; but seeing how hard-arsed
    they’re being about it I’m thinking otherwise.

    I can only hope Wargaming can see the error of their ways (fully), because
    I really enjoy WoWs.

  63. +0neKingD0wn +Declan Kearns What happened was they sold a bundle (as part
    of a humble bundle for E3) with 5 slots 7 days prem. and a prem. ship. The
    community manager confirmed on the game’s forum that these things would
    carry after open beta. Then during the recent wipe they said it was a
    mistake and took all of it away. Only after hell was raised did they agree
    to let us have only the ship.

  64. Declan Kearns (Blobmanguy)

    +Phillip J. Fry well that fucking sucks

  65. +Declan Kearns +0neKingD0wn they sold a code wich clealy said ”premium
    ship+5 port slots+1,000 gold+1week of premium account” they only gave the
    ship and the gold :/

  66. +Ogreboy It’s okay in my opinion

  67. +Jimmy Biggums This game is total crap xD

  68. +Garrett Smith I have a wide variety of channels I like 🙂

  69. I’ve seen you on at least 3 other channels

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