World of Warships – Open To Interpretation

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The truth can be elusive. You may think you’re doing well, single-handedly slaughtering a third the enemy team while simultaneously capping out, but the truth is often different and can come from the unlikely of sources…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Jingles… subnautica dlc, I dEmANd soMe thINg doNe

  2. Haha, great! Laughed during stream and now here again! Keep it up, Sir Jingles
    But, no flooding after the friendly torps. Well and let us just imagine a comic of the situation with BB Captain with a line bellow: no comment

  3. For a second I thought I had clicked a Yuro video because of the Zao intro

  4. Happy Thanksgiving jingles!

  5. don’t think I’ve ever been this early to a Jingles video before. Especially since it’s 3:27 AM

  6. Hello.. long time watcher, first time caller as the saying goes. Loved the intro, still gives me giggle.

  7. really jingles i just got off my shift in the salt mines and you upload…. and i’m pulling double shift now right?

  8. I still wonder what the song used in the intro clip is. it’s rather catchy….

  9. Flambass: how many ships did you sink?

    Republicue: 1

    Flambass: how much damage did you do?

    Republicue: a little over a thousand I think

    Flambass: and your calling me bad

  10. I’m watching this while playing EVE Online hello from space all you plebs on the water!

  11. excellent!!! what a dolt that Republique was.!!! Thanks Jingles!!!!!

  12. The problem with the Worcester is its armor layout… Even if both are light cruisers with the Minotaur everything deletes you if they see you broadside… With the Worcester you tank them broadside because everything seems to overpen…
    4 salvos with my Musashi and i did 4k dmg to a broadside Worcester at 12 k away…

  13. I saw flabass live doing this. I don’t think he paid attention to the French baguette and his imagined voice/opinion

    • Watched it live too. Flambass was far too busy to bother with the ignorant twit in chat and equally overly amazed at what was happening in front of him. His commentary at the time was standard Flambass fare: hilarious.

  14. Someone needs to take that guy’s cocaine away from him.

  15. That other player has got the mind set of do it my way or I will screw you over I hate them they wreck it for every one
    Congrats to the player for sinking 5 enemy ships in 5 minutes or less
    Keep them coming jingles

  16. Could it be the Republican meant “because of you *I* did nothing” (no damage)? I.e., calling Flambass a kill stealer or something?

    Also, please say the player’s name with his ship. Between the team list and the minimap I don’t know who’s being referred to,half the time.

  17. What!?! No roaring Kraken for Flambass!?!

  18. Dear WG,

    Flambass is OP – pls Nerf.

  19. I had to check a few times to make sure this was still a Jingles video…

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