World of Warships Opening 25 Halloween Containers

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Opening Halloween Crates for The Spicy New Camos!
Missed the Benson Special Camo… rip
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  1. Thanks for showing us what you received.

  2. nice!!! I was wondering what you can get in those. also great video!!!

  3. 45euro down the drain

  4. Does these camuflages depends on what ship you have in port or you get random camuflages for ship who you even dont have?

  5. Better wait for the Admiral’s Gifts if they ever come back.

  6. DEf not worth $50 for camos everyone will turn the visibility off on.

    • Eh. Some people like them, but the camo’s are also worth a crazy lot. I saw someone get 30k doubloons out of the 100$ halloween pack with all the duplicate camos, and also the standard flags, free xp, that stuff

  7. that’s why i wont buy those containers. thanks for taking the hit for us man

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