World of Warships: Opening 30 Containers

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Opening a bunch of containers, including Supercontainers. The results are rather disappointing. Where’s my streamer RNG?!


  1. You didn’t use “based Famu” Aerroon.

  2. You lost all your streamer rng in the period of inactivity DX

  3. Nice, ending right at 4:20.

  4. i would be happy to even get ONE supercontainers ><

  5. At least is a 420 video, blaze it Aerroon

  6. At least you didn’t get 100 aa flags and 100 post battle maintenance flags like I did from Yamamoto

  7. Seriously? I haven’t had a super container since December of 2016.

  8. The 2500 doubloons was good. Other than that, I’ve been stealing the server’s luck (5 in the last 3 weeks) so sorry about that. 😛

  9. I got a ship, but it is Perth……

  10. FUCK WARGAMING they used to have such good containers now they are stingy bastards. it used to be 250 flags, what is the harm in that. wargaming are a group of stingy scrooge ass shitters.

  11. you should pat Serazahar for more luck when opening SC

  12. I rarely get super containers. It’s annoying cuz I see people all the time getting them

  13. In today’s episode:
    *YouTuber experiencing life of an average WoWs player…*

  14. I got a Mutsu with a 10 point captain a few days ago, very nice. But before that I only got these useless flags and such. Seems there are not a lot special modifications in the supercontainers anymore.

  15. SCs are mostly shit today. they nerfed the chance to get them and massively nerfed the rewards.
    didnt get any ships from SCs despite opening around 20 recently, so like half a year without any at all, maybe more.
    not to mention the flags u get now are 100 basic instead of 250, and 25-50 special flags instead of 100…
    nerfed them by 2-4 times.

  16. I see you have you’re experiencing the same lucky selections as you’ve had before. Keep going, things will improve sometime I’m sure.

  17. i had 5x 1000 doubloons. 200 detonation flags. 50 green camos thx god.

  18. Be happy, my only super Container I got in a month even though I got at least 2 lucky container a day was filled with 20 dragon flags

  19. This is why I never spend a single penny in this shitty game.

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