World of warships – Operation: Cherry blossom

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Here is my very 1st and only attempt of the brand new operation: Cherry Blossom.
The only thing I knew about this operation was from video that WG made about it.
I never watched anyone play it and I never played it before myself.
I just said I wanted to try it and picked 1st 6 ppl from chat that wanted to participate.
We weren’t talking on voice (besides stream, but I didn’t know anything about this so I couldn’t lead anyway), we had no strategy, no ship preference. Everyone took whatever they wanted and played the way they wanted.


  1. mikeymike121290

    this operation is way too easy

  2. 50Sfumature DiNiente

    I love this operation, i played it 30 times in the last 3 days because its so easy to get at least 1400 base XP in one match! With all the economic signals and good camos you get lot of xp .

  3. Thaaa maaan!

  4. It’s a great farming op for farming flags and xp

  5. Actually people do fail it believe it or not lol. Once I looked up and found that I was the only one left alive. The biggest mistake is not getting to the Marines quick enough and going in the middle at the end. Is total torp soup

  6. First time 5 star for me also. I think this is the most easy operation i ever see :D. But maybe this hole operation just for testing the “night” battle.

    • Definitely the easiest operation. Most operations have objectives to pressure you divide your forces, that is what is missing here.

  7. nice vid, thx for the effort.
    played this OP on the PTS and now on the life server, it seems to be lot more easier. I think therer were way more torpedo squads on the PTS, which made it a lot harder.

  8. the Zao was there to prevent any “smart play” to attack the base and the surrounding area early on. I think it is WG way to prevent player exploiting the game pattern which has been happening in all operation available today.

  9. Gabi Craioveanu

    You were unlucky with the dawn at the beginning. I got only four stars in Cleveland, but got five in Chapaiev, far superior shooting trajectory. You get rid of those dd’s faster, and at the range of aprox. ten km those enemy cruisers spawns, Chapy’s AP works as fine. I just felt that in this mission Chapaiev is the superior ship counting the number of enemy DD’s.

  10. This operation was much harder in PTS. There were torps more than that. Torps everywhere and and Myokos focus fire marine base one at time and loosing at least one all the time.

    It’s really easy now. I also completed it in first attempt.

  11. Do it with a totally random team. Not with 2 rank 1’s, a rank 5 and a rank 6 person.

  12. It doesn’t matter where you shoot the aerodromes, but actually shooting them seems to be a little buggy – a lot of shots look like they overshoot by a few kilometres.

  13. Giannis Triantafillidis

    Easy way to farm xp for Cleveland and Martel when its no easy in random with RNG BBs hell

  14. As someone who works with explosives I can inform you that bomb means “explosives used for warfare purposes”, so yes I agree ‘illumination shells’ would be more fitting here as this is not an explosive in the conventional sense as far as I’m aware. Although I could be wrong about that as I’m not to read up on how exactly flares work.

    • Illumination

    • Flares are just chunks of combustible metal that are ignited as they are launched– hand flares are obviously ignited by a handheld striker. Most flares are designed for signaling and just free fall slowly back to Earth due to air resistance and low weight, but illumination flares often have a small parachute to hold them in the air longer.

  15. Flambass, I do not want to be a smart ass but the “ATTACK” sign, could it be more clear than that?? HAHAHA

  16. Have you got poor eyesight Flambass???

  17. Here’s some top tips:
    Ignore the 3 Zaos, they’re programmed to run away
    Shoot the South Aerodrome when it’s *blocked* by the island. I say blocked, it means to lob shells over the rocks from where the Atago died. Just aim at the aerodrome like aiming at a Des Moines hiding behind cover. From my experience, every salvo can deal *17-40k damage*
    Similar tactic with North Aerodrome, but the ship placement is more difficult
    When a DD is close, activate Hydro ASAP
    Stick together during the air assault, and time the DFAA activation & cooldown period between each ship to have near-infinite DFAA

  18. *I find Baltimore better at this Operation than the Cleveland. She doesn’t fire as fast, But she hits Hard.*

  19. what do you get for 5 stars is it even worth it ?

  20. The torps are coming from submarines, or the motor pool….it’s the only logical explanation 🙂

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