World of Warships – Operation Citadel

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It’s an old title sir, but it still checks out.

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  1. RadicalKattastrophe

    wow i’ve never been this early.

  2. Was just watching Sabaton’s video on the Bismarck

  3. The commies classified her as a Heavy cruiser……yeah sure..heavy.

  4. Anyone else hoping that the results screen hasn’t been provided?

  5. i love how the description sounds like he’s trying to get through a border checkpoint

  6. No homemade post battle results? I for one am disappointed

  7. Ah yes, the babushka class “heavy cruiser”.

  8. I smell Stalin’s pride. It must be a RUSSIAN ship this time, huzzah vodka for everyone.

  9. I’m from Malaysia. Jingles upload timing is impeccable. Just few minutes after my office hours😬.

  10. Yet another perfectly BS commie fantasy ship.

  11. Aνουβις - Anubis

    I miss the days when jingles showed post battle resaults…

  12. Stalingrad is such amazing ship tbh.

  13. Last time I was this early, Kitakami was still in the game! Wait…

  14. Atago decided to sacrifice herself to the Kraken, it would seem. @10:40

    Oh my.

  15. This was also showcase how broken the Nevsky is. Took literally zero damage when played like shit.

  16. not even an ms paint result screen?!


  18. Last time i finished operation citadel i got a T34-shielded.

  19. If this was me sitting there, I would be focused so hard.

  20. The new Warships intro is really good, but missing one crucial bit:
    A sinking CV!

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