World of Warships – Operation Citadel

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Operation Citadel – the July 1943 offensive where a single Russian cruiser singlehandedly roflstomped every. Single. Battleship.

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  1. Finally a new video to watch, I was scouring through his old videos trying to find something to watch lol

  2. Doesn’t have hydro? Jingles, he was using the hydro as you said that lol

  3. “Doesn’t have hydro”
    Me: *looks at video. Hydro currently active. Can hear the sound effects*

  4. “Petro is kind of strong ship” More like kind of BS ship.

  5. “… it doesn’t have hydro.”
    Meanwhile, the hydro consumable merrily pings the water.

    edit: When you think about it, Jinges’ excellent commentary is made all the more impressive when you realize he’s not actually watching the replays as he’s doing it. 🙂

    • He has said that he does watch the replays as he records his commentary, but he is watching it in the video editor playback screen. This is a very small window in the editor, hence the frequency of misidentification.

    • @BigTallLankyDude that used to be the case, he has since upgraded his software and hardware meaning he now has a higher resolution replay to watch.

    • @TheRealCrisis Some of these are quite nitpicky and I know that, so a disclaimer to anyone who wants to say I’m being too rough: I don’t think most of these matter that much, it’s just good ol’ Jingles being himself, and that’s part of why the videos are so entertaining 🙂

      Anyway, the seven that are outright wrong:
      – “the AP shells have the best penetration of any non-premium ships in the game”. He surely meant to say “cruisers” instead of “ships”.
      – Petro has a sigma of 2.05, not 2.65. He probably mixed that with Stalingrad.
      – Yamato has a 2.1 sigma, not 2.0.
      – Sigma doesn’t only affect vertical deviation of the shells, it affects both vertical and horizontal equally.
      – Petro doesn’t have the second highest HP pool of all the T10 cruisres, it’s the second highest only among non-premiums.
      – Like mentioned, Petro does have a hydro.
      – Thunderer has 4 rear guns, not 3.

      And the three that are kinda wrong, but arguable:
      – He says there are no light cruisers, but there is the Nevsky. However, it’s a bit debatable if it’s really much of a light cruiser. Not counting it is understandable because he’s an RN vet, and RN classification for a CL is strictly 6″ guns IIRC.
      – Petro reload is certainly not average, it’s quite long by T10 standards. But as he’s allegedly quoting WG, I’ll at least give him a pass.
      – Småland had done basically no damage when he said that it was the main damage dealer. But the Småland started hitting some and I’m not entirely sure which one started that fire (almost sure it’s the Thunderer though), so I’ll leave this one to the arguable category.

      I’m sure there are some other small things as well (I just noticed Petro’s base range, which is actually 18.45 and thus rounded to 18.5 instead of 18.4, but IMO it’s viable to say 18.4 anyway because she can’t actually quite reach 18.5), but those are the 7+3 that I counted.

    • @AlexADTR plus, you could hear the sound of the hydro. But maybe he had it tuned down or something…

    • @AlexADTR Sure, but I was disagreeing with mjxw who said he didn’t watch the replay at all.

  6. “A ship with radar is weak because it doesn’t have hydro,” Jingles says while the ship is running hydro. Oh never change, your lordship.

  7. 5:50 “Doesn’t have hydro … oh there’s another weakness” . I guess when you press T you activate the short range underwater radar . Ah Jingles never change ^^

  8. 3 cruisers, 4 destroyers and 5 targets per team- 2021 WG matchmaker.
    What are the battleships going to do exactly? Chase down citadel the destroyers? Burn down and maybe torp the cruisers?

  9. Your World of Warships content has really been helping me through a lot, not that you’ll see this probably but its been rough. You constant WoW’s has given me something to look forward to and trust me, its not going unnoticed. I’ll get back to the salt mines now

  10. You do know the reason Petro is a tech tree ship is so that WG can say “if the game is pay to win, why is the most ridiculously overpowered ship available for XP?”

  11. WG: “There is no Russian Bias…”


  12. I’ve had AP slam into a broadside of a Battleship as a battleship and get almost nothing but he’s getting citadels in a cruiser. WTAF?

  13. If I were to be in balance department I know how to balance petro. She takes 200% increased damage from flooding as her fretboard is so low on the water she already looks like a ship thats about to sink. And if a shell calliber bigger than 305mm manages to score 6 hits on the same part of the ship as overpens she gets a flooding. Higher the shell caliber less shells needed to make her flood. Floodings caused by main battery overpens only last for 10 second but maintain the increased flooding damage

  14. Looking at this MM… I’m like:
    “It is almost as if regular cruisers were horribly balanced and not viable at all. Could it be that spreadsheet is bollocks?!”

  15. Jingles roasting WG puts a smile on my face after a long day at work.

  16. Slap Kutznezov on as the commander, and he would have gotten an extra heal and dammacon to probably win against the Nevsky and Småland. Yea. This ship can actually be even better than in this game!😅

  17. Meanwhile on board of the Hms. Thunderer: “There seems to be something wrong with my bloody ship today!” Jutland all over, only this time because WG’s Pravda department wants to see pigs fly.

  18. Ships like these that make me realize I made the right decision when I quit playing this game.

  19. That moment when you realize all the comments about the hydro are helping the algorithm 😁

    Keep it up Jingles! I don’t know what I would do without you!

  20. “Not a single light Cruiser, only Heavy Cruiser and Supercruiser”. Al Nevsky: “Actually Jingles, i`m listed as a light Cruiser…”

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