World of Warships – Operation Citadel

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“It’s an older title, sir, but it checks out.” – Admiral Piett

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  1. Actually Jingles Vermont doesn’t have the heaviest broadside. Satsuma does, but just barely by 8kg (according to the WG Wiki). Satsuma’s broadside weight is 20,960 kg while Vermont is 20,952 kg.

    • This is World of Warships. Who cares about the weight of the shells?
      We are interested in damage.

    • aaaaaaah it was shell weight by the number of guns not the shell dmg in game by the number of guns

    • Liberal sock puppet

      It’s not a Jingles video without an um actually

    • thing is i did some testing with the vermont and satsuma and found out that the vermont has more guns than the satsuma and if and when you get perfect despersion on the vermont and each and every shot hits the citadel the vermont can nuke a kremlin in 1 salvo, as for the satsuma and the hours of testing ive done with both ships ive concluded that vermont has the heavier hitting salvo even compared to the satsuma

    • @Jay Werner As a cruiser main, I have nightmares of both!

  2. I died when he started singing yamato 😂

  3. Someone should tell Jingles about Vermont’s buffs, 12.6km concealment is one of the best BB concealment figures in the game. And the improved throttle makes it quite good in close-quarters in good hands. Its survivability was heavily improved recently. It’s a good ship, with great guns.

    • it is ridiculous level of visibility for a long range sniper BB (should be similar to other long range sniper BBs)… ludicrous when you consider that the GK can be seen from outer space

    • You have to say ‘Umm Actually Jingles.’

    • Vermont gets 12.6 meanwhile moskva still has 14.1, but to quote weegee “concealment is directly based on the size of the ship”

    • someone should tell Jingles that this ship has been buffed to become OP like hell… I’ve been in battles, where the Vermont just destroys EVERYTHING… you have no where to go, and the concealment and guns makes it impossible to play against.

  4. In response to the 2nd Salvo….that battleship was singing
    “I’m a battle ship and I’m okay… I can tank hits all day….well fark…”

  5. Randolph Phillips

    I loved playing US BBs, except the Kansas. I hated the Kansas so much, I sold it as soon as I got past it. I didn’t want to risk having a head injury and then actually taking it into battle again.

  6. Jingles: “It’s only fair the reload time is 40 seconds”. Meanwhile, with the buffs, he finished with 20 😀

  7. Enemy team: paddle me! Paddle me harder!
    Vermont: I gotchu.

  8. Reminds me of the black prince in world of tanks and was famine or feast as it all depended on what path u took at the very beginning in fact it had a close race with a tog 😂. However most memorable matches where when team was being crushed. Having moved on to world of ships after 6.0 I have a very big soft spot for the old girl USS California . She is so slow but can hit like a train 😊

  9. Actually Jingles, the Vermont has a better surface detection range than the Montana and Ohio

  10. Wonderful episode, love the Piett reference.
    I’m honestly scared to imagine what Vermont would get if WG decided to make legendary modules for all these new tech line ships.

  11. I want a platoon of two Vermonts, nicknamed Ben and Jerry.

    The absolute carnage would be hilarious.

  12. Northern Crusader

    Thanks for making me laugh with the Yama-no Jingles. after 2 near 3 years of dodging it I caught the scary world lurgy and needed cheering up

  13. Trolldier • 75 years and

    Jingles the split BB line has been buffed with their acceleration and Vermont got it’s heal cooldown got cutdown to 40 sec and it’s side uper plating was buffed to 51mm previously 38mm and it’s concealment has been buffed to 12.6km at full build, the Kansas isn’t that bad anymore and Minnesota is now even better though both still have the crap AP pen at long range.
    Addition: the Vermonts AP was also nerfed so now it also has slower shells and crappier pen at long range

  14. Hi Jingles, I was the div mate in the Austin. Anima got this result while he was playing from Australia, with Australian internet trying to connect to the EU server, haha.
    I got disconnected mid game too, so didn’t have the best time. I come back to see him giggling while the enemy team just lined up broadside. Wish I could have seen the carnage live, instead of the aftermath lol.

  15. I have probably, over the years, watched nearly all your WoWs videos and I can honestly say I have never seen so many enemy ships sailing in straight lines and offering their broadsides to the opposition. Really, I was astonished!

  16. Jingles, this game was both fun and painful to watch. The result was amazing!

  17. Came for the video, stayed to hear Jingles sing “Yamato!”

  18. “The Kansas is terrible, it has a serious case of the Gneisenau’s”
    I really liked the Gneisenau… I was still learning the game and had a win rate of 50.73%. Of course, that’s because the German line was freshly introduced and still competitive, lol.

  19. You know, there is something really dangerous about a Vermont in arms race. Are we gonna talk about the fact that the reload buffs it got cut the already dismal reload to 21 seconds? I mean it went from low level NPC to Raid boss real quick.

  20. *Enemy Yamato shows up*
    Jingles: “How many citadels do you thing he’s gonna get?
    Vermont: *Yes.*

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