World of Warships – Operation Hermes 5 Stars

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A new and I rather enjoy playing this one. The thunderstorm mechanic has me sold

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  1. She is a good ship went through her in less than 50 battles . good fun to play and her AP is good enough 🙂 . ( aiming is required ) She is a keeper for me 🙂

  2. This operation is so easy its almost impossible not to get 5 stars on.

  3. Have you done the scenario where the exit point for the Rouan is in the North (A5, iirc)? That’s harder. Mainly because the Graf Zeppelin and her escorts spawn at almost the same point as with the West exit. Due to the islands between the path the Rouan takes and that spawn (starts in the same place), you have to split up your force to get the Zeppelin and protect Rouan. You keep getting spawns from along the 9-10 columns. Then the final spawn is from West of the 5 line. It’s still definitely doable though.

  4. Additionally, if you don’t knock down the scouts, the 5 star part becomes “Shoot down 100 aircraft”.

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