World of warships – Operation Narai 5 stars (with HANS as captain)

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My viewers asked to a game with them in operation. Tbh I like to keep these things a surprise to myself so I had no idea what the operation was like. I just took a ship and charged in and we got it done….WITH HANS AS CAPTAIN so it can’t be THAT hard, right?


  1. Ugh Scharnhorscht…

    • Gneisenau > Scharnhorst :p

    • Yeah but for operation you need as fast shooting guns as you can get

    • If you say so oh mighty Flambass *bow down* 😀

    • AnEvilJoke Shan best bb for that operation by far .. fast tanky with fast reload … gnie is fine but it’s dispersion is a joke it’s guns reload to slow and it most defiantly doesn’t have enough …the scariest thing you really face is the misery and your team focuses torps that anyway .. sarcasm and rudeness really aren’t necessary though …managed a similar result to flambas in my Shan GL doing it In a gnie even if rng loves you your guns will miss half the time or over pen them squishy cruisers .

    • It’s neither rudeness nor sarkasm just friendly banter, I know that Flam loves the Scharnhorst but for me its guns are so tiny for Tier VII. BtW: In close quaters the guns of Gneisenau actually hit things 😀

  2. 5-star Großadmiral Hans!

  3. surprise!! hans did well this game lol

  4. The important question Flambass is this ……… has Hans done enough for you to take him onboard for the new Ranked season? :-p

  5. Where can I get the cartoon “specshul” images?

  6. Natural Selection…offensive? Maybe for people with snowflake mentality. This is russian game, they only experience snowflakes in the winter, if you get my idea

  7. What captain skills is hans using? I struggle a bit with the german bbs in the end. i think i push too much points in secondaries….thank you!

  8. goddamn im german and you do better german accent than me.

  9. where is the bikini pic after the game???!

  10. probably the laziest piece of content they put out in a long time, this op is fuckin boring, easy as fuck , mono-linear and requires almost 0 tactic. Aced it with 5 star on first attempt by just driving slowly forward within repair circle and killing everything,

  11. Sea Star award sound ironically “special” however I don’t think it was intended.

  12. Your german is way to funny.

  13. have you ever missed a broadside so hard that you accidentally citadeled a friendly destroyer? This is the life of Hans. Do not blame Hans for his mistakes. It is all he knows, He had a unique upbringing.

    Heil Hans, our saviour.

  14. Hans your killing me slowly with laughter!! Love it!!

  15. lucky u my first in pansecola 212k dmg only 4 stars…hard to find a good team ,maybe i join some division like u do maybe them get 5 stars

  16. No swearing noob

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