World of Warships – Order 2, get 2 for free

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Everyone loves torps, what can I say.
Knocking off snowflakes made me play this thing again…yeah…still deadly af.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Yep. 4 again. Worth it.

  2. Just as I said to my husband.. this time of the year not much is happening on youtube, Flambass puts up a vid. Thank you Flamby. xx

  3. Morning scrubs 🙂

  4. Flambass the 2019 god

  5. the honor student!

  6. “Wonders of Vegeta”… true story. 🙂

  7. I love this little shit!

  8. Disgusting ship… first doublesalvo i got 140K or something?

  9. Raffles… what next? Flambass Bingo?
    [ ] Seriously?! [ ] REALLY!? [ ] Papiren bittäh! [ ] WOMAN! [ ] Cookies! [ ] [ ] [ ]
    Add more Bingo keyword suggestions below.

  10. Flambass: when something bites his left hand, his reflex is to kick it.


  11. No idea what’s going on but just played a couple of matches and there was a supercontainer waiting for me. Didn’t complete any achievements or collect it via the daily collection. Opened it and got the Ashitaka. Erm, thanks WGing?

    • thegeneral123….. ask chat what happens when you look a gift “Trojan” horse in the mouth

    • There’s daily missions that give santa boxes. If you are lucky and get a ship you already have it tries to find a similar and that is in a super container.

  12. Tourette Syndrome – an “abnormality” in the brain that causes involuntary movements (‘tics”) and “vocalizations.” For most people it improves over time, but 10% – 15% are stuck for life. And hats off to the streaming application for recognizing and tolerating a disability. Not sure YouTube would be so sympathetic.

  13. thing is if they banned somone whit touretts tha would be discriminating against ppl whit dificulties and they could get sued

  14. I just saw your Leander video on Jingle’s channel. So unbelievable, but damn well done!

  15. what is the challenge flambass is talking about? not say “mothertrucker” anymore?

  16. Anyone looking for that streamer with tourettes her handle is Sweet_Anita on twitch.

  17. I have tourette syndrome, it comes in many different forms. My form is annoying facial and upper body ticks and twitches. I can usually keep it under control for most of the time in my day to day life, it takes extreme will power and self control. But the whole time i’m doing so it is like a constant itch that starts in your brain and creeps through your body that can not scratch unless you tick and twitch. Needless to say when I get home at the end of a long day I just let them go for it and it’s such a relief.

    It’s hard to explain it but it would be like having an addiction to impulse buying, you see something and really want it for no reason you simply must have it, you buy it and feel that gratification but then realize that you didn’t need it.
    For example I feel may feel the need to twitch my shoulder up and back violently, my brains telling me it will be awesome and to do it, it’s going to be the best thing ever. I do it and it does feel great but then I regret having done so awkwardly in public.
    Since I have physical Ticks I can feel the urge in that body part and then control myself not to do it, However I can not speak for those with vocalized ticks.

  18. @ flambass hey mr flambino i just saw jingles replay in leander.. u the man…the flambass effect…lol love it m8

  19. Last night I was in Kurfust had 212K dmg and just got 236K credits, free account though. But I was carrying flags for 20% more credit.

  20. Talking about Tourettes, there is a Smite streamer, Incon, with Tourettes who played professionally for several years. He doesn’t shout or blurt out words because of it but it causes him to blink and twitch. Its pretty cool watching watching someone play a game at the top level who can hit abilities while blinking. He is one funny dude too.

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