World of Warships: Ouch time.

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We join MFour in the for this . There is going to be pain. Oh, so much pain…


  1. Now i have to watch Railgun again. Thanks for that Yuzral

  2. Nice numbers, wish I got that lucky in my shima 🙂 or skilled in predicting however you wanna call it. Also good commentary Yuzral, enjoyed it!

  3. well ill be damned. he actually beat my record

  4. It was 90k damage with torpedos. 😛

  5. Very well played. Impressive results. Still , as I play alot of BBs I also feel slightly disgusted – wich in this case is a compliment.

  6. Very minor point but you don’t need to soften the Ch sound in Chung Mu, Korean is a rather harshly spoken language

  7. Thanks for featuring my game, as always I love your commentary =)

  8. when the video starts with a Railgun reference, you know it’s gonna be good, xD

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