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Just thought on out community in general and how we have dealt with a variety of issues to include the most recent situation involving the Alabama.

Personally, I love our community. It’s the best gaming community I have ever been a part of. We are more mature than others, and love the game not only for the gameplay, but for the many historical aspects.

Above all, we are passionate about ships. And it shows. When things like the recent “incident” happen, we voice our opinions. However, for the most part, we are constructive and provide sounds guidance. I am certain the other side is listening.


  1. First?

  2. At may college we have various parts of are battleship around campus and in
    other parts of the state.

  3. WG tier 7 USN BB prem USS West Virginia make it happen lol

  4. 42? Dang, I guess I’m an outlier at 17

  5. I Feel for those from Alabama. I Hail from Massachusetts. That ship means
    more to me, and not just due to my state sharing her namesake. My
    Grandfather was an Electrician at Quincy Naval Yards, and helped build this
    style ship. If they had done this to the Massachusetts, I would have lost
    my mind. I hope Wargaming gets it.

  6. 42 jjjjjeeezzzzz im just 16 ???

  7. i bought the USS Texas because its my home state, i bought the USS Arizona
    because ive been to and have rendered Honors to her. I play mostly DD’s
    because i served on 3 of them when i was in the Navy. If the USS Johnston
    becomes available you better believe im getting it. BTW im 47

  8. I love this game. 55 here hence the name :))

  9. 37 year old here. Honestly the maturity in the player base is a big draw to
    this game. I am also a big history buff as well. That’s what drew me in
    initially. As far as the Bama, I hate to say it, but I hope this ST
    nonsense means we will get the Massachusetts instead. EDIT: Also an Iraq
    War vet.

  10. Zoup, I’m 17. I found out about this game on YouTube. Before Warships I
    loved WWII yet didn’t know alot about warships. Iowa Yamato. I don’t play
    the FPS. The historical aspect is the best part of he game.

  11. Heres an idea Wargaming.. I will forgive the USS Alabama nonsense if you
    give us Reese Witherspoon as her captain… and of course the ship 😀
    Sweet Home Alabama…… I know… so cheesy….. but no more so than
    Steven Seagull :D

  12. I’m 31 and just play this game to relax. It also provides feel-good moments
    when you get a lucky volley and 1 shot an enemy ship.

  13. 42 is the average age, huh? Wow, I’m a newborn at my age of 14…

  14. I love you too!

  15. Ok so I love the community as well and mostly good experiences…. but
    think about this. All those guys who complain and rage about how my team
    sucks, or why didn’t you smoke me DD do your job etc etc etc. chances are
    those guys are older than me at 25. I think that’s hilarious and gives new
    meaning to those guys no. Since I’m just gonna imagine a 30-40 guy acting
    like a 14 year old raging :)

  16. right when i thought i cant be surprised anymore by anything u’r telling me
    that this pile of no life cancerous dipshits from wows are ” lvl headed
    with an avg age of 40″ .. :)) .. this is so fking amusing

  17. Zoup, are you/have you been in the military?

  18. why not just give us the USS south Dakota as free line and the USS Indiana
    as premium??????????

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