World of Warships – Our “Special” Yugumo

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Merry Christmas everybody! Please enjoy a replay with a very “” Yugumo 😀 Enjoy 😛

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    This is Conquer…

    Edit: God damnit Yagumo you had 1 job

  2. Sick AGAIN? Damn dude you need to see a doc about that. It seems like every couple of months you are coming down with something.

    • I think it’s because I’m around kids a lot, they get sick and I just catch whatever they have X_x

    • I’m in Dublin and there was a type of ‘flu going around at the start of the year. I managed to avoid it until May. It starts out with ‘flu symptoms (head cold, sore throat and temperature). After a day or so the temperature goes back to normal but you get a chest infection to go along with the other symptoms. Apparently, it can take up to three weeks to get rid of it completely. I managed to pick it up again a week ago – I’m now in the chest infection stage with a bit of wheezing and dry cough. Fun fun fun.

    • iChaseGaming those are the worst. They spread like fire and hit like a truck. Meanwhile, the little ones carry on for a few days, boogers on their chest and everything, then get over it with a lollipop.

    • God bless ’em , but they are little germ
      factories. Can’t wait for the post holiday travel outbreak.

  3. Oh man I would have been so tilted with that Neptune not moving forward. YOURE SPOTTED, quit doing not normal things. Lol

  4. Chase, I cannot thank you enough for plugging that link. Even if nothing comes of it the fact you did it, is amazing. There is no language on this earth that has the words to describe how grateful I am. Thank you.

  5. Can you recommand me 2 lines of battleships, cruisers and destroyes and 1 line of carriers? plsssss

    • I’ve played the us bbs and am currently at T9 Iowa the us line is great if you want to get close and slug it out I also have made it to t5 IJN . Both lines seem to play the same in my oppinon dds I have t8 us benson t5 jap t5 asain pacific and t5 nazi I like all 4 so far . cruisers are were each nation seems to play diffirently and I seem to enjoy us nazi and jap ca/cl the brits I finnally made it to t6 and I enjoy the t6 alot for cv I’m only t6 us and its really difernt in play style some times it can be boring other times it feels awesome having that much power over the other ships

    • Ioan Iorgu No Prob. I did win a Bismark and i hate the guns. I like to hit things past 10 kmLol. I hear the us guns are better but befor you start a bb line the french are coming in and they might be good.

    • BB: american bbs for lol pens (huge guns, don’t show broadside), british bbs because of tea and being a firestarting bitch (they are easy and fun), german bbs if you are a noob and show broadside a lot (turtleback armor and stuff)

      Cruisers: japanese and french for HE rain of fire, british cruisers are fun at mid-high tier but play the same every game

      DDs: American!!! – japanese for sneaky torps and getting your ass kicked by everyone

      CVs: DON’T!

    • Rhovaniell thats ture abiut british cruiserss. From t6 to t10 there the same ship. I thought they are fun but very arcadi and i dont just play around for fun with them

  6. Too many players are just clueless potatoes like the Yugumo commander.

  7. Merry xmass chase

  8. 12ThDoctorWhoYT Clash of Clans & Clash Royale

    Things i couldnt do this year
    1i didnt learn ? this year
    2i didnt lose weight even tho im skinny
    3im still dont have a girl friend
    4see my dad
    Happy x-mas
    Happy new year and see you someday…..

  9. Very honorable, but baka. LOL

  10. General Cartman Lee

    In order to move the Yamato needs the assistance of a tugboat. Sadly for the Yamato the tugboat T-22 is a tier 5 so no chance to get one into a tier 10 match. 😀

  11. “Yuugumo has pretty good guns and can function as a gunboat”

    inb4 What heresy is this!!?!? IJN DDs have garbage guns!!! IJN DDs should play as if they never have guns since they’re a “torpedoboat!””

  12. i-Chase — thank you for sharing the link — for your followers father.. Merry Christmas.

  13. Merry Christmas

  14. That Yugomo player should be teamkilled on every team he will be on in the future – he is beyond stupid and almost every action of his helped the enemy. That mong should uninstall.

  15. “That’s not how the ramming mechanics works in this game.”

    Meanwhile, I have a replay I plan to upload where a 500HP Des Moines can YOLORAM a 2/3rd HP Kurfurst to death… by gently touching the stern…

  16. Chase what do you mean, are you implying yuugumo has GUNS?!

  17. I watched the first 3 minutes of this then had to go to bed cause i wasn’t feeling good. I had a dream where Ichase is commanding a CV while yelling profanities while also sitting on deck just drinking in a Santa outfit. He was sailing straight into the enemies on Two Brothers. Once he is at 1/4 health he decides to retreat. He then starts yelling that it’s his teams fault. So…. Yeah that was my Christmas Eve Night.

  18. the Yugumo was NOT an IDIOT!
    I repeat, NOT AN IDIOT!

  19. “They can actually overmatch you and do pen damage, which sucks” Who cares about overmatch when a Conq HE salvo does 10-20k regardless of angling as well, plus fires and destroys all AA 😀
    *Cries in Yamato*

  20. 10:26 hey this is Notser!
    13:24 hey again this is Notser!

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