World of Warships – OVER 2 MILLION CREDITS

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MAXIMUM CREDITS! 😛 Just did it for the hell of it to see how much I could make xD


  1. :icgMatingCall:

  2. Trump wagon strikes again…

    *plays donald trump’s entrance theme (money money (money in the bank)),

  3. The NC should of rammed you, and they would of won……

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Penguin Dan The one time you see a non-brawling battleship close to an enemy battleship and you actually want a ram. Of course it doesn’t happen – the enemy team should have told that NC to _not_ ram and iChase would have probably been dead.

    • I would have done that, and typed “WITNESS!!!” in the chat while doing it. That is the only way to have your ship taken to Valhalla!

  4. Lovely. Just got a damn Trump political ad before this video.

  5. Even with the Prinz Eugen you can make stupid amounts of Credits.
    Youll need to spend 2000 extra dublons for the +20% Credit Camo and then load up with the Credit signals, you can make 1.5mio+ on good games and even close to 800k on defeats


  7. I have a few questions…
    Why wasn’t all of the enemy ships evading every single one of your shots?
    Why didn’t you get blapped every time you showed broadside to an enemy battleship that is 20KM away?
    Why almost all of your enemies show broadside?

    Yes, MM always match me up against those players who’s brains are still alive…
    You lucky

    Lol, sorry for complaining, nice battle! 🙂

    • 1. Overconfident Weekend players maybe
      2. It will take the alignment of all the stars in the sky for an FDG (or any other German BB if you may) to be able to pull a dev strike on a battleship 20 kilometers away. While the Nagato and NC may potentially be able to deal massive damage to him, during that time the Nagato is focusing down on his divmate while the NC is just joining the battle. Well, no credit to the NC he literally has his broadside for most of the time he is moving in.
      3. German BBs: We can’t be citadeled duh.
      As for the NC, *sigh*..

  8. Great advice m8, you are doing a public service and being a bro. Speaking for myself i managed to have a heart attack last week (im 45) i do sports, eat well, no drugs or alcohol, but…smoke a shit ton and have a lot of work related stress, extremely long working hours messed me up. I’m just glad i got through it, just wanna cruise along, have a decent life and raise my kids to the best of my ability. My advice is once in a while stop, check priorities and objectives.

  9. The RNG and dispersion of the Missouri has declined over the last 6 months.

    It’s a great credit machine, but it’s such a frustrating experience playing something that is so inconsistent with the accuracy.

  10. Wow, your team. You had most of their bb’s on you, and they were still losing ships left and right. Also, I swear, sometimes WG RNG says ‘No, you lose’ and does everything it can to make it so and it is very hard to say otherwise.

  11. MajorMinor Gaming

    Think there is any chance the Missouri will go back on sale?

    • MajorMinor Gaming hell no

    • Never say never.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Definitely not (as much as we’d love it to). It wouldn’t be smart from a marketing perspective to bring it back with its original credit earning potential, but if they removed that and re-released it you’d have new players (and old ones that couldn’t get the free xp to buy it in time) complaining that they’re being penalized because they’re new. Also, there’s the issue of radar on a battleship, which WG hinted at before and has now pretty much confirmed will never happen. Probably the best we can hope for is for WG to remodel the ship and tweak the credit earning, and then release it as one of the remaining Iowa class battleships.

  12. Welcome to my world as far as shooting at broadside targets are concerned. 90% of the time that I fire a full broadside at a target that is broadside to me, I normally end up getting just a few thousand hit points. I’m just glad that R&G’s hates someone else from time to time as it seems to hate me all of the time.

  13. Utterly KNEW from the title it was Missouri… or Misery for the enemy team, cuz that’s wat they feel…

  14. Good advice. We do electronics free weekends. Everything turned off. We play cards, board games. Now our kids friends want to come over when we do this. Enjoy your content it’s been very helpful.

  15. I’ll admit, I’m still rather salty that WarGaming removed the Mighty Mo, especially as I was so close to being able to purchase her. What’s worse, I have no interest in the other 750K Free XP ships (except perhaps the Alaska, but it’s not here yet). I have to make do with my Alabama, I guess. Great match, great content, keep it up, iChase.

  16. Big mo is the reason I got 12tier 10s

  17. I had this terrible dispersion happen to be a lot yesterday in my Colorado. I managed to get around 7 or 8 shots in a row on enemy bbs with the most annoying bracketing possible, and that barely improved.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Tanuvein That was my experience with Colorado a lot as well – slower than a sculpture of a snail, quite tanky for the tier, but the guns never felt as reliable as New Mex and NC did. There were times where dispersion/sigma RNG favored me and I could citadel battleships and cruisers at max range, but many times I had to get below 11km to have a reasonable chance of my shots actually going where I aimed them. I know it’s not true, but even with similar dispersion and sigma values, twin turret battleships and cruisers always seem to be less accurate than triple turret ships. Right after getting Yorck, the few times I took it into randoms and scenarios I’d get close to the enemy, line up a shot, and watch my shells go everywhere but where I actually aimed them.

  18. Nice that you got the battleship Missouri but we who do not have it and will never have it wish we could.

  19. ICHASE…. do you think they will bring another Iowa Class Premium ship eventually?

  20. Vulture_Grey: WOW

    I got laid off, wife took my kid, lost my pension, retirement, almost my house, got divorced, and lost all four grandparents…..this game kept me from going crazy

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