World of Warships – Overkill

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It’s that pesky Croatian, Flambass, again. He’s a bit disappointed with the nerfs to his Yeuyang so he’s taking the Chung Mu out for a spin instead and, well… just watch.

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  1. I love you bro! Lots of love from the US

  2. Ain’t no kill like over kill.

  3. Greetings, humans.

    • So im gonna give you a question. If you had to choose between two cats, a dog, and goat poo, or a dyson v10 vacuum for cleaning up the yard, which one you gonna choose my homeslice?

  4. I swear all he puts up are flambass videos

  5. Hahah, just finished Flambass’ video about this. That didn’t take long. 😀

  6. Flambass is everywhere these days

  7. Jingles there’s no such thing as overkill just open fire and reload.

  8. This is just funny…. I JUST watched that video of Flambass doing it and now I am watching Jingles showing it.

  9. Just watched this replay with the usual Flambass commentary shenanigans, now I get Jingles commentary…life is GUD!!!!

  10. our great gnome overlord has spoiled us so much lately with long videos i am disappointed at 12,5 min … yes master i will work more in the mines…. salt it is milord yeeeees ….

  11. Screw IFHE on the T9 and T10 brit DDs. Just use the supreme AP to kill DDs (they have to angle hard to bounce you) and use the HE for BBQing BBs. those 4 skillpoints are wasted on those boats.

    • yeah unless you face a barely competent player that comes nose in, no ifhe may be good during weekends but you need it for wiser opponents

    • +Luca Alberigo not really … in that case you disengage. You have the second best stealth of the tier on both ships (the ones that are better can´t kill you unless you are low). Go away, circle around, spot them for the team and make them dance with your torps. Those 2 boats really don´t need IFHE to do their jobs. (my experience at least and i faced DD players with 55% + winrate in the DDs they fought me with). Are you going to be less then allways effectiv? Yes, but you really don´t NEED that skill to make Jutland and Daring work well.

    • +Andreas Müller I’ll play my harugumo and you play your non-IFHE daring. Let’s see who wins.

    • +Narcoleptic 1 on 1 i would just not engage you with guns but torps … lets see how long you can dodge. with back up? i just spot you and let my team kill you.

  12. Bloody hell. If I get over 100k damage I’m perfectly happy!

  13. Just A Thought Productions

    Loved the video but is this slowly turning into a second Flambass channel?

    • +Apothecary Terry well…… Problem is: once you started going down that road you can send all the replays you want, but you won’t match Flambass’ quality, and therein lies the circle of doom. I am a 60%+ player, but Flamby is just in another galaxy….

    • Do we really watch Jingles for the quality though, really? Surely that’s the domain of Flambass, Flamu, iChase, Stuntman, Aerroon and many other Warships Youtubers who are also top quality players. Jingles has always been the king of entertainment in the world of Wargaming, showing people doing ridiculous/spectacular things while commentating the wrong things over the top. I’d much rather watch some random guy yolo, take out 3 guys and then get hit by a torp he saw coming 5 minutes ago while Jingles chuckles about it than see Flambass take out those 3 guys, dodge the torps and then take out the rest of the team, at least on this channel, most of the time.

      I just feel that Flambass does a perfectly good job of commentating on his own content, which is why I’m subbed to his channel too, but Jingles is losing his USP- I may as well just watch Flambass’s channel instead and see these videos every day.

    • Apothecary Terry yes indeed. But I feel why it is tempting for jingles to upload these things. And he does not feature t8 games or the like. He does not present ships like back in the day with a history lesson in between. Sadly.

    • No doubt it’s quicker and easier to make these videos, and I’m not saying they’re lower quality, but I do miss old Jingles. Feels like this is less time to make videos, more time to play consoles. That’s not really even a criticism, Jingles can do what he likes (and should), but a bit of variety within the WG videos like the old days would be nice. I also feel bad that I’m not going to be watching the Flambass video on this battle- he deserves views but I kinda feel like this actually steals views from him. If Jingles said “Flambass did an epic battle, go watch it” at the start of his video instead then I think that would be great.

    • +BrainzZzZz Hey Brain, can you send some vids to Jingles? Pweeze?

  14. Man, watching him play makes me really appreciate what experience and intuition can do.  It also makes me wonder why that stuff doesn’t seem to happen to me.  If I do the same thing the BB targets me from 14km out and gets a RNGesus blessed dispersion role and tags my DD with 6 16inch shells and takes me out.

    • First of all, you only see his best games. I’m not disrespecting his skill, but man, we’ve been on the same team for about six times now – three of those six, he was excellent – top DD play, just as you would expect from an unicum. Other three games, he died in first five minutes and there was no ”PAPPIRHEEEN PLS” and other classic Flambass screeching.

      Secondly, he practically made a job out of playing this game. It is what streamers do – it would be pretty sad if they were bad at the game they play every day for years.

    • Believe me, he gets the crazy rng too.

    • +Goran Radosevic – You don’t watch Achievement Hunter, do you?

    • +Goran Radosevic Ya, Flambass looked up his standings and he is +/- 49.5% win rate. You are perfectly correct about his games. He is very entertaining and makes at least 3x as much money as he could as a school teacher. I hope it works out for him and Mrs Citadel!

    • occasionally, he’ll put up a vid where he gets blapped in the first 30 secs, which is hilarious because you’ll seem him planning out his next 5 moves and then…

      BB from “over yonder”… BLAP.

  15. The Mighty Flambass. Again. Doesn’t he have his own channel?

  16. Seems like it’s nothing but follow youtubers that Jingles reviews these days. I mean, I get that these guys are exceptional players, but what chance do regular players have to get their videos featured anymore? I honestly don’t even wanna watch yet another “oh check out this well-known and very skilled player” video.

    • James Hutchison
      I don’t care, flambass is a great guy and a hearty Jingles laugh and commentary is most of the value in a video.

      Maybe, just maybe, no-one else sends anything worth showing? You try trawling through thousands of hours of videos and then tell me if someone offers you something almost certain to be good material if you wouldn’t snap it up.

      Let’s just be clear, it’s fair to ask for more replays from the mines, but your way of putting it leaves some gratefulness for his (hard) work to be desired. We ain’t his boss nor should we be.

    • So, you want to watch mediocre players do moderately well? I am sure that a match worth watching from any one would make the cut given the time to review all of the submissions.

    • Would you rather watch highschool ball or MLB?

    • The good the bad and the ugly WoWS edition used to be a thing…

  17. Always the same streamer replays…flambass, circon……??

    • Aww come on Nels . . . . its FLAMBASS. Do you ever see anyone else do this? He was the first player to submerge a destroyer during a game, making it a submarine.

  18. Good replay but a bit disappointing that yet again it’s a replay from a streamer who also uploads on YouTube it’s such a wasted opportunity to give someone else a chance to be featured

    • Me thinks if peeps sent in similar videos they would be there too . . . . I seem to remember Jingles doing this before. 😉

    • Rembrandt Shadows well he did used to show more variety in who’s replays would be featured and it’s fair that this is his channel so Jingles can feature anyone he wants, but it does get a bit repetitive it’s not as though Flambass lacks for viewers, I can understand helping out smaller channels like Yuzral occasionally but I just feel it’s more fun when the videos are of random people playing.

  19. Nerfing the YueYang was idiotic. Hardly anyone was playing it anymore as is, and the Haragumo is clearly the most ridiculous stat’d DD out there right now.

    • I think certain community contributors expressed similar reservations to WG.

    • Yeah. Pretty choked. Nerfing the guns AND the torpedos because of the radar is definitely an idea that got dug out of their assholes with their teeth. Yueyang was my favourite ship. After I heard about the nerf, I immediately started grinding the harugumo.

  20. Some constructive criticism Jingles- maybe it would be better to promote other channels like Flambass who is himself a great Youtuber, plus it would be really nice to see some people who we haven’t seen before in Jingles videos again. I used to love seeing non-unicum players doing ridiculous things but this is starting to feel like a highlights channel, at least when it comes to Wargaming content (I’m wondering if this is partly because it’s quicker to make the videos so more time playing non-WG stuff?).

    • Jingles said he was recording Flambass in the background. Really, Flambass is very entertaining. I gave up watching MSNBC for Flambass while I drink coffee in the morning. FYI, Flambass often drops his Twitch audience of 600 to 700 viewers on someone else as a ‘raid’. I have found several new Twitchers that way.

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