World of Warships- Overspecialization In The Commander Rework

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Hey guys, today I share some more thoughts on the commander rework, enjoy!

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  1. 10.0 goes live on the server 1/20/21 the client update drops today Captains! The game client update starts

    at: Mon. Jan. 18 10:00 PM PT / your local time: Tue. Jan. 19 12:00 AM
    Update size: 3.1 GB. After installing the Update, you can continue playing the current version of World of Warships.
    Due to the installation of the update, the server will be unavailable

    from: Wed. Jan. 20 2:00 AM PT / your local time: Wed. Jan. 20 4:00 AM
    to: Wed. Jan. 20 5:00 AM PT / your local time: Wed. Jan. 20 7:00 AM
    As soon as the server is updated and server maintenance is complete, you’ll be able to immediately play the new version of World of Warships.

  2. Overspecialization is by far the smallest problem with the rework. As pointed out on both the reddit and wows forum you’ll now need a 21 point captain to get the same level of utility as with with a 19 pointer pre-rework.

    • That is a dick move, but it wouldn’t be something that has a big negative effect on the game as a whole, if things were the way they were before again, after you got those 2 more points. Other changes do that (change the game for the worse) and that is why they are more severe and worse than the mere fact that you need to grind your captains again.

    • That said, I do recall that they said that getting a level 19 commander to level 21 requires an additional 1.2 MILLION commander exp

    • Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

      @DanjasLP 1.2 mio. which is a LOT

    • @Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen That’s like 2/3 of what you need tog et a level 19 commander in total

    • You’d actually need 23 points to replicate the current 19 point BB tank build.

  3. wow … we can really hear how sad you are… 0:40 for example

  4. This rework feels so rushed. They said they might make adjustments over time, like the live server would be a test server.
    Some changes always have to be made, but this sounds like this is really unfinished.

    • First time in WoWS?

    • Just play another game for a few months. After this they might be done with repeated adjustments, and you will save all the time and resources to change your commanders and upgrades over and over again to keep up with WG’s wild goose chase.

    • I mean, they will get more result from the live server than the test server, there are only bots there

    • It’s cause it has had no testing I gave it a look on the PTS and most of the new skills are so expensive and so niche that there is no point picking them and the skills that survived the cull have been nerfed, like BTF on DD now only gives a 5% reload boost, so on a Daring it is like 0.15s reload buff, and instead they add a 10% reload skill on level 4 but it makes your concealment worse and the positive bonus is only active when your detected, plus costing more. Cruisers loose the most in the rework as they loose all survivability skills they don’t even keep PM which is so useful on a load of cruisers which lose guns and rudder often (BBs still keep the skill BTW…) and unique cruisers git hit the most, no FP for the super cruisers and no BFT or AFT for super light cruisers like Atlanta, Flint, Smolesnk (though this one needed a nerf), Colbert and Krasny Krym. BBs that have lots of consumables loose the most as SI disappears and the replacement skill is a tier higher and only gives a heal and dam con charge, though it does buff the duration of those consumables too.

      Only good thing I found was that you can essentially build your commander without spending the points and see how it affects the ship stats before committing to the skills.

  5. I myself have been grinding for the Agir which for me is easier to get (relatively speaking) than siegfried, im engenieering student and can only play a few games on the weekends and now i feel all that grind for a secondary Agir is lost, i hope WG backtracks on the cruiser secondaries or at least buff theese two ship’s ones

    • FYI, Ägir isn’t secondary viable now; it won’t be in the future.

    • Agir’s secondaries aren’t even viable now, and on any cruiser it’d be hard to make them viable. Just hold onto that Free XP (as unfortunately the Alaska – the only FXP ship worth getting, is being removed) and hope something else comes along. Besides anyways, even though the Agir doesn’t have any special gimmicks like radar or reload booster, its a pretty decent cruiser anyways so it should still be arguably worth it!

    • @dan soares i know, its just for me to have fun even if they are not the best but making them even worse is no bueno

    • Goodbye secondary Graf Spee T-T

    • Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

      @SpaniardNL Siegfried secondaries are fun. But you get Siegfried for the big guns with the glorious dispersion 😉

  6. I’m trying to keep an open mind about this. I’ve got my fingers crossed that they get it right.

    • @SpaniardNL cant be perfect on everything, they learn from their mistakes and there is evidence of that such as the dockyard events.

    • @Jack Hides that’s certainly true.
      Ever since Odin the Dockyard events have been open, clear and fair imo.

      I sold my soul to grind the Puerto Rico and still look at that ship in my dock with some dissent

    • People are being way too negative about this (most of them aren´t even trying the reworked skills, they´re just guessing this will be a mistake). Worst case scenario, they will balance things over a couple of patches. This is way easier to change and balance than something like a new class (CV rework or submarines).

    • @Esau Alfaro some people just like to keep their head in the ground and dont like change lol

    • I’m hoping this signals more changes. We desperately need new scenarios and game modes. Please stop pumping out ships and focus on new maps and modes of play. Scenarios for all different tiers or multiple tiers. Maybe a capture and defend mode where you try to stop the other team from destroying your base. Idk just my thoughts. Most of the maps have been around for years with minor mods. I’d love for them to come up with something fresh.

  7. My biggest issue is that they are making popular skills like PT and AR one point more expensive. I get the reason, but it means that I all my commanders effectively loses skillpoints, and I have to take away my skills from them…😕

  8. Cbt player here. Totally different opinion. The new concept is much better, a different matter is whether the skills are OK, and balanced, but as a concept this offers way wider builds range.

  9. Wargaming the company seems to have forgotten a basic rule of running a company. MBA schools I’ll tell you the job is to make money. How it used to be done when your name was over the door was you made a good product. Grinding lines is not fun so they locked certain ships behind the research point system to force you have to grind. And they miss the one important point it’s a game if it’s not fun you have failed at your job. And so many of the recent decisions are not making it fun.

    funny thing is people will spend money on a game that is fun. they will leave a game that is work.

    edit because voice to text changes stuff.

    • And yet enough people are still spending money on WG’s product

    • @Renat Dobonian sure they are. Some people.
      Some people are leaving the game behind. Like me. My play time has been cut by 1/2 over the past year and I didn’t re up my premium this year. I will let it run out.

      Long term players will keep paying if they are having fun. They will leave and you have to advertise for new players costing $ if the old hands leave.

  10. I’m on my 5th year of warships. The reworks keep the game fresh for me but more times than not they frustrate me.

  11. As long as they are willing in the future to admit that some things might not be working and be open to adjusting, not just saying we are listening and feedback is important to us then doing nothing

  12. Just a reminder, no one asked for this.

  13. I had so much fun with my secondary amagi/kii build, i’m sad now

    • Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

      Yeah, but there are some weird bonuses. If any ship is within secondary range, you can get 10% bonus to main gun reload!?!?!? Also better dispersion if undetected.. Gonna be weird,

      Also – longer range for secondaries. Gneis tier 7 will be more fun.

  14. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Correction: The client updates today, the update goes live tomorrow

  15. bruh manual secondaries should just be 50% instead of having accuracy buff on certain ships

  16. This, while CVs are 100% directly buffed. This rework was for them only.

  17. Makes me sad they did not just forget about Shikishima, but said _Shes still good enough_ while changing her playstyle possibilities

  18. I’m a newer player, October 2020, and I couldn’t be any less excited.

  19. “you won’t be able to unga bunga anymore” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  20. I love how a -10 percent dispersion buff to long range bbs is considered as ” now will be able to hit pixels”

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