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Just exactly how much ass is going to be kicked in todays battle. Approximately all of it!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Last time I was this early no one made early jokes…

  2. It would be a terrible shame for that Fujin if he were to somehow end up on youtube wouldn’t it.

  3. That Fujin player gives us Tasmanian’s a bad name… or at least adds to it.

  4. I vote to promote Jingles to Lieutenant Admiral. I think the promotion was long overdue.

  5. I swear that Tasmanian devil has been featured before

    • @rammenstein Schrader… remenbering him makes me feel nostalgic

    • @OOZ662 Aye, that’s exactly why it annoys me when, say, there’s only one person on the other team left with no chance of winning and they just run away. All you’re doing at that point is reducing the potential earnings of both yourself and the people on the other team; not exploding does nothing for your repair cost.

    • @rammenstein There’s always the potential that they’re a stat fetishist preserving their survival percentage as well.

    • @OOZ662 True.

    • Vampire Count
      If you say his name 3 times in a row… legend has it he will appear in a Jingles video for halloween lol jks.

  6. Every time I see a result like this, I am urged to buy or grind to the ship it’s been achieved in.
    …but then I realize I’m going to suck in it like in any of the ships I own.

    • @Silverslicer Well, now that I’m closing in on 1000 battles, my win rate finally got over 50% and damage per battle over 30k I don’t feel AS bad. But only until I find out that I only survived 200 battles and my k/d is about 1/4. 😐
      But yeah. I DO hope I’ll get better. One day. I’m getting old though so I don’t have that much time.

    • @Silverslicer And still there is the roll of the dice. The guy lucked out not having at least 1 competent enemy. When he was pushing on the dd early on, the BB on the flank should have cit him to bits and pieces. Then he would not have the big HP pool to be pushing on 3 ships alone to begin with.
      His play style does not make him a great player just average+. I see plenty of moments where his luck could have ran out, it didn’t so good for him. But to be like “cause you recognize you suck”. I played games where I practically carried the team and in the end died cause you only have so much HP to be facing the enemy.
      I’ve also been in games where my flank got decimated, I end up alone vs 6+ ships they all chase me, and I can’t do much back since showing broadside means dying in seconds. And still we managed to win. I end up at the bottom of the list. Bad player? Well if I died they would have turned and crashed into our fleet. Like lemmings usually do. And it is all a lot of luck.

    • @D Gray Yeah, well, once in my Graf Spee, I face a Myoko, Aoba, Furutaka and Cleveland (when it was tier 6) all at point blank range within that small area on Fault Line all the way on the right of the map, and I killed all of them.

    • @D Gray That reminds me of a game I had the other day, ended up a bad game for me only like 32k as Sharnhorst has massively reduced firepower being perused from the rear. Did manage to survive long enough to lead the 4 enemies following me into a crossfire though clearly all of them so focused on trying to finish me off they paid no attention to the rest of the map lol. Still I’m a noob and probably made bad choices to get into that situation just glad I could salvage it to some degree. Richelieu for example could have been as it did survive but was sold to a ship breaker so that was lost.

    • Saltiest_Player_Ever

      The Mass is very user friendly

  7. Tasmanian Devil has been on my blacklist for two years lol 😀

    • @MrHarbot Of course they can do something about it, they could ban anybody they wanted to or delete his account for any stupid reason.

    • @Sirion that’s was my ironic comment point. WG simply doesn’t do anything to fix the issue. Possibly because it could cost them money.

    • You would think by now WG would have done something about him/her…

    • They remind me of GrieferKiller in Battlefield 3. He was a total asshat who would spawnkill people in his jet, and would spout racist epithets every time someone “dared” to shoot him down.
      He was very infamous in the BF3 community because he used to be the #1 jet player thanks to all the spawncamping he did.

    • UltimateMcNasty ah yes, spawn camping in rocket pod jets, sounds like a concentrated solution of degenerate.

  8. he deserves an permenant ban

  9. >Fujin gets “teamkilled” by a Molotov
    >Fujin then decides to tell everyone to report the Kirov for team killing

  10. Lol the Enterprise player is my clan mate…he’s just been informed on how he needed to be carried to get a win… waiting for the backlash now.

    • LOL, its not worth being in a clan if you don’t spend your time taking the piss out of clan mates.
      After you finish that send my appreciation to someone who communicates usefully in chat and helped the team in game big time, even if he is a filthy CV player 😉

    • Please that Enterprise player did exactly what a CV should be doing. Providing air support to ensure a win. Dude should be congratulated for his support not berated for it.

    • thederogativeworld

      @clothar23 You are aware of this thing called banter correct?

  11. Clicks on video, sees a DD getting annihilated, looks at title and thinks: “Hold on, is this going to be a compilation of the most recent King of the Sea tournament”

  12. Btw, the arsehole was reported to WG with same replay as a proof. They’ve answered in 15 minutes, telling me that disciplinary measures against him were taken. Thanks again for editing this in. Cheerio!

    • Hopefully that shit stain got perma-banned. Good job reporting him.

    • @JVCCR In other words – “we did nothing and you will never know, but we’ll tell you we did because we’re a turd of a game company”

    • Glad to hear, hope he gets a permaban. Just for fun will keep an eye on that account to see if it gets active again.

    • @Nlcup I’ve been in the WoWS CBT you subhuman shitstain, they can and DO punish people. I myself have gotten a 3 day ban due to me having a particularly bad day.

    • @asaeampan Im a subhuman shit stain? oh good, an intellectual how exciting. A 3 day ban is a slap on the wrist and not a punishment, a real punishment would be a permanent ban. but i guess your 4 years with wargaming far surpasses my 9 years of knowing the in’s and out’s

  13. Damn, there is a whole new level of toxic people in this game, that guy, for some reason, was already in my blacklist.

  14. As a tasman_devil myself, I’d like to distance myself from this one particular specimen.

  15. Wait that tasmanian devil guy is on my blacklist some time ago, how in the hell is he even around here?

  16. I remember seeing this replay posted on r/WorldofWarships and seeing all of the comments saying “Send to jingles.” I’m glad this actually got into a video.


  17. Man, he wasn’t even salty when he stated that they’re ahead on points now after his second cap …
    It’s pretty much impossible not to be awestruck by this.
    So … naturally, I’m triggered!

  18. Is that the equivalent of throwing yourself in front of a car and suing the driver for damages?

  19. Everyone talking about the new Star Wars trailer, and I’m just over here like “Ooooohhh new Mighty Jingles upload!”

  20. Anti-Asshole system

    -Jingles 2019

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