World of Warships – Painkiller

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I don’t know what to write here today. Why don’t you all just pretend I wrote something witty and we can all just move along?

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  1. Is the next episode called Antidepressants?

  2. Morphine shot? xD … wait… spotting the Bourrasque? Oh Jingles, please never change 😂👍❤

  3. 5:05 the Bourrasque? Out of everything that I expected, this was the most surprising one

  4. When did they introduce French medium autoloading tanks in WOWS?.

  5. Hmm… That sure is a disturbingly Strasbourg-looking Bourrasque at 5:05 🤔

  6. My disdain for the KANSAS is equal to my love for the MINNESOTA.

  7. Clearly Jiingles, that enemy benson’s plan was to donate a kill tp painkiller and smoke him up so the rest of the enemy team couldn’t spot and reset him. Sheer genius! XD

  8. 12:10 Well Jingles, he did actually change course. I think he changed course about 30-45 degrees on the minimap. But he didn’t turn all the way to get his guns on target, I expect. He did stop turning when painkiller turned away enough that painkiller’s torpedo arcs couldn’t hit him. Painkiller fired the torpedos before the indicator so that they would hit the New Mexico. So, I think that the credit for that goes more towards painkiller than the New Mexico’s stupidity.

  9. Jingles just has hands down the most soothing yet still somewhat informative and sometimes comedic Commentary ever…. Keep it up old man we love you

  10. the Benson looked like he was paying all his attention to dodging the incoming torps.

    • Yeah. And isn’t beaching yourself also called “emergency braking”? Not that I think he did it intentionally nor did it do him any good.

  11. 6:25 I was expecting Jingles to say something like, “and the Lightning gets the kill, as all things should be when a British ship and a French ship are going for the same kill,” or something like that, as Jingles did say that the British love to take the piss out of the French at *every* opportunity.

  12. Erik Bergström

    It may be a French DD, but Painkiller’s ship is certainly made of British steel 😉

  13. “Faster than a bullet
    Terrifying scream
    Enraged and full of anger
    He is half man and half machine
    Rides the metal monster
    Breathing smoke and fire
    Closing in with vengeance soaring high
    He is the painkiller
    This is the painkiller
    Planets devastated
    Mankind’s on its knees”🤘 😷✌️

  14. I love the Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels reference, Jingles.

  15. Swordfish torpedo bomber

    Every time I see the word “painkiller” I immediately think of the Judus Priest song

  16. that New Mexico knew the torps were coming, he started turning in, but he was never going to dodge tier 8 torps

  17. no matter what ship im in, even if im in a ship the size of a wooster gun barrel moving at the speed of 90 kts and actively dodging, the entire united states navy in form of the enemy team shoots at me and perfectly hits me, so french dd’s although i have em tier 9, are not my favourite at all xD

  18. Hey Jingles, hope your doing well, and Reita too of course.

  19. I struggled in the French and Swedish DDs. Especially the latter. I probably could have stuck it out in the Guepard, but opted to focus on the British tree since the Jutland is pretty comfortable to use. I might come back to the French line later but I don’t know.

  20. 5:08 “continuing to spot the Borrasque for his division mate”…. Not seeing a lot of traversable ground for that French medium tank to be operating on here in the middle of the ocean

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