World of Warships – Pan-Asian DD Critique

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Two aspects of the Pan-Asian Destroyer line concerns me, Radar. I’m curious what the end result will be from the release of the line. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VI Pan-Asian Destroyer Fushun Replay


  1. I feel like every-other week theres more radar and gun boats.

  2. Well Notser, your argument is against the lack of effectiveness of torpedoes themselves. That doesn’t necessarily mean DW Torps are weak. Its true that torpedoes are weaker than they ought to be. The Japs need to be fixed. I really want to try the line but with everything thats going on in the game, its just not happening.

    • IJN or JPN not JAP

    • An argument could actually be made that from T8 and up the American and German DDs are actually better torpedoboats (and DDs in general) as their torps are catching up in range and speed without sacrificing anything in return. You have worse detection and reload times than both not to mention any gunfight vs an equal health DD is nearly always a loss for the IJN so you are effectively worse at contesting objectives as well not to mention the Pan-Asians now being arguably far better and sinking BBs while having gun power comparable to the Americans

    • Not comparable but same. their t9dd is fletcher with better concealment and DWT that can run radar as well.

    • Caeric
      I’d laugh at such an argument. I have a Z23, Benson & a Kagero, Akatsuki, & Shiratsuyu [not to mention a Yugumo]
      Guess which of those 5 is the worst torpedo boat?? Guess which is second worst?
      The only good things about Z23 are the 150mm guns & having Hydro. And those guns have shitty turret traverse & horrid firing angles. The reload is also nothing special.
      German DDs are also too long & turn like bricks. Oh and their concealment is weak….
      Honestly; the German DDs are weak from T5 thru T8.
      The Americans are just OK, Farragut & Mahan are certainly nothing special.

    • The Farragut and Mahan are amazing! Especially the Farragut.

  3. I want the Russian Battleships

  4. That’s why they should have built strong torpedoes and weak ass guns.

  5. I knew I wasn’t the only one who looked at this line and felt that it was just a weaker Soviet line with one trick torps.

  6. Notser havn’t been able to upload good gameplays with high damage for months. With DWT he is getting multiple free DS every video and he is complaining about DWT being too weak. I used to like his commentary alot (even during the IFHE controversy) but he is just not reasonable enough for me any more.

    • What’s wrong with Flamu according to you? I am quite curious to hear :/

    • XxMisterZxX he is super arrogant and toxic and acts like he is the best player in this game but there are alot of players that ranking above him

    • ManuelB1b3r I have to disagree on that. His aim is to teach and make people become better players and he does that superbly. I have followed both Notser and Flamu for quite some time and I find that their video styles complement very well. I have never found a toxic, arrogant or offensive video in any of these channels. I wonder why you say that. I am very curious tbh.

    • If Notser missed a broadside salvo, he would say “Ahhhh I aimed a little bit too high”. If Flamu missed a broadside salvo, he would curse WG for the next 30s.

    • like 2 Years ago i followed Flamu and watched his Streams, he was all this back then, dont know if he evolved for beeing ready for a bigger audience or what.

  7. I was the Hiryu in this game. I already felt so lucky to be in a game with Notser, then right after the game I got a super container with a free Duca D’ Aosta inside. It was a great day.

  8. This game is getting frustrating and confusing. Sometimes I just do not know what I am facing.

    • Testacabeza Hey, I can relate. I haven’t gone up many lines, so I don’t know all of what I’m facing. Sometimes I’ll forget that a Soviet cruiser has radar or a British cruiser has torpedoes. I don’t even know the range for either of those. But the more we learn, the better we become. Just hang in there, things will be okay c:

  9. Exacly, your argument against DW torpedos is invalid. They are strong, due to very short spotting range.

  10. I have to disagree Notser. Torpedos are total weapon in right hands. I know where You can say that because of Khaba but that’s only one reason for it. Torpedos on other DDs are key to control a game and can be devastating to enemy and their tactics. Im not IJN player still yet im relying on my torps most of time as a life saver or weapon to annihilate most of enemy’s in most of situations. As well in my US DDs and British Cruisers. There was a time where US DDs were gunboats with purpose of stealth fire and could makes those 150k damage those times. Now it is not possible. So Torps are main and will stay main weapon in balance of this game. About deep water mechanics, imho idont like it, not bacuse they are too powerfull in detection (less then 1km is really huge for every ship) but because of their ineffectiveness against other DDs. As smoke or dog fights with enemy most of the time require torps and they are huge, say to at least, distraction agaist enemy play style. Regards.

    • I kinda agree, a good suprise torpedo from an unexpected angle is devastating. Unless they’re japanse of course.. since then you saw them coming a mile away and are relying on numbers alone to inflict damage..

    • I am a shima player. I know you will love to see shima appears in front of you, just too easy to kill. The only thing shima is good is because 3×5 trops for higher probability to hit target. However, as Notser said, it is too situational. I am pretty sure that the standard deviation of damage US dds caused is smaller than IJN’s.

  11. LOL Love how that Sharn just went to chat with HACKER 😀
    There are so many brainless players, it’s so stupid and funny at the same time..

  12. Notser i wont lie i respect your opinion, but i tend to agree with other cc’s like flamu regarding the pan asian and their torps. and i honestly feel that your critique of the “pan-asians” was more of a blanket complaint for wows

  13. I feel many commenters are missing the point. The PA DD line’s gimmicks are the smoke, radar and DW torps, but what do you do most of the matches when playing as a DD? Fighting other DDs. Unless you ignore caps. In which case you should go back to BBs. The DW torps are useless for this, so you might as well invest in your gun skills instead. This is weird.

    A better exampleof the opposite to PA DDs, would be German DDs. There’s nothing wrong with German DDs, mind you, but bear with me. German DDs have weak ass torpedoes, apart from their stealth, compared to other DD lines. They have worse guns than any DD line, other than Jap DDs, yet most matches, I deal the majority of my damage with the guns. Whether it’s killing DDs or hammering whatever passes within gun range while smoke is ready. BUT, the guns aren’t good enough to invest captain skills or modules on, especially since the torpedoes reload so fast. This still feels a bit awkward, despite how powerful German DDs are.

    PA DDs will be good, but they’re just awkward AND make the jap DD line feel even more obsolete than before.

  14. If they are going to keep torps crappy, then they might as well release the kitakami.

  15. How would you rate the idea of adding the choice of regular or deep water torpedoes for the IJN destroyers? I mean, 98% of Japanese destroyer captains completely avoid other DDs because of the bad guns, and their priority targets are often battleships and large cruisers. For the Shimakaze, as an example, I’d see the 20km torpedoes go from 2.5km detection from 1.1, the 12km to 0.8 and the 8km to 0.6, and also make them undetectable via aircraft (which is true of Japan: the Type 93 torpedo was invisible in the water)

  16. Lets be honest here. This line is copy paste of already existing ships or ships that will be in game in the future. It’s completely irrelevant and it’s in the game because of asians and because asian server is not run by WG and they wanted their own tech tree… I say fuck this line, lets wait for british DD’s, frenchs BB’s and DD’s and italian navy.

  17. Unfortunately, this entire line is built of real-life hand-me-downs and cast offs. None of these ships represent a “class” of ship, they’re all basically free premiums, and most of them are already represented in the tech trees of other nations. Basically, for all the crap Wargaming got -and rightfully deserved- for pulling a Soviet tech tree out of their asses, that was nothing compared to this. This line has no right to exist really, in the context of the game. It’s just a marketing ploy to expand their Asian market. It’s the Chinese tank line of World of Warships. So, the only option really open to Wargaming, in order to add some kind of appeal and flavor to the line, is to gimmick the SHIT out of it.

  18. Oh notser, why? You got a great score by most tiers in the match you posted, let alone t6. So the complaint seems a bit diminished in my eyes. The shima was op and got duly nerfed, although with other changes to the game since, that nerf was too hard. I for one am glad the pan Asian ships don’t look op on their introduction. We don’t need a new line of op ships like the British t9 and 10 cruisers and BBs thanks. Wg need to work to remove the ‘no risk for reward’ that some ships have. More range and stealth on dds would not help here. Destroyers, like All classes should have to work for damage and kills. Not lazily farming damage like pre nerf shima…

    • +Deckerd BR like I said, I prefer variety in my play and this line ends up offering very little. Don’t really care about the performance

  19. I just think your too short sighted on this one Notser. Shima “basically” has 12km torps that are detected from space, and the YueYang gets 13.5km torps, they are faster than the shima 12km torps, and their detection is amazing. Sure you get 1 less set of 5, but i think that trade off is worth it. It is so hard to hit ANYTHING with shima torps because of how far they get spotted from. Add on to that you have gearing guns, and better concealment than both of those ships with the option of endless smokes or a radar. It’s a no brainer in my eyes. Sure you can’t hit DD’s with torps, but honestly hitting a DD with a torp is a roll of the dice. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t. Good DD’s are going to dodge, best case scenario you push them out of a cap. Hitting a cruiser with torps is very hit or miss as well. So if the choice is a dice roll to hit DD’s but at the expense of being worse at hitting EVERYTHING else. I’ll take deep water any day. Plus now i can launch them from behind my friendly DD’s without worrying about killing them.

  20. So thirty-odd people and counting thought that the torpedo range reduction on Khabarovsk was a harsh nerf… really?

    Did those thirty people even watch the video? Just because deep water torpedoes are stealthier and more powerful against battleships, cruisers and aircraft carriers doesn’t stop them from being useless against destroyers and highly situational. Let’s not forget that hydroacoustic search and aircraft detect them anyway, combined with the fact that competent players know how to dodge torpedoes in advance (without having to see them from when they were launched) as well.

    You have to hit the ship in order to do damage in the first place and if you can’t do that, what good is the extra damage? If half-decent players know how to expect where torpedoes are coming from, what good is the extra stealth on the torpedoes? Let’s face it, deep water torpedoes are only good against new players, who tend to be few and far between as the game gets older and the tiers get higher.

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