World of Warships – Pan-Asian Destroyers

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We have a brand new branch of Pan- Destroyers on their way!

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  1. Great that another line is being introduced but what about the existing premium ships – will they also get DWT?

    • DWT are just a gimmick. They can’t damage destroyers but they can damage battleships and carriers.

    • hoolahoop75 and what about cruisers?

    • You know, I don’t know. At one point they could only hit certain cruisers, at another they could all of them and at some other point they couldn’t hit any. I’m not sure what the state of them is at the moment but I’m inclined to say they can’t hit any.

    • They can hit some cruisers (most of them are heavy cruisers). Though they can’t hit cruisers with shallow draft (which means the torps simply pass through them like it pass through DDs harmlessly). I’m not sure which cruisers are immune and which one are not, but DDs seems to be the only ship type that is guaranteed to be immune against deep water torps

    • it depends on the type of cruiser, heavy cruisers will get hit but small light ones not

  2. Why are torpedos not striking certain ships am I the only one noticing

  3. Dont worry boys.. Those torps can go under islands too and strike camping noobs..

  4. so….we have already seen this! Am i the only one the saw this last week?


  6. 2nd hand US destroyers as an update.

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