World of Warships- Pan-European Destroyers Impressions

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Hey guys, today I discuss my experiences with the new Pan-European Destroyer line, enjoy!

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  1. HOLY CRAP!…Im early! lol
    ps…agree, Match Maker is drunk presently…so many ROFLSTOMPS lately…not fun what ever team your on.

    • I just quit playing T8 and up completly. Its 0 fun with that kind of games.

    • Agreed. I’ve actually just called it quits for a bit. Had a tier X chase my Zao all game. Shot down almost 30 planes. Didn’t save me from the cv. Their team only lost one ship for our whole team. Not fun when you can’t hit back.

  2. i managed to get dreadnought in visby and also 25 planes shot down so yeah interesting line

  3. to open 96 containers from doubloons is about £250

  4. You can get coal I got several 900 coal lumps in mine if I remember correctly also the ones with coal seem to have more euro tokens for some reason

  5. Torps are fast enough that you can reliably hit 1 per salvo… so stagger the launch fire one salvo wait for 15 sec then fire secund launcher torps do no dmg so landing all 6 makes litle diference but they can do something else other then alpha dmg, hint hint wink wink dont forget your flooding flag 😛

  6. I admit on having spent money on this, but only because my holiday got cancelled due to corona so I had some expendable money. The ostergotland is a brilliant ship and also fun to play to. Yes when your caught by a gunboat life gets hard but the trick is to use your torp range and speed to your advantage. If you have some map awareness and maybe rpf (I am still thinking about what to spend my last 4 captain points on) you can be a real menace to the enemy team.

  7. Hey SLM, I’m going to call this one my bad but I forgot to let you know there’s a narrow spread option for the torps. I know the wide spread is narrow already so I’ve seen a lot of people not even notice. Makes landing more than 1 per salvo easier. Also don’t forget the short gun range is an advantage. If you can isolate 1 target within your gun range and kill it you go dark immediately. The line is all about map awareness.

  8. Ya teams these past few days have been god awful I think its cuz of Coronavirus all the people who play on weekends are out work/school because of it…. At least on NA

    • It’s the same on the EU servers. Over the last week and a half team play has been far worse than normal. Maybe the coronavirus is getting to people’s brains and making them play like idiots. I really can’t believe how bad the gameplay has been recently.

    • Yea, I had back to back 200k+ damage in ranked and lost both by a landslide. People have been letting people live. Since I’m in a BB what I will do is if someone is at 4k or less, and I’m not the only person able to shoot, I will shoot someone else. It almost always works great because people with better reload are good at finishing people off. However, one game there were *4* people at 5k health and our team was insistent on shooting a smol that was in smoke. I was dead at this point so I couldnt do anything. One of the other games, I had more base xp on the losing team than the number 2 on their team.

  9. Do not be sorry, you are trying. and making videoes. keep it up Sea Lord

  10. “”””””””””””””European””””””””””””

    • Mike P I don’t see Sweden being able to Field a BB and CL/A line, I can see the Dutch though for a Cruiser line and Austro-Hungarians + Spanish for a BB line

  11. Sometimes I have my good days in my Sims B, but some not so good. I’m a BB kind of player anyway, but it’s good just to take that DD out here and there.

  12. Well we all know your basically trash in anything but BBs sooooooo……….. yeah

  13. Just a balanced line… Right before the storm of new soviet Dreamboats hits.

  14. Not bought anything and not going to, I got the Visby today the T5 offering not impressed to be honest, Ill stick with the Nicolas as my go to for some lower tier fun, Thank’s for the heads up SL 👍👍

  15. Just had my first few tangels with these new euro DD’s…sneeky lil buggers!, torps seem to be very fast…but if you jump them, they just cant stand up to a DD on DD gun fight. (But good luck getting the jump on them…most of these seem to have friends close by (Completely negates 1v1 gun fights, some clever Capts out there with these presently…use care when engaging 07)

  16. One thing that I’ve found as a DD is that if you’re not spotted by the CVs the best thing is to stay away from other ships. Yes, they can help with AA cover when you are spotted but by being near other targets for the CV is just one way to get spotted and then targeted – I’ve also found if you are close to other ships you can take hits that missed the other ship….

    The Pan European DDs have a higher skill level than the other DD lines. It was an eye-opener the first time I ambushed a BB with 2 sets of torps at close range and they survived (I’ve read that expect a maximum of 30K on such a torp strike).

    If you have defensive AA on a ship it may be best to trigger it and priority sector prior to actually being spotted. I think the effective range of your AA is outside of your spotted range.

  17. WG is on a push, to make players use more signals. These dd, low damage torps encourage Floods signal, the changes to ifhe, hoping players wont take it and use signals to boost fire chance when they do… Perfect signal storm conveniently.

    Edit, Player skill base has flat lined in brain activity. This new high tier turn stern around at the VERY START of the game is worse than lemming train mindset, with zero comprehension of variation.

  18. “The AA is not the best but also not bad” me: Shoots down 30 planes with Visby (T5)

  19. Your review is spot on. This line of destroyers is very hard to run. If I sink one ship with these I feel like I’m doing well. Turrets rotate like a battleship’s. The amount of hit points healed is a joke. The torps are hella weak. I made a run on an enemy bb, scored a hit with every torpedo, and the bb still lived to kill me. They are fast though.

  20. I am waiting for WG to launch the OP line of Luxembourgs BB line. I have heard it is going to be fantastic.

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