World of Warships – Pants On Head Stupid

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It’s not surprising to see the occasional bonehead play while playing World of Warships, it’s just surprising to see them all in the same battle.

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  1. I clicked this video 10 seconds after it became available. It already had a like. LOL. salt mine miners gonna mine.

  2. yes early morning Jingles vid. Thanks for the excellent content

  3. I mean considering that for years now sonar has been able to detect ships on the other side of an island. Not being able to detect a submarine with sonar seems pretty on point for War gaming.

    • Well technically, *haha love being that guy* sonar on board ships has a “search cone”. What I mean by this is that if a submarine was lower than the search cone it wouldn’t matter how close you where over top the bugger, nothing would come back on the display. I’m doing a right shit job of explaining this but funny enough Jingles plays a game on the channel that explains sub warfare. I do believe it is called Destroyer: The U-boat Hunter. Before such game I was actually a little puzzled as to why Herman the German and Hans in their U-boat could just stealth up and turn invisible like the middle child of a family. But no seriously for an arcade game this is some tomf*ckery.

    • It would be easy enough to balance too. Make it so cavitation is an important thing on subs. As long as they move at quarter speed and don’t fire torpedos they won’t show up on hydro. Also provide a captain skill that tells you when you’re in active hydro range.

    • @Bird_Dog water is denser that rock.

    • @Tsuari Rindoku while DDs can openly sail into secondary battery Range without being visually detected.. for seven years. Is Hippocracy the Jingles flavor or Flamu flavor? I forget.

    • @Mthammere2010 Not sure what to do with that comment.
      If it’s some sort of joke, than it’s flying right over my head.

  4. I love how I just don’t sleep at night now and have been early for every jingles vid for the past month by sheer chance

  5. Sonar not being able to do what it was invented to do, is hilarious

    • Given this same hydro can spot a SHIP though a solid land mass, just makes it even more daming. Meanwhile the Sub hydro can find a sub at 3 times the distance of any surface vessel. Surface ship hydro only finds them at 2kms at ANY depth, Sub hydro will find them at 5 to 6 kms if i recall right but naturally you have to DIVE first.

    • @Jay Werner What’s really missing from the game is Cruisers and Destroyers need active sonar in a cone out in front just like in WWII, but using it should give their position away to anyone within 10Km that has sonar.

    • @Johnny Thunder Fun fact, that was simulated on DDs in one of the early iterations of subs. Once you got close enough, you would get a permanent bearing on the submarine.

      Cant say it really helped much other then to be like “hay guys theirs a submarine near me”.

    • @Jay Werner hydro can spot subs at full range when surfaced or at periscope depth

      The best sub surveillance range is like 10km with russian subs atm

  6. Heavy is the head that wears the pants .

  7. Jingles mixes up Hydroacoustic Search with Sonar. Those are not the same. Sonar is sending out sound signals and listening to the echo, Hydroacoustic Search, like they used even on big German capital ships, is just passively listening to the sounds of other ships.

    What is really stupid in WoWS is that in this game, Radar can look through islands, but Hydroacoustic Microphones can not hear ships behind islands.

    • Actually hydroacoustics encompasses both active and passive sonar. Perhaps you should have qualified your statement with ‘In WOWs’…………

    • @Tired of War That is a partial definition, you could have expanded by saying ‘of or relating to the production of acoustic energy from the flow of fluids under pressure’. I have spent 40 years running deep sea acoustic systems. Read my last sentence again.

  8. Summarising WG’s attempt to shoe horn subs into the game perfectly there

  9. Submarines were what finally drove me away from Wows, between them and carriers it’s just less fun now.

  10. Yup. Navy vet myself. The idiotic submarine system in this arcade game was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me and after many years of playing … caused me to quit the game forever. It was fun while it lasted.

  11. Now we need a replay by Bandit with smokey.
    together they go east bound and then down loaded up with Ap.

  12. As a person who was in Royal Thai Ground Forces. I am pretty sure Sonar suppose to detect subs at certain amount of distance.

    • @Tired of War True, though the name is Hydroacoustic Search. And it does a muffled ping every few seconds, implying it IS an active search. Obviously, this is for gameplay purposes to remind you it’s on, but it’s pretty clear why people treat it as Sonar.

  13. Love your work sir.
    Just a side note on the Asia server. I re-started playing the game 2 months ago. In that time I have played exactly 4 games without CV’s. Last Friday night there were 51 CV’s waiting at tier 10…
    A lot of players need to get a life and stop this madness.

  14. Could be worse. I had a total nightmare match with 2 CVs and 4 subs in a Kii.

  15. Jingles says, “Hold my schnitzel…” Well, as a 22 year Navy veteran, I guess he would have experience with that… 😉

  16. I got citedalled/sunk in one match by a Pensacola, and I had a teammate who kept telling me to get away from the area. I was playing the New York and that thing wasn’t going anywhere fast.

  17. I was in one match in my cruiser, I had my damage control going and still got hit by two homing submarine torpedoes and two cruiser torpedoes.

  18. 7:50 Got me laughing so hard haha

  19. The homing torpedoes stop homing at about 1km (or more, depending on the ship targeted). This gives the ship a chance to dodge. Bow on targets are very hard to hit with torpedoes of any stripe.

  20. Jingles, as a sidenote:
    While most navies gave up armour for speed compared to their battleships, the Germans generally gave up firepower instead.

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