World of Warships – Pants On Head Stupid

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Often the key to success in of Warships doesn’t involve making any particularly great plays of your own. All you often have to do is wait for the other guy to do something stupid and jump all over him for it.

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  1. Uchuu Senkan…
    * inhales *

  2. “5 in the morning… I really need to go to sleep”
    *Jingles uploads*

  3. Saw title and expected it to be one of my battles.
    Merry Christmas to you, too.

  4. Jingles: if it’s not working try something else,
    Jingles one minute later: ‘if you don’t succeed, try again’

  5. Have fun on your break Jingles see you in a few days with Cyberpunk!

    • @Raul Alves “top notch”? Not even remotely. It’s also transphobic as fuck.

    • It’s transphobic? All you did is read that one review where the person was complaining that it wasn’t championing transgender like they hoped. You don’t really know much about the game, do you. Sure it has its problems with the bugs, but it’s a good game at it’s core.

    • @Rainman reeeee

    • @Extreme Chimpout What do you want? He said its transphobic, but nothing about it is. I don’t know what to tell you. And it is a good a game at its core. I understand the bugs are rendering it unplayable for some people, but I’m having fun with it.

    • @Rainman The guy probably bought it on PS4 or XBOX 1, it runs really bad to the point of being unplayable, and now hates everyone who enjoy the game. Typical snowflake, took the flag from the catholic church in championing the motto: “If something feels good, STOP DOING IT!”

  6. why enemy cv in my game don’t aim like *THAT* , I’m jealous

    • @luketfer I assume you mean second most broken at its tier and not in general, considering the MvR and FDR also exist, right? 🙂

    • @Th. K. Yeah I meant at tier 8 sorry. The MvR is getting some nerfs but the FDR is just stoopid.

    • @luketfer the FDR in its current state would make more sense if it was the Fjodor Dimitri Rooseveltski and was the first premium russian CV ;D I mean then everybody would just blame russian bias again for why it is the way it is.

    • @Th. K. The best part is FDR is getting buffed in the commander rework. It’ll benefit more from the flak damage reduction skill than any other ship since flak is really the only thing that can actually kill its planes.

    • I have no idea how you miss the broadside of one of the biggest ships in the game once, let alone twice.

  7. “Tears of cruisers”, brilliant XD

  8. Are the audio and the video out of sync for everyone or is it just me ?

    • Yes same here.

    • Jingles uses the NVidia overlay thing, Geforce Experience to record (maybe not always but he said so in the past). Problem is that it uses variable frame rates which are not liked by many editing programs and can throw off sound over time. You can fix this but it needs to re-render the video, takes a small programm and a few minutes … maybe he forgot.

    • this and at least the wows/wot replay before that

    • For everyone 🙁

    • To be clear, the video and audio are not out of sync. The video and Jingle’s commentary track are in sync. The game audio and the game video are out of sync. So it is an editing/remuxing problem on Jingles’ end.

  9. @3:59 Reminds me of a saying that to paraphrase went something like ‘I may only be competent, but in a world filled with mediocrity, that makes me a superstar’

    • Reminds me of that Winston Churchill quote. the one where hes drunk but says he’ll be sober in the morning and the person hes talking to would still be…..ugly, stupid, i dont remember that last bit.

    • Jay Werner that quote you are referring too took place between Churchill and Bessie Braddock, a socialist MP, or maybe it was Conservative Lady Astor, the first ever female MP, it all depends on which story version you hear. When Churchill was accused by one of the MPs of being disgustingly drunk, he retorted with one of the funniest insults ever, he said: ‘My dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.’ It is unclear who the jibe was directed at, but Churchill quotation expert Richard Langworth claims that one of Churchill’s bodyguards confirmed the exchange took place with Bessie Braddock after she had said: ‘Winston, you are drunk, and what’s more you are disgustingly drunk.’ Personally, I like his jibe at Nancy Astor more, this is the same Astor who may have been the recipient of the ugly jibe, though it is commonly accepted that jibe was aimed at Braddock, where Astor told Churchill: ‘If I were married to you, I’d put poison in your coffee.’ To which Churchill famously, and brutally might I add, retorts: ‘If I were married to you, I’d drink it.’ Anybody who tried to get into a battle of wits with Churchill wouldn’t have lasted longer than his weekly cigar ration.

  10. “thats what she said”
    That guy deserve more credit

  11. There seems to be a small delay between the visuals and the audio.

  12. >sees title
    >can’t see my username in the team list

    Has doubts about accuracy of title.

  13. “Pants on head stupid”


  14. 7:25 That CV drop was awful. He totally missed a broadsiding Yammy from 1km with 4 torpedoes! I guess CVs must be really hard to play! 😂

    • +Tobias Time
      Huehhh?! The AA scattered the drop (yes, a TX BB is able to atleast scatter a drop against a T8 CV). A better player could probably evade the flak a bit better, but this is happens to CVs that don’t have ungodfull amounts of HP pools on their planes trying to bumble in a high tier BB. Not that it matters, even in the rare case the Kaga lost a few planes, they will refresh next time he takes torp bombers out.

    • @Tuning3434 lolwut? There’s been no such thing as “scattered the drop” since the rework (nearly two years now). The only thing that affects drop accuracy is how the player chooses to maneuver.

  15. “…suspiciously german post battle results screen…”
    me: huh? why? *looks at secondary hits before realizing the screen is in german*

  16. That results screen: That ARP Yamato apparently played most of those <100 battles in ranked and did quite well for himself. Could be a reroll account..

  17. I remember the good ol’ days, when a YAMATO gameplay video started with a Yamato theme song…

  18. “broadside Petro” expects to do a lot of damage? lol

  19. “[…]he’s got his work cut out if he wants to be any worse than any of the clownshoes I have to play against on a daily basis.”

    Fuck you mean *against*? I always end up with all the potatoes on my team.

  20. Me *looking at that thunderer* : Wait a minute! I know this guy! He’s my clanmate! Holy shit he sucks ass in this game. Oh man i gotta show this to my entire clan! This will be fun!

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