World of Warships – Panzerschiff Graf Spee

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finally has a Battlecruiser. Yay! But it’s not British. Boo! Those bloody Germans always have to have the last word…

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  1. MrJohnycomelately21

    I played the Battle of the River Plate on Atlantic Fleet and she destroyed
    Exeter with her first salvo. I hate this monster of a ship.

  2. Military History Visualized

    my first ship model ever.

  3. jingles, do the Admiral Hipster pls! and the Prinz eugen at the same time.
    because the 2 are the bloody same

  4. So the Royal Navy basically trolled the Graf Spee into sinking itself for
    the lack of a safe space..

  5. That’s a really bad review of this ship. It’s guns are Hella accurate at
    the right range. The armour on it is very good vs cruisers and it’s
    maneuverable. It also has torps to help it escape or attack.

    It’s an excellent anti cruiser ship.

  6. Does anyone else find the Graf Spee hard to citadel with cruisers? even
    broadside on I get none when I get regular citadels against all other
    cruisers. Meanwhile I have lost count of how many times my tier 6 & 7 tier
    cruisers keep getting citadeled through the bow by the damn Graf Spee.

  7. no offense but the captain of this ship deserves a medal. yeah sure he was
    a Nazi but come on making sure the crews of sunken ships were in life boats
    and even sent distressed signals on their behalf is a very honorable thing
    to do.

  8. “if we ever see battlecruisers in the game” ???…Dunkerque, Scharnhorst,

  9. Graf Spee aka Scharnhorst on a diet.

  10. Jingles, you must pronounce it as Graf Shpay. It is not that hard to check
    at the internet before making a fool of yourself :-)

  11. What a waste of a nice ship and a good captain. But I guess that is what
    most of WWII can be classified as in the end….

  12. I hope WG make a seperate line for each nations Battlecruiser

  13. jingles, out of all the states in the United States you pick Nebraska as a
    size relevancy? LMAO at least you didn’t pick Rhode Island or California.
    Nebraska was the safest choice. Thanks for the video keep up the good work.

  14. I was going to earn the Spee in the Event Campaign, but then I thought
    about it more at the Tier 4 Mission and decided not to. I already have
    plenty of Cruisers and I’d rather not deal with one that has just six, slow

  15. Any non-WoW players here just for the history?

  16. But Jingles! The dunkeque, Kongo and Amagi are all battlecruisers!

  17. So it is basicly the T49 in WoWs? ;P

  18. Jingles,…

    The pronounciation is Graf SpAY,

    This isn’t Steven Spielberg’s Titanic

  19. It’s like History class but it’s Jingles…so its OK.

  20. nah, this ship is absolutely awesome and 65-100k dmg per battle is ok for

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