World of Warships: Paolo Emilio – New T9 Italian Destroyer

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Paolo Emilio is incredibly fun! She can yolo like no other. She’s available in the Research Bureau.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Game
12:48 End screen
14:20 Port – Commander Skills & Upgrades
20:30 Outro

World of Warships footage of the Paolo Emilio on the map Atlantic.


  1. AgedSwissCheese :

    leaked footage of OG destroyers:

  2. How many times can you yolo in one game?

  3. Roberta Di Gennaro

    LEL 56, 5 KNOTS
    Imagine this with 10 kilometers torpedoes and 5 SEC reload for the guns…

  4. I get that it can be fun to play, but my problem with it is that neither of those 2 BBs had the time to turn away and dodge. WG seems to have a thing for introducing ships against which there’s no real counter … except to be in a different game. These ships may be fun to play, but what about the player on the other end of the yolo rush? Is this the sign of a last gasp game, out of real ideas, looking for gimmicks to keep players interested? PS nice video, as ever.

    • thing is, this ship gets fucked hard by hydro and radar, because it physically cannot get out of its own smoke for the entire duration. But youre right, BBs that dont have hydro or radar, meaning most of them, are screwed.

    • You made an important point. WoWs has violated over and over again in the recent past the prinicple of a level playing field. No counterplay possible. Just look at the Monster CV FDR. Aeroon did 260k dmg in a game after playing that thing a few times.

    • @Neil Clark just to be fair. I might’ve played it only a few times since NDA dropped, but I’ve played it a fair few more times in testing.

    • ​@Aerroon MY concern is always the principle of level playing field between agressor and attacked ship. if there is virtually no counter play against CV then it becomes a victim. That is the main issue with CVs across the board

    • Cv need to be rebalanced…no other ship or class of ships can even touch how unfair and stupid cv currently are….this ship is nothing compared to what cv do to me whenever i play any bb.

  5. ❱•❰JustMatt❱•❰

    angry italian seaman throws pizza rolls at japanese and russian protesters, 1940 colorized

  6. 11:50 that’s good news since your torp tubes on the other side were destroyed much earlier in the game lol.

  7. It’sa me, Emilio!

  8. So this ship is the EBR of world of warships.

  9. It is the ram that breaches the gate. It is the knife in the gap of armour. It is good. It encourages aggressive plays.

  10. That’s me in Stalingrad, it was a good game, you did an excellent job! 🙂

    • Thank you. Why didn’t you radar at the end? Was it on cd?

    • @Aerroon Yes, I used radar az 9:56, I tried to get Halland. I was actually surprised how much damage I did to you while you were in smoke. I thought everything is gonna miss lol

  11. 8:42 Aerroon taunts Stalingrad for missing its salvo.
    8:44 Aerroon completely whiffs his own return shots.

    Life comes at you faster than you think. lol

  12. I was wondering who CC39 was. Glad to know it’s you since I’m subscribed to you. I was the Ostergotland you matched with both as ally and foe a few times that night/morning-ish haha I hope I get more ram flags in my games so I can follow your advice

  13. angry smoke screen come to you know

  14. German hydro and any radar in the area is the obvious counter to this ship, none of which was displayed in this game even with that Stalingrad having 2 chances to radar him but never did…

  15. this is a real op DD, thansk god its hard to get it, when you can afford her price then you should already be a very good player and all the DDs you use are as good as this one, so im not that concerned about it breaking the game

  16. wow, Aerroon, that was a very impressive round!

  17. Man, imagine being in that Vladivostok and seeing that Smoke creeping up on you. Chills

  18. WG added a good and balanced premium after a really long time. Reminds me of the good old days when premiums meant a unique game play.
    Try knowing which enemies have purple stats and focus on killing them. There is a really good chance your team will win

  19. Emerging technologies : self smoking torpedo. Called “THE CREEPER”

  20. 7:19 two of the torpedos hit the wreck, you would have sank the Z either way.

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