World of Warships: Paolo Emilio – T10 Italian Destroyer First Look [WIP]

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First look at the upcoming T10 Italian destroyer. A rather interesting destroyer. The SAP makes it play quite differently from other DDs.
She’s still a WIP and subject to change. This is a ship provided to me for testing by WG.
Port at 16:58

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Italian destroyer Paolo Emilio.


  1. It looks good. I am sucker for everything Italian in the game, but still this looks good 🙂

  2. It’s so weird hearing my name in the game.

  3. This is what Gun-Boat concealment should look like! **cough** **cough** haragumo **cough** **cough**

  4. hehehe The contrast between your professional dialogue and your dialogue when you were actually playing it on stream. It just has me giggling to myself.

    • On stream I am thinking a lot of these same things, but I’m playing with someone else, so it’s more of a conversation about whatever!

    • Your way of explaining things just seems to resonate with me quite well, I got quite a bit less derpy watching you play BBs and CVs on here, back when you played BBs anyway XD

  5. You could use the smoke to get closer to DDs which would otherwise outspot you

    • Sure, but that’s really visible to the DD and you can’t spot anything during your smoke duration.

    • Yes but if you lure them to fire then pop your smoke and juke around they will still be spotted for at least the minimum duration of the penalty and that should give you enough time to pop them for a lot of damage. Just makes spotting revenge torpedoes hard. If there were a way to ditch smoke before the end of the timer that might be worth it. Also, have you tried smoke module to increase action time so that the smoke puffs allow you to retreat after an insertion?


    This ties with ” BRANLE-BAS D’COMBAT” for the most inimidating starting “message”…

  7. Gareth Fairclough

    That moment. THAT moment.
    Citadelled a Kremilin…with destroyer guns…using SAP… from 10km.

    What calibre guns does the Paolo have, by the way?

    Then again, I recall getting a citadel hit (and detonation) on a bow in Yamato back in the day, from 15km….in my Pensacola. (that was back in the days of +3 matchmaking).

    I guess your SAP shell went in through a tiny gap in the armour, or something? It was coming in essentially vertical, so my guess is that it hit the most thinly armoured part of the deck pretty much straight down, minimizing the amount of penetration needed to go through.

    • @Aerroon it’s likely more an issue with the armor hitboxes. There’s probably a small gap in between the deck sections which are modeled incorrectly

    • This DD has 560mm Guns so he could citadel a Kremlin at 10km – wow 🙂 – would this the normal T10-DD or a Premium-DD for Steel or Free-Exp or Coal?

    • Isn’t it just a citadel through the funnel? I’ve had countless of them happen when playing rainbow tier gun arcs DDs.

    • @Ross Malefactor that’s actually possible too. Highly unlikely, but possible

    • Gareth Fairclough

      Could have been, but I thought the shells went in somewhere behind the smoke stacks.


      I just checked the footage and it does seem like all the shells hit behind the smoke stacks. The one which I think got the citadel hit seems to have hit the aft rangefinder.

  8. I don’t get how you have less attention and viewers than people like flamu or notser
    Your content is more consistent and you show the newer ships sooner

    • I agree, I think it’s because he took a long (~6 month) break from creating content and that lost him some of his viewers. I hope he continues to grow.

    • I would say that consistency is probably my biggest problem – I’ve taken several looooong breaks, where I just dropped off randomly. It’s the story of my life – pretty much whatever I do ends up being this way. It seems I’ve got my stuff together now, so I’ll try to not fall into that trap this time. But thank you man, I really appreciate it!

    • I started watching Notser, Flamu and Aerroon around the same time. That would be the time when I started playing WoWs. Now, I stopped watching Notser and Flamu, but I am still here watching Aerroon. Why? Aerroon is more entertaining, and less whining/complaining.

    • @ザム Agreed totally.

  9. Damn Aerroon
    On point with the content!! So many uploads!! The effort hasn not gone unnoticed!! Thank you!

  10. I used to watch Notser Flamu and Flambass for new ships first… but i have to say: i really love your videos!! Very honest and you don’t claim to be perfect! Thanks for ur content!!!

  11. Hey finally a T10 DD with less alpha on its torps then the Z 52 while having the same low number for a broadside.

  12. I can imagine the full speed smoke can be very useful in CW to get cruisers into aggressive positions, but the 7km spotting is a downside when you are going to spot. It doesn’t seem like it would be that useful for randoms tbh.

  13. The Italian invasion of Abyssinia (Ethiopia then) hit the Italian economy really hard.
    The successor to the Littorio (Roma) class battleship was put in the icebox. (design UP41 possibly Tier 9)
    Paolo Emilio’s design was an attempet to merge Destroyer and Cruiser into one ship just to save cost.
    Even building light cruisers was deemed too expensive.
    And despite the depleted economy, Mussolini thought it was a good Idea to declare war against Britain (idiot).
    Also Paolo Emilio’s design ended up inspiring Khabarovsk.

    • Neutron Alchemist

      The Capitani Romani class was simply an answer to the Mogador and Le Fantasque class. You don’t lay out 12 light cruisers / heravy destroyers (11 in a single month between sept and oct 1939) if you have budget problems (while at the same time building four battleships and rebuilding two).

  14. I feel like this ship wants to be a brawler, rush cap and force dd engagements

  15. nozoup showed this dd can’t get dmg by a minotaur in front

  16. Thx Aerroon for showing us the ITA Cruiser + DD…nice Info´s…good job !

  17. this ship is a new line or research bureau? I don’t have so many T10 lines QAQ

  18. these guns are soo op, i have the same damage, when i do 160 he hits with my hindenburg

  19. Fast ship but not a fire starter with long range but slow, soft torpedoes…
    Sounds like my Tier VI Duca d’Aosta to me.

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