World of Warships: Paolo Emilio – You Yolo Only Thrice

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How many times can you yolo in one game in the Paolo Emilio? I managed to yolo three times!

0:00 Game
7:08 End Screen
7:50 Port – Commander Skills & Upgrades

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Italian destroyer Paolo Emilio on the map Shatter.


  1. Am i first?

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I hope WG delivers the ITA BBs as fast as YOLO Emilio lol

  3. Ive noticed in alot of your videos your opposition is crap, like this one. The enemy DD’s were nowhere to be found. We on the other hand usually run into fierce opposition. Lets see some vids showing same DD with good enemy players. We will learn better that way.

    • Would you show plays where you screw up? Dont think so. Besides, he is showing content he wants. For educational purpose just listen, he is describing his thought process very well.

    • aha, on this map, stealthy cruisers or utility cruisers or DDs with high detect go mid. while stealthy ones go on flank and do their thing. so, it is not ordinary to see 2 DDs near C cap. And yeah, he runs into fierce opposition in like 99 of 100 games, but he finds right timing and conditions for execution unlike many noobs like u who think YOLO all the fucking time and get the averages down

    • Well, one thing you got to understand is that part of my positioning is what allows me to have matches like this. Once you get past the positions the enemies expect you to be at you can surprise them quite a lot. But if you want better opposition in matches then watch my ranked games. Those tend to have much much better players in them.

    • There’s that little thing we call “make them look bad”. And Aerroon, I believe, plays a lot on the Russian server. ’nuff said.

  4. that yolo rush on soyuz was v dumb when you had smoke still….

    • He wasn’t paying attention. There’s a difference between that and being dumb (although the results are often the same).

  5. I couldn’t decide for weeks between getting the Ohio or the Colbert. Your Colbert vids were the point my opinion changed Aerroon.

    I just wanted to say thanks for changing my mind and helping me make the right choice. It’s a lot of RP to spend and your video’s really helped me make a more informed decision.

      Pick Ohio. Ohio is good. She’s really good. Colbert is a meme. A fun meme for me, but nevertheless a meme. Ohio is good.

    • if im ever researching 5 whole techtrees, im picking colbert. i’ve always wanted to HE spam the shit out of everything and hunt destroyers down like a minotaur… bb’s are not my strong point even tho my first and only tier x is the kurfurst

    • @Aerroon I have loads of ships similar or kind of to Ohio. All the KM BB’s, Georgia, Thunderer, Musashi. I have Atlanta and love her. Kleber, Khaba, Henri are fun for me too. That was the deciding factor for me. It’s something a little bit different AND it’s fun. I wasn’t sure how fun until i saw you Meme’ing in her.

      I’ve already got the Colbert. Don’t worry Aerrooon, it was the right choice. That’s why i thanked you. She’s hilarious and i’m VERY happy with the choice.

      I have 20k RP left so now just have to decide my next pick between the Ohio or this new Meme Machine xD

    • @Muhat SY I replied in a little more detail to Aerroon but i picked the Colbert. I have a lot of other BB’s (most in fact) and she is something a little bit different.

      The Slava goes against my playstyle as an aggressive player so it wasn’t a factor for me.

      Whichever you pick, i hope you enjoy it as much as i have been the Colbert 🙂

  6. Could you make a video about CV hunting in the Paolo Emilio?
    I know that normaly you should hunt CVs in a DD because of their secondearis, but sinces the Paolo Emilio is so fast and gets egnine exhaust smoke it may be possible to get very close to a CV without taking too much damage.

    • I don’t think you should hunt CVs in anything. It’s super risky and takes a lot of time.

    • HardworkingSlacker

      Rule of Thumb:
      If he is dumb enough to get close, kill him. I would almost argue even to kill him when it means that you have to trade your ship for it.
      Against any decent CV player I would recommend to to not hunt him down since they are fast, will probably kill you first and as Aerron stated, it will take the the entire match to get them.
      I would try to sail as sneakily as I can to delete those unsuspecting BBs so fast that they cannot even react in a timely manner.

  7. Wow the water and sun got a nice make over…game looking great 😉

  8. 2:07 perfection.

  9. Clearly I need this ship.

    • @Teun W damn

    • HardworkingSlacker

      @SuperMikester77 It is released in Research Bureau for 43,000 RP. Took me almost 1.3 Million Free XP (which I conveniently had to spare) to gather enough research Points (resetting a line twice to get 30k + the initial bonus of 10k + some monthly missions).

    • As a pasta boi, I got no resistant from ITA ship, and tbh they all look good and quite strong for their playstyle, still wasting the RB reset, damnn..the regrind process is so painful

    • No you don’t. You need to play like Aerron. He does this in every ship, you know.

  10. I wonder how long it will take battleships to figure out you shouldn’t try to blindfire at the rapidly-approaching smoke. That keeps happening in my PE games and it always seals their fate – even moreso than this hilariously goofy ship would otherwise do.

  11. I remember that scene from Keanu Reeves movie Constantine, where he asked Lucifer to remove isabel’s soul in hell in exchange for his soul. Lucifer rolled his eyes up rather demonically and then said “done!”.

    Its like Yolo Emilio, you asked Emilio to kill this or that ship and it’d be like: Already done. Lol

  12. So would you say Paolo Emilo is worth getting over the other ships in the research bureau and is she even worth using FXP to get maybe?

    • HardworkingSlacker

      I got her using ~1.3 Million Free XP (resetting shima twice -> 30k RP + Initial 10k RP Award + Monthly Missions) and since I already have all the tier IX Freemium ships I could want I think she was worth it.
      The Paolo has a very one-dimensional strength which makes her incredibly exploitable for enemies that know what they are doing.
      I mean, she has 3 Gimmicks at once for a DD:
      – SAP instead of AP
      – Short Duration Speed Boost which boosts its maximum Speed to 57 knots with the Signal equipped.
      – Exhaust Smoke Generator
      To get these Gimmicks, she trades concealment, workable Torpedoes (she can’t stealth torp by a margin of 1.1km) and Main Gun Firepower and so much of it that she will be spotted from the moon and won’t win any one on one gunfights with her fellow tier IXs except for Yugumo.
      So basically, she is DD fodder while being one herself meaning she is a very team reliant opportunist since she can hurt other Destroyers (and Cruisers) with big SAP Alpha Strikes (4k-6k per Salvo isn’t uncommon).
      Also, the Paolo struggles to rush anything equipped with Torpedos or hydro/radar for obvious reasons (although the former is a little worse than the latter usually yet it is doable).

      So you have a choice between a honestly rather weak and very Gimmick reliant (but absurdly hilarious) ship or an (imo) very boring looking Ship like the Colbert or Slava or very strong looking variants of other ships like the Siegfried and especially the Ohio.

      If you want to have a meme ship that is stupid fun but weak and sometimes frustrating -> Go for the Emilio
      If you want something to chill -> Go for the Slava
      If you like to make Islands your Waifu -> Go for the Colbert
      If you like consistent Ships -> Go for the Siegfried/Ohio

      All in all, the Paolo Emilio is a very refreshing Experience for the random madness these days. I also cant wait to rush those poor Submarines daring to get close enough.
      So yes, for Randoms she is worth it even over the other ships in my opinion!

  13. you you only live once only thrice

  14. First part when the smoke starts play the beginning of Ghostbusters then when u get spotted play Jaws.

  15. Артём Шепелев

    Playerbase: “At lower tiers there is high chance to be yoloed by a DD who doesn’t know what they are doing”. Yolo Emilio: “You know, I’m something of a low tier myself”

  16. Man you’re really making it hard to save my previous rp for the BBs.

    Btw do you have z35 on any account? I’d like to hear your opinion on it

  17. Fun game and very interesting. Not my cup of tea though…..I like CR’s and BB’s.

  18. I am already regrinding my last line I needed for this ship

  19. >131k at 6 minutes

    I hope you mean the old RTS carriers, cause there’s no way in hell you can get that with the new ones. Unless you get like 2 detonations on BBs.

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