World of Warships – Paradox of WoWS

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I had a game with my DM where I died after 6:25min and still ended up 400 base exp over the 2nd best in my team…it was a full 20 min game.

I was a bit triggered and I started talking about the problem in WoWS which WG created for us.

It’s a rant but it absolutely makes sense and it’s true. Awesome match in the background btw 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Yeey im the 4th , i was really in this game for 4 to 5 years long but since the first Cv rework last year lost my passion into it. But i still love watching your video’s

  2. “I’ve seen ppl in hi tier game never even played a certain map before”

    *Me with 2k games when i got my 1st ocean map*
    “Yeah, dude”

  3. One of the problems is the MM. Yes, skill based MM is not going to happen, but at least split the potatoes evenly in the teams. That why in most of the games you don’t learn anything… 1 team get 12 players over 50% win rate and the other has 10 under 45% …. guess how long such a game lasts…
    PS: last night i had a teammate with 117 games in KGV and had a 23.8% win rate… How is that even possible ?

    • 3 games In my Hindenburg (finally got it last night) 0% win rate but averaging 120k damage and have sunk a total of 6 ships. Maybe I’ll get a win tomorrow lol.

    • We all know WR doesn’t give us the whole story on player capacity. Some people might suck in their first 6000 games then suddenly click and begin winning. Maybe MM should be based on a player’s last 200 games?

    • I agree I have the hood and the vanguard and it seems such a hard game with some of the British battleships due to shit shell dispersion and poor AP damage compared to equivalent ships in there tiers. Those ships deffo needs there AP and dispersion sorted.

    • @The renaissance man This was actually 904 battles in the gearing alone. Account overall battles was something like 17700 battles with an overall 40% WR

    • The renaissance man

      @S K _550 lolol awesome stats

  4. Yeah i mean its super triggering, sailing into position in a tier x game and before you even get there you’ve lost 3 ships. And I don’t even mean like dd knife fights in the cap. I mean two tier x BB and one cruiser dead in the first 3-5min. I had a tier x game recently where we killed the entire enemy team without losing a single ship. Like how in the f,ck do you let that happen at tier x?

  5. 5:20 The everyday struggles…

  6. This should have been titled “They don’t know”

  7. I gave up the grind, everytime i take out a tier 8 i end up in a tier 10 fight. Felt too much like hard work. So now i am back playing tier 5,6 & 7 and having fun and enjoying the game again.

    • Same here, it’s nice to not be in the realm of mega-death Tier 10 ships XD Though I also enjoy those tiers and below a great deal because of the historic ships, the ones that actually exist and some that didn’t but were really close to being built (IE Gneisenau with 15 inch guns, Normandie, Hill, etc)

    • I like playing the mogami and being in Teir X matches so i can humiliate Teir X ships with the lowely mogami…

    • Regrinding lines for research bureau points was surprisingly fun. Going back through the low tier ships also helped me get better at my high tier games. Flambass is right about getting T10s too fast, and not knowing how to actually play these T10s. Hence WG’s response of bringing out ships like the Smolensk for unskilled players to compete against veterans. The problem comes when the vets use ships like the Smolensk. And the game gets really dirty.

  8. “If you still are in that phase, you are in high-tier too soon”
    *cries in having almost 4 tier 10 ships and a boatload of t8 ships but still being in that phase* T_T

    • Frozenstein or winning when red never had a chance as well. The most snowballed matches I’ve played in a day was 50 or something like that. I stopped trying to count and very nearly stopped playing for the rest of the day if I wasn’t so damn interested in getting a 19pt cpt to grind elite exp.

    • @Elf Loved
      Yeah that can be disappointing too. 10- mins runs where you didn’t get to do almost anything.

    • Uninstall ?

    • @Frozenstein Actually mate, it’s people like you that are making the game so toxic. Being good at the game isn’t going to get you laid, isn’t going to get you a pay raise, isn’t going to feed your family etc,etc. It’s a game. People enjoy it for different reasons. Some for competitive play and some simply for fun. The game is supposedly team based but very rarely is there more than a couple of players that will play as a team in randoms unless in a division.

      Ranked is “rank!” and randoms are basically that … random. 23 other people playing the game their own way with no care in the world how YOU think it should be played. Clan Battles should be the competitive mode people want but as you rightly pointed out, isn’t the easiest of modes to get people active in. It’s not helped by the fact that it is at Tier 10. Many of the activities are at tier 10. People want to experience these activities so push to reach tier 10. Also, perhaps if WG allowed for more players in a clan or made Clan Battles tier 7 for a season it may be easier to fill a team for CB. I’m sure if you look hard enough you can find an active clan and have all the competitive fun you want. I do enjoy CB the most and am lucky to be part of an active clan. I’ll wish you luck in finding an active clan but please quit wailing on the random guys. Without them the game wont exist as the player base will drop off.

  9. This is so fascinating to watch: I can’t play and talk, I just loose focus on the game. Flambass talks coherently, plays an almost perfect game (I see a few mistakes – but that could also be me being a worse player than he is and not seeing his rationale. e.g. I would have smoked up and shot the Kremlin with the Kurfürst). I am in awe!

    • Yes I agree his level of play is literally God like compared to the rest of us.

    • I believe his rationale for not shooting the Kremlin was two things. First, he could only get any damage in with superstructure shots and fires, as the Krem armor is stupid. Second, the torp reload is so fast with Benham that you really want to always be shooting torps, and sitting in smoke would have cost him a salvo or two. He also hadn’t been spotted in a while at that point, so he could also have been hoping to keep his location unknown.

    • And this is not his first language

    • Not really a hard game by the looks of it, just stealth torping everything.

  10. Flambass, first, I am a fan of your content and appreciate the effort you put into it. I agree with the problem you present here.

    But, you have 55k subs on YT and I’m assuming similar numbers on twitch. Which means that your influence can have a significant impact on the player base.

    You can’t teach players everything, but you can outline the general thinking and approach to classes, maps, situations and so on.

    For example, It took me more than 1k games which I had 2 t10 ships and many high tier battles to understand the general paradigm of playing BBs. And I’m still learning.for example, In these 1k games, I went from being terrified of torps (shimakazes lol) to rarely being torpedoed, and if I currently do, I eat one, maybe .

    The process is slow because I have to observe yours, and other ccs, game play and deduct your decision making process through guess work. That problem is compounded by my lack of the relevant information that will enable be to connect the dots and extract the right information from your gameplay.

    To put it simply, I lacked the information that allows me understand the “Why” part of other players games.

    Now I am at more than 2.5K games and the information gathered from these games is increasing my ability to observe and extract relevant information from others.

    To conclude, the point is that whatever information you, and others provide, will be helpful to other players in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

    • Renzuningen - Lensman

      Very well put. I haven’t reached t10 yet but in lower teir games you sometimes don’t learn much. ie using a t4 BB all you may learn match after match is “I can’t fight CV’s or stop them killing me”

    • @Renzuningen – Lensman That’s also a something I missed, as you said, lower tiers teach much less than higher ones. I really benefited from t10 games, it was a struggle at first, but now I can’t enjoy lower tiers.

    • Unfortunately, with this video the main thing he’s teaching is how to complain about your teammates.

    • There are so many potatoes that are immune to learning you wouldn´t believe and telling them to L2P results in a report…

    • @Jim Rinkenberger Troll

  11. Re-Class Battleship

    Have you played matches in T3 or T4 boats recently? The CV rework has basically ensured that anyone playing those tiers sees CVs basically every single game. 2 CVs per side is pretty common and even triple CV games do happen far too regularly. And most of these CVs are dedicated sealclubbers with hundreds or even thousands of games in T4 CVs.

    This environment leads to new players basically noping out and getting driven from the game. Which is understandable, if you’re in your St Louis and see three TB squads homing in on you, you might as well exit to port, the sky cancer will kill you. GG no counterplay.

    A second problem, from WGs perspective, was the fact that even with forcing T10 on us for Ranked, CB and most competitions, it takes people a long time to get to T10 and people are quite upset about having to play T10. Because it was hard to get there. I for one would welcome a T6 Arms Race Ranked season for example.

    Either way, WG saw that people are getting driven from the game in low tiers and T10 content being difficult to achieve so their choice instead of fixing low tier issues they introduced was to make it far easier to speed up the grind. And now we’re here. We have tons of endgame content, but thanks to WG opening the flood gates on XP, endgame content is easily achievable. Put on lots of XP flags, use Type 59 or one of those awesome asiatic camos, have Warships premium and just derp around randomly in a T5 boat. If you do even remotely well, I can almost guarantee you 10k XP on a win. Thats 3-4 wins to grind through a T5 boat. 7 wins for a T6. Fully decked out with flags, camo and premium time and the slightest idea what you’re doing, I wouldn’t be surprised if a dedicated grinder couldn’t reach let’s say Shimakaze within 24 hours of grinding.

    Ultimately, WG is fully to blame for the current state of the game. They don’t ensure that low tiers are actually enjoyable to play and they want people to get to T10 as quick as possible. Which leads to people who really shouldn’t be playing high tier battles derping around in high tier battles.

  12. When you see a person with a Puerto Rico with less than 100 games in total just sums things up as to how easy it is to get top tier ships now. ??

  13. Talks about enjoying the game while dropping a toxic number of torps on BBs lol.

    • Blair Crowding With 10km range and plenty radar ships possible in random. How dare he is! Can we see your hammertime Benham stats and complete them with your BB stats? Could it be possible that your BB deals more damage, can tank more damage etc? But Benham is soooo OP and toxic!

  14. Everything you say is true, but it has been true for 3 years; it is just accelerating. We have all gone through these stages that were here in the beginning, but the game then and now is very different and is in every way worse. I left midway through my second year, took off 8 months and came back until the carrier re-work destroyed tier 3 through 5 play with 3v3 CV matches crushing all of the non-AA ships. New players had three choices, deal with it – few did; buy their way to the mid tier – some did or quit – most did. It has been a year since the carrier re-work and you are seeing just how bad it has made things at the upper tiers because all of the learning that should be happening at the lower tiers is skipped because that range is toxic to learning now.

    None of this will change because WG does not see this set up as a problem. You can either talk to a brick wall, live with it or quit. All of us face that choice and more and more of us just say to hell with it. I watch these videos because I am entertained by you, but I will never log back into this game because WG will never make it worth my time.

  15. As I said before: WoW is fun once it’s uninstalled. Watching the good players has made my life better rather than playing (and grinding).

  16. Flambass: “ how do you prevent this from happening…”
    Meanwhile in the game: *torps the enemy dd*
    At 5:30

  17. I had an almost similar experience in a tier 5-6 standard battle without CV’s on the NA server a week ago. My entire team went right side except for me (Izmail) and a Pensacola. The only DD we had on our team was complaining all game long in chat that we weren’t joining their lemming train. Pepsi got whacked fast and I held off most of the enemies, resetting the cap enough times while our lemming train capped their base and we won. Result screen showed I had almost twice as much XP as no. 2.

  18. I can relate. I bought the Thunderer yesterday, and know what? My 1st four games with it, and in all of them half of my team died during the first 5 minutes. I ended up being on top of my team those 4 games, but of course we lost them all.
    It just feels that I need to carry my team every damn game. And I’m just an above average player!

  19. I’m really getting NavyField flashbacks. that game was run in the ground by greedy and stupid publishers as well. same with bad balance, OP premiums and general rip-offs.

  20. The issue is that you assume that every player is aiming to improve and cares about skill, this is NOT the case at all. This game has a casual playerbase of 65-70% consisting of people that just want to enjoy the visuals and shoot other ships. Many of them are 40+ years and older people that served on those ships many years ago or had parents that did or like them because of movies.

    We have a bunch of 65+ year olds in our clan and all they do is drive in the general direction of the enemy without looking at cocealment and shoot them and launch torps regardless if the enemy is in range and if they kill something they go “yay!” and when they get oneshot blapped they go “oh darn they got me”. And they do this since the game came out without improvement because they dont even understand the concept of feeling good because you are skilled at a game. You hear wifes and family in the background, they leave the pc midgame to get a coffee or feed the dog and have no flags and sometimes no camo, they could not care less about the competitive aspect of the game and im not even sure if they understand it.

    All the people that you see in streams, forums here on youtube that are “visible”, are all from the 30% competitive part of the community. Thats why in every random battle you have 3-6 guys that are decent at the game and the other 3/4 is really bad at the game. Sure they might be competitive people that buyed themselves into tier 10, but those usually learn very fast anyway due to their competitive nature. I feel like the game needs game modes that do not play around caps like arms race or a plain team death match where the competitive players will have more possibilities to carry the mistakes of the casual playerbase rather then increasing grind times to tier 10.

    • This comment deserves way more visibility.
      Assuming everyone else is or even should be approaching the game the same way that you do is silly. It’s important to keep in mind that as long as a game doesn’t prevent it, everything is a valid player behavior and no one has to play the game the way any one player would like them to.

    • Actually, he didn’t assume. He made some pointed statements about the grind and how easy it is to be in high tiers without a clue. All very clear points, and obvious to those who have been around for 3 or 4 years and even longer in WoT beforehand…

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