World of Warships Paragon System – I Stand With You, The Community

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I want to make my self has explicit as I can regarding the World of Warships Paragon System. I stand with you, the community in regards to this idea. I am against any system that can be construed as pay to win or provides an advantage to a ship against the exact same ship based upon certain attributes. There are already things out there that are a grey area. This takes it too far. I understand WG is already changing things up, but I worry its not enough.


  1. Paragon/NTC was purely about generating cash, maximise the grind, maximise the will to pay to avoid the grind.

    • kein ding yo

      no, i dont think so, and i am the first one to call wg out on their bs normally.

      it was about populating the lower tiers/insentivising lower tier play and giving those who have done everything something to do, as wg cant keep up with releasing new lines.

    • @kein ding yo well that may have been their original plan, but the reality is that ppl would have used real money to FXP and power through the grind or make it less grindy — essentially pay-to-skip, which already happens with regular grinding over some ships that players may hate (ie. Pensacola… oh how I hate you). That’s just human nature, especially for casual players not able to full grind from 1 through 10 in a “season” which they said would only last a few months (though still very vague at best) at a time. Over time, the players able to full grind in a season will have a distinct tactical advantage over others who don’t, and at lower levels you will be steamrolling new players just getting into the game.

      This would take seal clubbing to a whole new level, as it forced everyone to slog through the lower/mid levels once more. I can see player retention dropping if new players run into clearly superior ships, let alone superior captains with access to higher skills. Even iChase and Flambass were quick to point this out but their concerns about seal clubbing and the economy for casuals to actually do the grinding seemed to fall on deaf ears from what I saw in the summit videos.

    • kein ding yo

      @azraelswrd yes, i agree to everything you said. but i dont think their intention of this system was to make money

  2. Let’s put a couple things together here: as you said the prestige system should only be for cosmetics, you like the idea of being able to mount any camo on your ship as a perma camo with the same modifiers as the normal perma camo. Go through the line again and get a certain amount of camos to mount permanently on your ship. Do it again for the premiums of that class. And do it a third time for the rest of the camos

    • yes. cosmetic without any unfair advantage!

      they just need to remove the unfair advantage and instead add comfort or income boosts, like making the ships behave like premiums…all commanders of that nation can be used.
      add extreme income boosts to make them even more attractive!
      maybe even make the ships available even while still in battle…because u actually have 2 of them now 😛
      they can allow us to have 2 versions of the same ship, like with another captain build and upgrade/flag/camo loadout for the same ship, that is instantly swapped for CW or randoms.
      this is something that experienced competitive players would actually enjoy, and it WONT harm other players!
      they can also add cool new camoflages with great bonuses, add special icon to these “elite” ships, maybe even customizable camos and icons so you STAND OUT among your team as a very experienced player…if u want. many players would want to have those, but they dont HAVE to have those.
      they can even add a mechanic where playing high tier ELITE ships (like lvl 2 grinded ships) allows u to earn valuable resources like gold/coal/steel by just playing. like u can earn some from winning while being on top of the team (even a tiny amount) so you have another significant incentive to keep playing! for example they can allow u to earn a bit of gold this way, and maybe increase the amount u earn…THE LESS GOLD U HAVE! this way they can also ADD an incentive to SPEND the gold u have!! i think many players would support this as it DOESNT harm other players in any way.
      these are all nice to have bonuses that WONT affect other players in a negative way!!

  3. Spent a lot of time and money on this game that I love but if this is brought in then I will not hesitate to uninstall this game from my PC, it’s just WG all going out having a bottle of vodka each with possibly massive amounts of drugs and then comes out with this idea. WG go to rehab and have a long think about some of the crazy shit your putting out please.

  4. Thnx for siding with us Soup. Let’s take down NTC together!!

    • i like what they want to do, but of corse there are the usual cry babyes pssys ppl that live with theyr mothers. nobody cares about u loosers

  5. o7 Zoup, I stand with you too 🙂

  6. flambass just released a vid about a wg survey on this, fill yours out right now

  7. Glad to know that you’re on our side. NO NTC


    Thanks for being on our side Zoup. For me, the main problem is that there is no upgrade, no nothing that could pay the price of a new line. Btw, when i got my Bayern, i only used Free XP to get the B-hull, beacuse it was just after the CV-rework, so No AA=suicide, but i grinded through all the other modules and all the way to the Gneisenau (which i have) with no premium consumables and no upgrades, just the ship as it was (i had Azur Lane Admiral Hipper on it, now she’s on my Gneisenau) and i only had just a few days of Premium Accout due to the daily shipments or containers. But that was enjoyable, even with no premium stuff except the premium account time.
    Hopefully it doesn’t make it into reality.

  9. There are so many real life ships that could be added to the game, that are of the same class as what is already in the game.
    Why not give an option of a “Namesake” ship that was in the class that was re done. It doesn’t have to be a prem ship or a re searchable ship, maybe somewhere in between, but give you what ever permanent cosmetics you wish (historic theaters of war said ship was involved in)

    • i would love it if the tech tree ships were the class name and they released the named hulls with something that tied to what it did in war.

  10. can we all just agree there are ships nobody wants to use and the free xp is a nice way not to have to grind throught them

  11. Glad to see you’re coming out unequivocally against ship buffs within the prestige system

  12. Malgus Kerensky

    Glad to hear the clarification and thank you. If members of the WoWS community haven’t already, they should be hitting their respective forums and posting their opinion of the NTC.

  13. if reward from regrind is too small, no one gonna bother doing it.
    if reward from regrind is too great, balance WILL broke and it’e no longer optional but a must to keep player remains competitive.

  14. Wargaming ?? wake up??

  15. We won. WG gave up. They gonna withdraw the idea of ship buffs, Crysantos confirmed it.

  16. Just let me know if you ever run for President. I can’t vote cos I don’t live in the states but I’ll be your PR guy in Gibraltar 🙂

  17. I’m not about to sell/scrap entire lines and regrind them. If they want to offer some rewards (like another ship) for going back and playing my low and mid-tier ships again…fine. A new mode/battle/campaign for the low and mid-tiers…great! Scrap ’em all and re-grind? Ain’t happ’nin…

  18. Its ok we were all celebrating our “Birthday” with you!

    I forgive you

  19. NTC will end WoW… it really needs to not happen.

  20. Just add a legendary module for every ship 6 and up. I love my Aoba! Amazing teir 6, would love to have something to grind the ship I play alot. Reward players who play their favorite ships.

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