World of Warships – Part 1 – I’m the Captain Now

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  1. Waiting for stranded deep?

  2. As a PC World of Warships player since BETA, this is a blessing

  3. Had to check this out, seems like it has potential!

  4. Sheldon Cooper SDG

    This is really good but I’m loving stranded deep and F1 so I’m hoping they will come on today
    Edit: thanks so much for the ❤️ Trev. I’m guessing this means we get more F1 and stranded deep today!??

  5. Dude you could play some vr that would be awesome!! Thanks ☺

  6. Man Trev I lOVE your other content but WHERE IS STRANDED DEEP!!!!!

  7. I feel like we’re avoiding F1 at this point

  8. The one the only Trevor Martin know for his sooper cooper sundays and playing 1 billion game series at once.

  9. Boi oh Boi you gonna love war thunder it has planes ships and tanks

    • He has to try WoT first bc War Thunder might be too realistic for him. But hopefully he does try it out

    • I play war thunder. In fact ( trying not to be bragging about it ) I took down 8 enemy down in a single match, and I’m extremely good at aiming the cockpit. To take them down quicker, if my pilot is dying then I will rammed them to take them down with me. Like a Boss.

    • That will be too much grind for him. i have played war thunder for 3 years and still not even have tier 6.

  10. Play more of this game it’s so fun watching you play this game. ?

  11. TurtleTheSquirtle

    On pc it has more ships, commanders and more other things. Cant wait for more video’s on World Of Warships!

  12. __ToastedCalamari__ __

    I would Recommend WorldOfTanks if you want some actual fun, The Blitz Version For both games are fun on mobile. But the Down side is that There are lots of Toxic people though…

  13. We need more stranded deep but also this game looks pretty fun so I wouldn’t mind if you decided to turn this game into a series too

  14. Fire at where the ship meets the water. You can hit their citadel which does max damage. Like at 11:23

  15. Megabloks_Gaming 1123

    I am a WW2 buff trev this game is realistic to a point.

  16. I hope you continue this series this game is really fun. You should try war thunder too

  17. How do you manage to get 3 vids a day trevor?!

  18. Play it on pc. It has loads more ships. Also try the Japanese destroyers. Once you get to mid to high teirs they are amazing fun to play.

  19. This game looks really fun I’d love you to turn this into a series? But there are a lot of people including me who would love you to play more stranded deep. Keep up the good work?
    Good luck to get to 4 mill!!!

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