World of Warships- Passive Teams

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A bit of a rant/babble about the current state of most tier x games/teams

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  1. Nothing more fun, than having 5 tier 10 BB’s berating you for going forward, and telling you it’s your fault, when you’re in a Kagero and get radar’d for half a match.

    • I play bbs and when i charge in my teams cruisers start running and its basically a suicide mission

    • @Elder Lich For me it goes the other way around. I play cruisers, go in and BBs do some map border sniping.

    • Teamwork really seems to be work in WoWs.

    • yep, playing dd is a painful experience for average player imho when your team doesn’t support you, especially if you try to cap or drag cap in the 1st 5min, if you re unlucky to have radar ship on the enemy team who know what they were doing, you probably get deleted in the first 5min and achieve nothing, or successfully delete an enemy dd or cap a zone but with only 2-30% health left

    • @不死原飴羽 yeah but caps aren’t fully important so quick. Try using cover or baiting them to use radar by staying at range early. People want to pop it early to get the quick kill so sit back at range, taunting but always play the situation as best as possible. Lots going on all the time

  2. Honestly been playing for over 4 years. It’s never been worse. Just don’t enjoy the game anymore

    • Shane Brammer don’t you miss being able to ride up the smoke line of a team mate DD in your BB and popping out 8-6km away from the enemy like “Surpise MF!”

      Really miss my old Gneisenau games

    • Yeah, me2

    • Absolutely Jay. The issue is the game has become defensive rather than offensive. I also remember popping out of smoke and having a wall of torps waiting for me or a BB with guns pointing straight at my exposed broadside…. great times.
      These days we’ve got campers, daka Daka ships, HE smelters and super passive play (I’m on Asian server)
      Radar is way too strong but no-one cares. Russian biased radar 11.3km range? Get the fuck out a here with that.
      It’s not all bad, some great new stuff, but WG has created this game style and it’s too late

  3. Honestly, I suck. That means that when I get spotted first, I die in like 30 seconds. I am a cruiser main and I play mostly British and Japanese cruisers (plus lately American – just unlocked Buffalo). With the current meta and half of the teams consisting of HE spammers, nobody is going to rush forward. That’s why having one or two good players on the team means such a HUGE difference.
    So yeah. I’m going to wait in the back until I know how the battle unfolds.

  4. Come play on the Asia server, we will teach you about passive gameplay

  5. Faily easy… it is in WG’s interest to change the meta. Going from midrange, to longrange, to CQ, to whatever… it requires different ships, requires different captain specs etc… dubloons!

  6. I agree with a all of the points you made in this video. Passive teams are the worst, so many games nowadays either hardly last 10-12 minutes before one team is wiped out, or last a full 20 minutes with neither team really doing anything, just camping and letting the points decide the victor.

    Thank god Slava/Poltava is a dead concept, there is no way to balance that thing. I hope WG doesn’t look to resurrect it. Smolensk is pure stupid, having little to no effective counters, so even the most brain-dead players can shut down an entire flank. God forbid a competent or even skilled player get their hands on that thing. Selling it for coal is also dumb, as it is fairly easy to acquire, it just requires some patience.

    Cvs are a whole different topic. I think the thing that needs to be addressed the most desperately with carrier-ship interactions is aa skills. Flak is ineffective against competent carrier players, and that accounts for most of a ships aa damage. The dps values in general range from bad to alright, but not even the most powerful aa ship can completely stop an angry cv. BFT, AFT, massive aa fire, and the aa upgrades all need massive buffs to feel worth specking. BFT is fine, but could do with a slight buff (maybe 15% extra dps instead of 10) and AFT needs to focus on range or dps, not (ineffective)long range. DFAA focuses on long range mounts, so is fairly useless, and Massive aa is completely trash and a waste of 4 points, it either needs to be removed or completely reworked, manual aa was the only good aa skill and they replaced it with a skill that doesn’t upgrade aa, it just changes it slightly.

    Even if aa gets a buff, some cvs (most tier VIII-X) have stupidly big reserves and fast plane regent time, especially if they spec for it. Even the best aa ships struggle to de-plane a cv. I can’t remember the last time I had less then half a squadron in my Lexi or midway, even after losing tons to Smolensks, DMs, Worcester, etc. A ships aa can only get worse, but cvs rarely take substantial losses, effectively becoming more powerful as the game progresses. Pair this with Smolensk (or other HE spammy ships) that can farm aa modules, and shooting planes is neigh impossible. I have a partially aa specked DM, with DFAA, and it’s useless. Cvs just learn to wait 5-7 minutes until cruisers and battleships aa is at 25-40% and then farm them. I have been easily farmed/killed by tier VIII CVs in DM and Worcester, even with active dodging, priority sector reinforcing, and DFAA.

    Overall, as much as I want to love CVs, I wonder if there is a way to balance them correctly, or if they will always be broken.

    Nice GK game, by the way. Congrats on 7k.

  7. The trouble with the high tier games is that there are to many ships with stupid rates of fire that just rain HE on anything that moves. The lower tier games are much more fun nowadays.

    • @stefanos perivolaris Hopefully WG will not have Russian subs or they will probably have tops reload down to 3 seconds and at least 8 tubes!!!!!!!

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @stigg why even bother with torps?!
      Battle starts
      *russ sub executes a nuclear missile launch wherever it wants as long as allied russian cv targets enemy ship*

    • @stefanos perivolaris Ha, Ha, so very true!!!!!

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @stigg division op comrade pure balance comrade!

    • I think low tier is more toxic on the CV side which I often get 3 CV game on both sides in tier 5-6 game and there is nothing we can do about it but just try so fucking hard to survive and the match totally depend on CV player better.

  8. Just remember it all started with the changes to the smoke mechanics

  9. Too many times lately when I’ve engaged the enemy team I’ve found that I’m the only one doing so and everyone else is hiding in the rear at max range or behind islands. Nothing more fun and engaging than finding out your entire team is hiding and you’re now targeted by 5 or 6 ships.

    • Francisco Brizard

      I’ve found myself leading one side of the map within the very first 5 min on my GK (full tier X match). BB stay back, crusiers going full speed to hide behind closest rocks, and DDs doing some pretty strange things like goin to 1-10 line, surround capture zones, moving back and forth. Only if a player does something wrong and get killed that’s the only way someone dies before me, it’s pretty boring be holding a position without engaging and the worst: 5 min left and there are full HP ships!!! And ur team is loosing at the same time.

    • Civil Defense Group

      Happens all the time. Try to push up to cap (I mostly play German bb& cruisers) and your entire friendly team is camping and you get focus fired to death.

    • I play a lot of DDs, and I push up to start capping a zone, only to look back and find that my team has barely even moved, or has moved over to another zone and has left me high and dry with no support at and they couldn’t care less. I get focus fired and destroyed and complain in chat, and all they say is that I went ahead and yolo’d and that its all my fault. This game has gone down the crapper

  10. I mostly play DD, so I’m supposed to be one of the most forward ships. The issue is WG has added so many over-effective anti-DD features to the game. I don’t want to be too far from support (CV rocket planes, way too easy to use, way too accurate, much later than my AA fit and no viable evasive maneuver unless the CV driver is total potato.) I also don;t want to push due to the increasing numbers of radars and everyone gets to use one radar ship as their fire control. Get radared, counter goes to 8 and shells arrive from all over the map, even when the radar cruiser is undetected behind an island. Then WG had introduced things where the solution would be a DD and proposes submarines, where the counter is DD.
    Smolensk – It’s a pain when you’re spotted and the napalm is raining on you, it’s an excellent DD target when it’s pinned in it’s own smoke. The answer to Smolensk should be a torpedo from a stealthed-up DD. While Smolensk should also be running hydro that leaves the Smolensk with the choice of eating a torp or moving out of smoke and being spotted.
    CV – see above. Mostly for a DD it’s the rocket planes (late WW2 and 1950s planes vs some late-1930s DDs which don’t even have their late WW2 AA fit). It’s kind-of been ‘fixed’ by the priority sector being made available all the time, but that’s trying to patch over the consequences, not addressing the problem.
    My biggest gripe as a nerfed DD driver is remote detection making ships laser-targetable by the entire red team. Radar should not give every red ship radar-laid guns, it would be far more useful for team play if it found the location of ships on mini-map so players can plot an attack, not simply reveal them for the back line. Similarly with aircraft, though an aircraft could at least report fall of shot, so can target a specific ship.
    It is just very depressing to be fighting of aircraft and trying to evade incoming BB fire at the same time. So I play cruisers more. Now WG wants to add submarines where everyone will need defense (ie DD) screens in close company.
    I rather think it will be going badly this year to.

    • I’m DD kind of lad myself, CA/CL and BB’s are just too boring for me (I only play them when I am too pissed at the constant butt reaming DD’s get) and I have zero interest in CV’s. I agree with your comment. Being a Naval Professional all my life, I would like to see radar and sonar work in the game as it does for real. I don’t care if they let it run all the time but just stop the invisible island crap, that isn’t helping anyone. I really do like your idea on mini map, as they did not have LINK back then and relied on general info over radio not centralized over the entire battlegroup instantly. Don’t get me started on the submarines with the constant pinging BS. Only the Russians did that crap until they finally learned passive is the only way, submarines are not surface ships.

  11. When you are the only t8 bb in a game with 4 other t10 bb makes me feel hopeless and I’ve stopped playing until they fix it

    • Awww man! I love this scenario. Noone has high expectations for you. Weakest BB is the strongest CA. Load HE and hang tight with the other BBs. Take some hits,start some fires,use your heals. It is all you can do..and it helps. G/L in 2020.

    • What the previous guy said and also enjoy all the bonus xp and credits.

  12. I am more and more frustrated by this thing of coward teams, especially drives me off when i have to play close to enemies in german and soviet bbs and i receive no support, i just get targeted and denolished

    • Александр Ванюков

      Honestly I feel that you are doing something wrong. Calling other people “cowards” in a video game prompts me to think this way. I see BBs rushing and dying without any purpose pretty often so maybe you behave in a similar way. Yes, you can take points using a BB but not right from the start. Don’t rush, you have to take damage but you need to do it in a way that makes healing with you repair party consumable possible.

  13. The game has gotten to a point where I have to look at the other players on my team and tell them to move because they don’t want to take damage I had 4 ships idle in A cap no one was contesting and they stayed there not helping us

  14. You’re right…….. tier 10 sucks, tier 9 isn’t any better and tier 8 is trending towards shit.
    I stick to tiers 6 and 7.

  15. HE spam, IFHE, and torpedo walls are why nobody wants to push. WG finally gave up on trying to get people to push when they buffed German BB accuracy.

  16. For me it’s one or two things that ever happen. 1: everyone lemming trains 2: everyone sits back. However, people need to think more in general. I had a game where a vlad pushed up wayyyyyyyyyy too much, and I sat back in my Iowa. Could I have pushed farther, yes technically, but it wouldn’t have been smart, and I wasn’t playing passive. Anyways, this dude gets rushed by a GK and an fdg. I take out 49k off the gk, and then the FDG just annihilates the vlad. The vlad then goes bonkers and says in all for everyone to report me for “sitting in the back of the map and not doing anything .” Firstly, I wasn’t the farthest back, second I had more damage than him. After he says that, I see I can’t 1v2 German bbs at 5 km so I turn away. I then find myself broadside to a previously undetected Iowa. I dev strike him with a cit, he takes 68k off of me. This guy then goes off in chat saying how bad I am and that when I finally engage I die. Luckily, no one reported me and everyone reported him, and were laughing at him, but oh my god. This game has been so toxic recently. Also, ranked 1v1 ruined the game for me. That is the most fun I’ve ever had. It’s a great fun easy way to grind t8s. Having to go back to normal is still fun, but less fun

  17. I love playing with Schors, but when I play badly I am reported by my team and when I play well (as they should be played) I am reported by both teams

  18. Agree. It’s all about money. Arms races generate profit in real life and games. Greed is ruining this once special game. Sad.

  19. Everyone tells me to get Thunderer instead of Georgia. Screw that. Get some! First team that pushes seems to win. I mainly play really aggressive DD. I play cruisers and battleships mostly the same. If you have some support, then you can be quite effective. If not, your team is mostly going to lose anyway. At least I have fun, and didn’t lose as a coward.

  20. They have to nerve Smolensk and co. to 12 km range and everything is fine

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