World of Warships – Patch 0.5.7 Preview

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  1. Where are the german battleships >:O (inner german comming out right about

  2. Jingles, what happened to why you heff to be mad?

  3. Did I read the user name correctly? Admiral Hipster? Love it!

  4. 13:59 Jingles inadvertently points out where WOWS has done a far better job
    than WOT. The differences between the tiers is NOT so massive as it is in
    WOT, and indeed tier 9 ships are ALL BUT as powerful as the tier 10s that
    proceed them. Especially being given access to all 6 possible upgrade
    module slots.

    I mean, it happens but well, incredibly rarely:

    In my Molotov, in a tier 8 match, where I was firmly bottom tier, in a ship
    with a somewhat lacking HP pool. But because the guns are so good, and
    because I know how to stay angled, and how to TRY TO avoid taking fire from
    more than one direction – I managed to sink 4 enemies and output around 90k
    damage – and landed firmly on top of both teams by a rather large margin.

    And I think back to ALL my games in my Rudy, the tier 6 medium. And while I
    did have a few GOOD games in tier 8 matches, and even ended up top on EXP
    in a couple cases, it was NOT AT ALL the same kind of experience!

    In the Rudy, tier 8 tanks are to be avoided like the plague, though the AMX
    CDC is a welcome sight as that is one of the very few tier 8 tanks Rudy can
    easily pump out lots of damage with ease using only AP against. Aside from
    that, MOST tier 8 tanks will require some amount of APCR and in many
    situations even THAT will not work!

    Whereas in WOWS, I could take my Molotov into a tier 10 match, and I could
    probably do well over 3 times my ship’s HP in damage with little issue, I
    mean I would be behind pretty much everything, but I am sure I could still
    punch WELL above my weight!

    Where in Rudy, in a tier 8 match with only 2 tier 6s, I will be lucky if I
    can double my HP in damage, and skill will only go so far when absolutely
    everything can pen you, but you have a very hard time doing damage to
    everything! WOWS is not like that, and that is one of the MAJOR design wins
    WOWS has managed!

  5. He plays on the test server without premium consumables…

  6. Actually Jingles the soviet cruisers are not that bad :D

  7. Nobody told you about the Roon stealth firing because nobody runs a Roon
    like that. You increase the rate of fire of the main guns and then max out
    your secondary batteries. You aren’t gonna hit jack at 20k and all it takes
    is a DD in the same post code to spot you while firing.

  8. 11:54 If Monseiur Jingles were PAYING ATTENTION, and learning about WOWS
    still, he would already be WELL aware of the capabilities of every ship! I
    mean, I am only to Myoko and Mahan in my main grinds, and I already know
    the capabilities of every ship in the game, because that’s what I do, I
    smoke, and know things.

    Perhaps my expectations of someone claiming to be an enthusiast about any
    given object, are too high, but Jingles, well he doesn’t know all THAT much
    about WOWS, it would seem…

  9. I wonder if they would ever add a mobile version like WOT blitz

  10. 11:35 Though, Jingles, you DO realize that the Atago goes down to about
    9.5km surface with that setup, Ibuki is right about 10km IIRC, and Zao is
    about the same. Ibuki and Zao have an even larger stealth firing ranges
    with that setup than the Roon!

    And Zao has even LOWER shell travel time than any German Cruiser. While
    Zao’s velocity is 920 meters/sec compared to fully upgraded Hipper to
    Hindenburg which have 925 meters/sec velocity.

    BUT there is a literally, MASSIVE difference: German 203’s fire 270 pound
    projectiles, the Zao, fires at 346 pound projectile, the second heaviest of
    any cruiser after the 385 pounds on the Moskva, with Des Moines being a
    close third with its AP rounds weighing 330 pounds.

  11. You should probably know that the Russian T10 cruiser Moskva is the
    cannoniest of all glass cannons in the game. Its guns have really good Rate
    of Fire, a nice, flat arc, stronk Stalinium AP, and a firebreather of an HE
    round that makes Smaug look like a wuss. Just don’t expect to make a profit
    driving it.

  12. Hey Jingles. You forgot to mention that all sets of torpedo tubes have a
    separate reload timer, which is a much needed improvement imo :)

  13. 20k range on the roon? isn’t it 17.4 or is that new with the update? hope I
    don’t missed something :)

  14. 20k range on the roon? isn’t it 17.4 or is that new with the update? hope I
    don’t missed something :)

  15. I did same thing on Zao detection 9.8, 15.8 after firing guns. And thats

  16. 11:26 Yuuup, that would probably be the reason that Flamu said, of all the
    tier 9 ships, the ones he would even consider keeping are the Roon, the
    Fletcher, and the Ibuki, in that order too, IIRC. That said, I don’t think
    he has gotten the Donskoi yet, as that ship may be a keeper as well!

  17. I wait of course, for the Bismarck and the ENGLISH- Techtree with
    Battleships like, the HOOD and more. Come on, next Patch or never…


    I am stuck at the Yorck for now, but I have a new excitement to grind the
    German cruiser line.

  19. Keavin Farrel (NaVIE)

    I’m not a fan of World of warships but its Jingles so i keep watching
    >>>Great video

  20. Hmm, I think I just found where Moskva will be strongest, in the fog and
    winds of a cyclone! Her 18km base detection will be meaningless, and her
    Radar will become god like, combined with those guns that have NO travel
    time even to 20km range, and I can see a lot of DDs going “BOOM”

  21. What? I’m using hydroacoustic all the time with my Japanese cruisers? What
    else would I use? The AA-skill for the one in four games there even is a CV
    in the game, when there are like 3-5 enemy DDs in almost every game?

  22. I guess I’ll keep annoying you with this question until I’ll get an answer.
    Would you support German pre 1935 ships having the correct flags on them in
    World of Warships? This are flags without a Svastika so they seem pretty
    unproblematic to me.

  23. They should add submarines to world of warships.

  24. Man these WoWs devs are really highlighting how the WoT guys have been
    dragging their asses with these improvements

  25. The first option in each slot is now made overwhelmingly better – as in,
    insanely good for tons of ship characteristics with no downsides (they
    remind me of the ridiculous list of epic stats of rune weapons in Diablo
    II) – while the others basically remain the same (some having only 1
    beneficial characteristic and even having a downside to choosing them. It
    makes no sense)

    Why on Earth would anyone ever choose anything else?

  26. Yessssss, i don’t need a mod to have torp reload over guns now!

  27. Ok this sucks why AA range +20% and Secondarys goes from +20% to +5%. So my
    warspite got nerved…… Thank you wargaming

  28. Still waiting for German battleships.

  29. I would like to see a mode were one player is driving the battleship and I
    am in command of his/hers secondary armament and aa guns (ofc with
    historical range qhich is like 3 times as much;) )

  30. 4:21 DAMN! Can’t fit both magazine and main battery to my Atlanta, Mahan,
    and eventually my GEARING!

    Oh well, main battery it is, with detonation flags when it really matters.
    I would imagine, that the Gearing and Atlanta for that matter, with the new
    main armament module, will likely almost NEVER lose any turrets!

  31. Watched this having my breakfast brilliant as always jingles

  32. HeyJingles, I watch all of your videos! Have down for years now. I have a
    question for you, I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing
    wrong when I play World Of Warships. I usually play Co-Op battles because I
    literally cannot win on PVP, don’t you think you could make another video
    on how not to suck at Warships?

  33. Damn i can’t even login even with another new account, why?

  34. You can see the torpedo loading window even if you are firing guns :-)

  35. 500k hype

  36. If you’re not used to the Des Moines, you’re going to struggle. However, if
    you played a lot of US DD’s before they nerfed AFT & didn’t suck at it, you
    will probably Love the Des Moines.

  37. 1k more for 500k subs

  38. Jingles found a ship he likes.. Quick! Remove it from the game

  39. Darth_sean emperors wrath

    jingles jingles jingels we carrier captains are not that we are just a bit
    loony lol great vid but you should try on the us server the arp ships they
    are awesome

  40. Patrick Grænge Hansen

    Jingles, Jingles ranked battles are back, now you no longer have to play
    with the noobs

    four battles later

    Jingles, Jingles ranked battles are back, and they are full of noobs :(

  41. now I J
    Heff to be mad, to vegin with, wheres Why you heff to be mad? and also

  42. bart van herrewegen

    can’t login to the testserver cus it seems my account from the eu does not
    exist… Yet i am logged into the eu main page on it so explain that? I can
    only make a new russian account so what is the point downloading this if i
    get the benefits on the new ru account you have to make in order to play
    this?… so no i wont

  43. Jingles you noob!! 😀 Hydro is actually pretty OP and saved me in countless
    of situations … and with the low population of carriers and high number
    of dds it’s actually preferable over the defensive fire

  44. Jingles the Des Moines didnt shoot because he wouldnt hit, it has the worst
    arcs and shell time of any cruiser

  45. Good, Now do War Thunder patch 1.59 next

  46. The reason why we German cruiser captains haven’t told you about is so that
    it does get out. We can’t have people knowing our ships are good.

  47. Hydro doesn’t seem too shabby, especially not on the Germans.

  48. Hydro is not for detecting ships; it’s for spotting metal fishes. Very
    useful for the captains with aggressive playstyle, and easier torpedobeats

  49. What port was that, if I may ask?

  50. German ships ?! you have to stand up to their awful armor to get to tier 9
    where there are making a stand for it ! or play stealthy like Jingle said!

  51. I think the Hydro ability might give someone an edge if (during the
    cyclone) it extends your view range beyond the default during a cyclone.
    Shouldn’t be too hard to implement, you might say.

  52. They totally designed spectator mode for the E-sports side of the game. At
    least it’ll look epic if they have someone competent manning the cameras

  53. Moskva is totally fair and balanced, completely incapable of citadel
    penetrating an angled Atago at 22km.

  54. an ATSF reference I see.

  55. Won’t that camera let dead team members warn others about torpedoes or some

  56. so Jingles says Cyclones just like us Aussies

  57. Whens is the royal navy going to be add in

  58. Are you going to play some Overwartch jingles?

  59. elliott van neste

    What are you doing jingles … HE in german cruizers?! High tier german
    cruizers are all about the AP theyr HE is very bad. Just compare the damage
    numbers you did in the video… he +-800 a volley while AP was more like
    2000 not counting citadel hits.

  60. Jingles, you should have given the Tier 10 American Battleship, the Iowa,
    for a go.

  61. christopher tucker

    thanks jingles.

  62. Doing anything for the *Big* 5oo Jingles?

  63. love m roon

  64. bro your the best and thank u as allways

  65. oh look at that….you sunk my battleship.

  66. Gee, thanks for bringing me back into WoWS after a 4 month hiatus, Jingles.

    Spent about half an hour downloading all the patches I missed, scratched my
    head on how to reallocate all those new and fancy captain skillpoints on my
    Kongo, started a battle… aaaaand happened to be the only tier 5 in a
    mainly tier 7 game. xD While we did lose, I managed to do nearly 100k
    damage, 5 citadels, 2 kills, top of the team by far. 2nd game, bottom tier
    again (I sense a pattern emerging… :P), won that one, again nearly 100k
    damage, 2 kills, Confederate, Just a Flesh Wound, top of the team again…
    yep, still got it o/ :D

  67. Jingles, any reason to why all your “Why you heff to be mad” videos are
    gone? that was my favorite series, right behind your WoWS and WoT videos.

  68. So Jingles, they’re selling the HMS Illustrious… You gonna buy it so you
    can play warships on your warship??

  69. hydroacoustic is pointless without there being subs in game

  70. Hell… No premium ships on test server… And that new weather changes
    ooh… Nearly kill a Hiryu with my Fuso then he disappeared…

  71. Who told him about the german cruisers?! Verräter :D

  72. I backed up to rewatch that bit about equipment modules because I got
    distracted by the background meme. It’s like a bonus 20 seconds of Jingles.

  73. oh baby maybe if you have not been derping around in your Minekazie and
    complaining like a scrub about everyone focusing you in game, you would
    have found me

  74. Hydro acoustic isn’t useless, on IJN cruisers I always use it, since they
    have pathetic AA the AA consumable is worthless, but if I want to push in
    and torp some enemy ships I can use it to detect the DDs’ torps from a good

  75. Jingles, I don’t play this game but still enjoy your videos on this game,
    can you please explain to me why hardly anybody plays British ships and all
    the ships seem to be German, Russian, American and Japanese, I find this
    strange as at this particular time in History wasn’t the British Navy the
    largest in the world, is it just the game developers don’t put British
    ships in, or is it that there in the game but are just rubbish ?

  76. where are the British

  77. The roon is what the mogami was.

  78. That spectator camera is magnificent, i want that in WoT and Warplanes too.
    And in MechWarrior Online, that would be awesome and tactically very
    helpful to guide your team after death.

  79. Will you do more Armored Warfare videos again, I love them.

  80. 910 subscribers to go heheh

  81. Hey Jingles I have some advice for you on your tirpitz. Use manual AA
    captain skill if you don’t already. It makes your 105mm flak guns do
    something in the area of 270 damage per second which=tier 8 planes and
    below basically insta-die inside AA range

  82. Im not that far ahead in the game But at that range wouldnt AP penn the

  83. I’m ngl unfair fights are boring and dirty. Probably the main reason I get
    killed so often is because I hate pulling dirty sneak attacks from an
    undetectable range. I’m the kind of person who’d purposefully give away my
    position so I can engage an enemy ship while still giving them an equal
    opportunity. Hell I even give warning fire to tell them, “oi you’re getting
    too close!” or “I’m over here!”. I’ve even told my team to cap and spare
    the lower tier enemy ships because I felt they were dicked over by the
    matchmaker and never stood a chance. That last point goes double for World
    of Tanks.

  84. So still no Royal Navy? I’m still very disappointed as I’m hanging out for
    a Leander Class so bad :c

  85. Got as far as izumo and lost all hope and only played daily doubles on a
    few ships. Might come back and give the game a go again.

  86. Tamás Kerecsényi

    I have to say after playing tons of high tier battleship games on the test
    server, the cyclone thing now heavily favors battleships against cruisers,
    cuz if you want to see and shoot anything you have to get below 8km range
    and at that range, cruisers are just food for battleships. Not that i’m
    complaining 😀 btw the soviet cruisers are indeed op 😀 especially the
    Budyonny and the Moskva, but when a Chapayev with it’s 152mm popguns can
    deal 9k dmg salvo to an amagi’s side, and can citadel a nagato from 15kms,
    you can smell the balance :DD

  87. fckn testserver never works for me -.-

  88. Mike Borggren Eilsøe Larsen

    I love your laughs!

  89. Thank you Jingles for show casing the German ships. Never really seen to
    many videos showing how good they were. Some nice plays there made by you.
    I was wondering if you know when they might be adding the United Kingdom’s
    Navy to the mix at all?

  90. i have only been playing japan battleships / cruiser and for german types
    cruisers, since that all german have for ships atm. i do love tier 5
    japanese and german cruisers for farming cash, i got within 7km range and
    hit cruiser with teir 5 geman cruiser to score 6 cit hits on one shot,
    never thought that was possible but i could send you video of that.

  91. Jingles activate the Hydro fighting the Roon! Hydro is class on german
    cruisers to spot those metal fish earlier!

  92. hey jingles, have you seen that new modern destructor zumwalt? its got a

  93. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  94. My only concern about this patch is what will happen with our current
    upgrades. I invested a lot of credits in ship upgrades, will they reimburse
    me for the ones they removed or changed? Replace them for free with
    equivalent new ones? I hope so, but I fear they’ll just remove old upgrades
    and make us grind credits for new ones :(

  95. that ship seams similar to the artillery in world of tanks. as it hits from
    hiding. suppose it doesnt one shot anything its matched with though…

  96. If you like the stealth roon try the ibuki or zao … 100k average on ship
    no problem (at least for the zao)

  97. Hey jingles all your Why you haff to be mad videos have been removed. most
    likely bullshit copyright claims.

  98. Hey jingles all your Why you haff to be mad videos have been removed. most
    likely bullshit copyright claims.

  99. 1k away from a half a million subs!

  100. Konstantin Shishkoff

    Jingles why would you play the Roon when the Atago can do the same thing
    but also has torpedoes.

  101. Alexander Guttman

    Of course Im a Mac player so I guess wargaming doesnt care about my opinons.

    Dont mind my whining.

  102. Jingles, people don’t really use hydro to reveal hidden destroyers in
    smokescreens. It’s mainly used to increase the spotting range on incoming
    torpedoes, to give you advanced warning to make evasive maneuvers.

    Most people use it when engaging destroyers or torpedo-armed cruisers at
    close to medium range, so you can focus more on gunning them down and not
    have to worry about dodging their torpedos when they’re almost right up
    your ass.

  103. Do it jingles, ive recently acquired my Hindenburg and have been
    phenomenally enjoying both it and the Roon, the AP performance is what drew
    me to the Germans, while i greatly enjoy the roon, I used the Hindy to
    grind out my ARP quest in about 25 games or so, both perform great

  104. Jingles you really need to test out the us dd’s on the test server to see
    how utterly shit with HE about 5 patches back they were stupidly nerfed

  105. “Well, AC players are weird and we don’t like to talk about them.” I feel
    left out and isolated. (っQ~~Q)っ

  106. This stealth fireing works with the russian cruiser aswell.

  107. Well, the main advantage of Hydro isn’t spotting ships earlier, it’s
    spotting torpedoes earlier that makes it a powerful consumable.

  108. o_O I seriously did not expect “El Risistas” featuring in a Jingles
    video… what an epic moment!

  109. Jingles mate, within 1k ofthe 500k, get you mr YouTube celebrity.

  110. Thanks Jingles u make my mornings ;)

  111. Hydroacoustic Search is useful because: huge torpedo detection range
    Great for charging destroyers, smoke or no.
    Also used far more often, especially in mid-tiers, due to few CVs in
    matches and the long duration/short cooldown times. I simply don’t get to
    use the AA one very often anymore, even in high tier matches since the CVs
    try to avoid cruisers, but there are ALWAYS ships launching torpedoes at

  112. I really wish they would update the American cruisers past tier 7…having
    the poorest gun range at every tier makes life a pain in the ass in ships
    like the Pensacola and the New Orleans when you have to battle other
    nations cruisers and they are as fast as you AND out range you. The same
    can also be said of the tier 6 New Mexico and tier 7 Colorado but they can
    mitigate the range problem somewhat IF they buy the Main battery range
    extender equipment but even then they can still be outgunned from range
    until you crawl at last into the tier 8 North Carolina.

  113. Jingles, you mentioned the rednecks (that swedish band) and said that you
    like them. FYI they are for sale:] You just need few million bucks and you
    can buy that band and copyright for every song they made:]

  114. jingles just go back to 17:30 and look at your stupid look at it and cry
    because it was hilariously stupid but its ok i forgive you XD

  115. ROYAL NAVY :(

  116. Instead of cyclones, hydrophones etc, how about adding ships from the
    biggest and best navy of the period? wouldn’t that add just a tad more
    fucking realism.

  117. you do realize that you are less than 50 subscriptions from having half a
    MILLION subscribers…. that is a large city.

  118. What makes me furious is that high tier cruisers get the battleships repair
    consuamble… so why cant high tier battlhips the he defensive fire
    consumable? Its just really fucking unfair to battleships.

  119. Is there going to be some sort of compensation for the upgrades, in case
    the new updates are better for my ship than the ones I already have. I’m
    not playing premium, so I don’t have a ton of money…

  120. How to watch test server replays?

  121. the Baltimore can go down to 9.3km detection and has a round 20.4km range

  122. The_Valiant Querin

    Jingles, when you make your XCOM2 video today, you may also want to inform
    those who may be potentially interested in purchasing it that Steam
    currently has it at 33% off until June 13, 1200 EST.
    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow! Thank you for
    constantly delivering outstanding videos to us, regardless of our
    performance in the salt mines 😀
    Enjoy your weekend; you’ve earned it :)

  123. “Oh the Hindenburg popped up again…” XD

  124. You scumbag. Cheats hacks

  125. The early gnome.

  126. Jingles your 29 right ? When’s your birthday ?

  127. you really roond their day :D

  128. 9:25 submarines. If they introduce submarines, suddenly that has a use.

  129. Jingles! You need to watch Girls Und Panzer der Film, its got some neat

  130. Where are the Brits!~ Im waiting for a allied nation with actually good

  131. Oh Jingles, but it’s so easy to dodge torpedoes ….

  132. You realize Hydro is meant for spotting torpedoes?

  133. Resurrected Eagle

    Very entertaining Video Mr. Jingles :D

  134. “square heads down for ze big bosch gangbang” where the heck did that come
    from, and further more what the heck does that mean?

  135. ……. PLS GIVE US AN ANCHOR MECHANIC! British ships too. Even as an
    American, I’m sympathetic to the Brits on that front.

  136. Conecici Madalin

    499k subscribers and counting….. Can’t wait to try 0.5.7


    Where is the server based? Because for me it’s not worth attempting if it’s
    EU or RU based servers. Lag……

  138. 499.010 subs!!! ?

  139. If they fix the HE spam problem to BB’s I’d think about coming back. Also
    the RNG needs to still be diminished. Nothing like taking a perfectly aimed
    shot and watching your shells hit the water around your target rather than
    hit it. . .

  140. Hydro is definitely NOT useless. Yeah, u will never be able to flush out
    cruisers. But it is not meant for that. Activatic hydro basically means u
    are invincible for torpedos – ad that works really well.

  141. Come on, where are the submarines?
    It’s high time to unleash the U-boat wolfpacks!

  142. 17:30 and 17:41 Nice aiming Jingles :P

  143. First: Love the Roon, hate the RU cruisers. I also don’t like the cycklone.
    In one game the enemy team just turned tail and ran when it hit. We spent
    the last 5-6 min. of the game just driving around looking for eachother.
    NOTHING HAPPENED!!! Not fun!

  144. Less than 1000 to go we can do it

  145. Alexandru Izvoranu

    Yeah jingles, the soviet ships are good, tier 5 and 6 are have them, but a
    bit of glass cannons haven’t played the tier 7 schors yet even if I
    unlocked it some weeks ago. Heard the tier 9 is OK to, also the Moskva has
    really nice guns but makes the yamato look stealthy.

  146. Jingles I think you would benefit your aim by using the # 9 reticle
    provided in the game now it has angle lines so even when they turn you can
    make pretty good hits.

  147. What about USS Arizona? People talking about she is coming in 0.5.7 in WoWS
    group on Facebook

  148. i was 4.3km from you! how did i get spotted? glad to see WoT cancer
    infecting more games

  149. Why did no WoWs player tell Jingles about this ship? You failed him.

  150. Jingles get ready for that 500k subscribers milestone.

  151. So is it true that the Roon and Hindenburg are made-up designs? I suppose
    that’s too bad, that they weren’t even blueprints like the Zao or Montana,
    but oh well – WG had to include something at tier 9 and 10 for the Germans.

  152. Hartschteiler GER

    I really enjoy your content, but if i had one wish for the future, it would
    be :
    Please don’t use that long intros on every video.
    Its not that they are badly made or anything, it’s just that i mainly use
    mobilephone with limited download and every intro is about >10 MB at higher

    But remember, its only a wish … keep it up. :)

  153. Γιώργος Οικονομου

    Jingles instead of promoting war gamings features why don’t you say
    anything about the grand naval battles cheat war gaming made raising the
    milestone from 12 million to 15 million diamonds and never delivering
    the”secret” bonus to its players?

  154. To be fair to the Des Moines, it’s max range with every piece of equipment
    that boost range is around 18km, and with it’s low muzzle velocity it’s
    pretty damn hard to hit anything but a dumb BB sailing in a straight line
    at that range. If I were the Captain of that DM I probably wouldn’t have
    shot at that Hindenburg, he’s almost guaranteed to miss and opens himself
    to return fire. It’s really a tier 10 Atlanta with godly AP.

  155. Icarus Septim - leader of the Fascist!

    17:40 Facepalm .

  156. Hey Jingles, what happened to “Why You Heff to be mad”? I was pooping and
    noticed they were all removed :(

  157. well shit, I wanna join the beta but I ain’t gonna have access to my
    computer till next Tuesday, will the test server still be up?

  158. Jingles, you must have some sort of pull with Wargaming, get them to at
    least give us some idea of when they’re going to give us the British ships.

  159. Where the hell is my USS Arizona Battleship?!

  160. 5:23 so everyone who plays strategy games is weird now… good to know!

  161. Icarus Septim - leader of the Fascist!

    cant say for the rest but I did tell you to go and play the german line.

  162. Noticed a Rapid decline in player count in WoWs in general.

    EU and RU is still doing alright, but Asia and NA are pretty much
    half-dead. Pretty sad that.

  163. Matthias Andersson

    Anyone got a link to the video about the consumables?

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    rounds a minute with a range of 17.3km. Concealment is good with 13.9km SDR
    and 7.4km ADR.

    Main Turret almost as fast as the Pensacola with 34.62 second to turn 180
    degree. But it come with a cost; the armor is no better than either the Jap
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  189. Nico Pogalzky (NikLPs1)

    well,I’ve been experimenting,and i got the max range of a fubuki up to 12
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    firing…the guns still suck of course,but i think it is a good way for IJN
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  251. Clarence Constantino

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  252. Clarence Constantino

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    people already say first but none of them has finished the vid :P

  255. Clarence Constantino

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