World of Warships Patch 0.7.6 Test Server

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Japanese gunboats! Tier 8 Operations! Night ! The Arsenal! Other things I can stick an exclamation mark on! It’s here on the 0.7.6 Public Test Server.

Public Test guide:

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920× resolution


  1. only 6 views, my earlier yet. and 1st comment?

  2. 36 views 9 likes I am an early little salt miner

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  3. I downloaded WOTBlitz yesterday and am grinding to get a Hetzer.

  4. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET


    too bad we dont have the sendai class CL…

    Sendai would love Night battles….

    • Shiina Overlord

      even if sendai class was in game they couldn’t do this mission tho :'(

    • The night battle mechanic will almost certainly become a staple of WoWs. It offers all fo the concealment benefits of cyclone without most of the bullshit

    • It’s possible now, she can be a buffed Kuma with a bit better speed and maneuverability but worse concealment and a bit bigger citadel while being equipped with star shells for night operations. Its like the Prinz vs Hipper! 😀

    • We need to get Nagara, Sendai, Agano and Ooyodo-class light cruisers into WoWS, the japanese had more than enough cruisers to make a CL split ^^ as well as a new CV branch, maybe using ships that were converted into CVs and not being built as CVs from scratch, like Akagi, Ryuuho and Hiyou-class. Zuiho was also converted into a CV. WG make it happen.

    • Well, Sendai probably didn’t love this particular night battle…it’s where she was sunk irl. 🙂

  5. i checked 9 min ago then i go make me ssome food and bang jinglestime

  6. I just began Ship of Ghosts

  7. Wow the power creep is real. Compared to the torpedo boat line, except the shimakaze, I’d happily take the new dds over the old ones. With the booster at the separate slot and sextuple launcher, it can fire a heavier broadside of torpedoes than the main line (which are already quite lacking with a 2×4, compared to other nations, and have to give up smoke for the booster) I’d imagine they have horrible concealment but it does not seem to be the case (at least in this iteration). The speed is definitely a drawback but again, the main line is not exactly blazing quick to begin with, usually just about matching the faster cruisers, and definitely slower than other nations’ dds

    • the Jap gunboat line also has TERRIBLE manoeuvrability even WITH modules to improve it. Unless you are already in the turn in a knife fight….you have to be extremely lucky with an RNG gap in their torp spread to not take one.

    • The Hungry Wolf 足柄

      The 6 torp launcher has a horrifically slow reload though

    • Nicholas Lau stfu

    • Mark Levin
      Well that is indeed true, but I can totally see it being like a fletcher or even better, as in equally good in gunnery and torpedoing. Of course you would want to play at a longer range when firing the guns, but you can totally slip out of detection and make use of those torpedoes with that good of a concealment

    • The hell are you on about? A single sextuple launcher is not gonna give a heavier broadside than a pair of quad launchers, you have access to at least some of your arsenal if a launcher is destroyed, you have half a dozen 5 inch guns instead of eight or ten 100mm guns which require a certain skill to be useful at all, you have better maneuverability. Lets not get into the fact that at t10, which is where the six-tube launcher is, the competing destroyer has access to three 5-tube launchers, even better maneuverability, and better concealment than the t8 counterpart

  8. During the night-to-day battle, the fleet sunk at least 5 Myokos (out of 4 built) and 4 Aobas (out of 2 built). More than 100% of two heavy cruiser classes sunk, now that is efficiency.

  9. Your “howdy folks” triggered my Google Home. It was scary yet hilarious. Now I have the confirmation that you Lord of Us All can actually control our lifes, and this makes me happy and trusting in a bright future. Thanks, Jingles!

  10. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    Yet Kitakaze still only goes 33 knots, even though the entire point of the upgraded Akizuki was to increase her speed by upgrading the engine.

    Right now she is just a literal copy paste of the T8 but with extra tubes on her torp launcher, which also massively increases the reload time

    • Yue Hin Alex Lai

      The Hungry Wolf 足柄 Exactly. What WG should have done is add defensive fire as an option to swap out reload booster, just like khaba which swaps out smoke for heal, to make it more unique. It is truly humiliating for AA escorts to not have defensive fire. Also WG get your facts right, the proposed Akizuki Kai/Kitakaze was designed to go on at least 36 knots. Even Wikipedia is more accurate.

    • So true… At least they could add a knot or 2 just to make it at least a little more unique… Or adding more aa power or lowering detection range.. Just at something different except for the torp launcher…

    • I guess WG still want to make those destroyer like normal Japanese destroyer. I mean they arent so much different then the main line of Japanese destroyers. I dont think they really could go toe to toe with US destroyers on 1v1

    • Would love to see the tier 9 hit 37 knots and the tier 10 to hit 42 knots

    • Wargaming completely fucked this up. Kitakaze is *supposed* to have a top speed of 36.7 knots.

  11. I thought it said kitikami
    And i started screaming for a sec


    • Considering the odds she was facing, what do you think?

      She was hit by four torpedoes, with the loss of about 350 men, about half an hour before Houston rolled over and sank.

  13. heh futa 11:27

  14. *Don’t go into the light*

  15. The night battles arn’t really night are they, i mean it looks like your average British summer daytime when its raining. Also no navigation lights on any of the ships?

    • Daniel Jensen they probably would have used them to help correctly identify targets but it wouldn’t have been a huge deal for range finding or targeting once star shells were in the air.

    • Would add a good bit of skill to the game instead of just leading shots. Personally I wish they would make some things like this and WoT have a bit more calculations into aiming and such. Make for a more challenging and more satisfying time when the shots actually hit. But that’s just my opinion on the matter.

    • Trevor Berry naval gunnery requires alot of work in the real world, while adding that level of complexity would appeal to some players, it would likely alienate most their player base.

      If they were going to do it they would have to implement something like war thunders ‘realistic mode’

    • True, too bad War Thunder is such a b*tch to to grind up. But a realistic naval game like that would be amazing. Hell to be honest would love artillery to be a hell of a lot harder to aim with in WoT but I feel that would get into Arma territory

    • Trevor Berry I agree a realistic naval game would be pretty damn cool, I do think if WoWS was tweaked a bit it could work as a realistic game though.

      Remove the health bar and make it so ships only sink if you cause flooding, you could still get a ‘kill’ by making the ship ineffective in combat due to destroyed subsystems.

      Stop ships appearing and disappearing when their arbitrary detection range is reached and instead give each ship a ‘line of sight’ based on their optics, equipment and height of the watch keepers from the water. Any ship in your ships range can be seen but to get a proper ID you need them to be closer.

      Tweak the gun RNG so it is less random based and more based on how you adjust your guns and add in crew skills which could give the ships further benefits such as improved damage control and faster rate of fire.

  16. Laurensius Frederik Tanno

    “Kitakaze does not have access to DFAA consumable because that would be downright unfair for aircraft carriers”
    >looks at the Kidd

  17. Jingles, I know you probably scan the comments, but I hope you see this one.

    I had an idea on a Permanent Camo, not for one, not for two but for all ships based on the Nation there in.
    What to you Mean?

    Welp, what I mean is have permanent Camo for Ships of that Nation, All of the ships of that Nation. For Example: The Blue Steel paint that all the US ships use to have in Alpha Tests of the game, that could be a permanent Camo. I’m not Japanese but Green paint with some Lines could be Permanent Camo for the Japanese Fleet. (Again, i’m Not Japanese)

    How is this different from the Permanent Camo in the game Already?
    Well, the Permanent Camo in the game Right now is only set to a Specific ship, for example, Cleveland, Baltimore, Mahan, Midway, Iowa, North Carolina, you get the point. My idea of Nation Permanent Camo is that you buy one, and you can use it for any ship of that Nation. The stats are the same on each ship.
    Why do I want this?
    well to be honest, I just want my US ship to have that Blue steel again, it looked sexy.

    Jingles, I don’t know if you will read this, but if you do, and if you like my idea, could you somehow put it in the ear of the Developers. I could have gone to the forums, but I feel it has a better chance here where The Might Jingles Can see it. Thanks for the videos, Hope you have a great Day. 🙂

  18. Christos Karsanidis

    And how much time exactly (aprox.) do you need to reach, say 35,000 coal or steel to acquire something? And are they giving options to purchase a flag or anything with a Credit Card that boosts the % earned perhaps? Interesting concept otherwise sir.

  19. Is that battle of guadalcanal?

    Beware of a deadly poi ship

  20. how did u manage to get that good of a team? ive been playing that for 2 hours and every team loses 5 ships before we even get to the end part… ALSO I MISS COLDWATERS

    • That reminds me of a mission that is already in the game. The Ultimate Frontier. I also really wish they would put Narai back. I miss that operation 🙁

    • The Mighty Jingles

      Narai’s coming back, they’re just tuning down the economy because it was way too profitable.

    • Tony Weisenburger

      my 2nd game in the operations, we lost a 3 person division by the end of the first wave. we ended up 4 staring that one lol.

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