World of Warships- Patrie: The Worst Super Battleship?

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Hello guys, today we go over the new French Super Battleship Patrie, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Ship Intro
3:23 Ship Armor
4:32 Ship Stats
8:56 Commander & Module Build
11:56 Gameplay Review


  1. This is literally just a Conde that ate too many baguettes and various french desserts and became a heavier Frenchman.

  2. imo Patrie is more like a real T11 than a supership, a logic stepup from Republique without gimmicks. With Vermont mounting a heavier broadside, Patrie could even be a more line consistent T10 if some HP would be shaved.

    • That’s my theory, that Patrie was what was supposed to replace Republique with, to have a better progression from Alsace but tier 11 happened

    • @Emil Kollakowski I wish it would have. Give me a premium crew Repub and a new in tree. I was expecting for Repub to keep the Secondary gimmick but maybe WG decided it would make it too good.

  3. ShindyausMarzahn 99

    Bruh 12 431mm guns with this pen is just insane. Ist way better then Hannover and just a different playstyle then Satsuma.

  4. i found republique beeing a bit slow to the other tech tree. as for patrie i just wish we could mount the legendary modul of rep on it 🙂

  5. I think thats how Superships should be. Get rid of that stupid fantasy bs gimmicks and make them a true t11

  6. Well, it is still Tier 11, basically.
    While it will eat HE like crazy, which is a French thing, it will still give you zero damage situations plenty of times.
    Heavy broadside, good reload, massive range.
    It is still a beast, as far as I can tell.

  7. Patrie is crazy honestly. 174.000 AP Alpha, with a very short reload for battleship standards.

  8. From my games with Patrie. I found the dispersion to be mostly horizontal rather than vertical. So you’ll tend to see shells going off to the right or left but keep in line with the rest of the group.
    That being said so, once in a while the vertical dispersion does show its middle finger to you, which in certain situations can be quite annoying.

    Patrie is the only ship in my fleet that i’ve managed to quadruple citadel a Kremlin at 24km, and that kremlin wassnt even fully broadside.

  9. Hannover should have better torp protection lol. The patrie has the French engine boost and rudder shift of a destroyer. The Hannover handles like a tug boat. I think after Conde the devs were like maybe we should attempt to balance the french, cut the citadel auto fire consumable.

  10. I like the Patrie. Pretty solid ship. Isn’t op like some of the other T11 ships.

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Forgot to include a rating in video:


    12x431mm guns
    -Good vertical dispersion
    -26km base range
    -Excellent reload
    -48% HE fire chance
    -Excellent French AP
    -Heavy broadside
    -Can overmatch 30mm
    High top speed with engine boost
    Decent concealment
    Great main armor belt
    Submerged citadel

    Coated in 32mm
    Sluggish to turn
    Lowerish HP pool for a Super BB

  12. Patrie is the best super BB so far imo. That firepower is absolutely insane.

  13. I’ve had some amazing games in this ship so far, everyone has been between 200-300 k dmg. For my playstyle, and the current meta, it seems ideal. Literally in my first match, my first salvo, I dev struck a CV at 26km.

  14. I’m only a couple of games in it so far, cost me 850000 free xp and the credits to jump ahead and get it and so far, maybe RNJesus isn’t with me, but I feel the Patrie isnt any better at blapping or setting fires than the Thunderer, the speed, range and HP helps however.

  15. Video idea: Rank the value of the Steel/Coal upgraded components? Are they worth it? Which is the best?

  16. The true TT10 French BB is the Bourgogne, but just like the Scharn with the only historical main battery the class carried being made a premium and the Gneis being released with 6×15″ godawful KM dispersion never applied refit guns on the TT back in the day, WG easily saw which one would be more appealing as the chaser ship.

  17. They could have given it an F key that gave it a short acceleration burst or something, to keep it in line with the french speed thing. They just slapped another turret and called it a day, pretty lazy tbh.

  18. Looks an awful lot like a Bourgogne that was up tiered a bit… without reload booster of course….

  19. Sebastian Domagala

    I don’t play superships at all, I am notoriously short in credits. But I had to face two Patries recently in my stock Izumo. Took them quite some time to take me down.

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