World Of Warships – PENSACOLA Heavy Cruiser Gameplay! AKA PEPSI-COLA!

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World Of Warships gameplay featuring the unexpectedly good Pensacola . 8inch Guns Fast Top speed makes this ship awesome and fun to use!

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  1. Phly is a noob – don’t use aa boost. Pathetic.

  2. More carriers plez!

  3. I cried when the Northampton wasent in the game

  4. Warspite for king and bloody country 

  5. Artiom Iacob (SuitedLOL)

    How do i create a platoon in world of warships?

  6. Kristoffer Bergstrom

    Nagato/amagi ples???

  7. Caveman Rizznikozz


  8. I would like to see World of Warships to add the USS Indianapolis CA-35
    into the game.
    It has a history having 1,196 on it before it was sunk by a Japanese
    Submarine. With it being sunk, 300 men went with the ship with the
    remainder of 900 left. It got worse though as sharks came, killing and
    eating the men that were out in sea without food or water for 4 days.

    If they added it as a premium ship, I would buy it just for the history of

  9. Uss enterprise 

  10. which nation is best for cruiser?

  11. Christ man do you not get the AA button on this ship, or did you just
    forget to switch out Sonar?

  12. Shouldn’t the Pensacola have torpedoes?

  13. I am from Colorado myself, It is pretty high as well as very beautiful,
    especially during the Fall In My Opinion, You should visit sometime :)

  14. Yaas Turn is so good

  15. TiberiousThe Labrador

    anyone nitice that slick was in pensi at begining and diff ship- at end…

  16. whats the ship in the intro?

  17. F

  18. Phly i think you did all the ship acept the atago and colorado

  19. DUDE, you have to watch S.O.A Sons of Anarchy. It has Sex, Drugs and Bikes.
    Boobs, G-strings, softcore sex what more do you want, and watch Orange is
    the New Black lots of girl on girl prison action.

  20. Nobody, but nobody B lines it like Slick…

  21. The intro is awesome, I’ll never get tired of watching it.

  22. Phly, you know you can swap out the sonar for AA boost?

  23. can’t wait for next update of war thunder i really hope they finally add
    the Halifax MkIII as this was the plane my great grandfather navigated
    during the second world war and it needs to be put into the game i hope
    that you agree Phly

  24. If WOW would add night battles with search lights, flares, etc. that would
    be SO cool and add a real challenging battle scenereo.

  25. 1:30 thought my computer froze

  26. Take out the B17

  27. New York 

  28. Pepsi < Coke And nice intro Phly

  29. Erie for the immense bants?

  30. Ah, the ship named after my hometown. I love it, if only for that reason.

  31. GEARING plz it’s AMAZING

  32. Play the Sims class destroyer plz

  33. as well as being a lovely ship, the city it was named after is a lovely
    place as well, i can say this cause i live 45 minutes from it

    btw Pepsi ftw

  34. The engine sounds like a computer overheating

    WARSHIPS !!!!!!!!

  36. phly try to add some epic music in outro ;)

  37. Philly do the Russian auroa please

  38. I want the Yorktown class and the Nevada class

  39. Any Carrier gameplay next please mate! :)

  40. Pensa means gaspetrol in finnish so it is actually gascola :D

  41. Play the Myogi. Why? Because it would be heartening to see somebody
    else struggle with the badly placed armament the way I am. Why place two
    out of the three turrets at the back? It’s a battlecruiser, and is designed
    to be fast and chase stuff, so why put most of the armament on the rear?

  42. Ps your welcome phly

  43. Phly

  44. Where does phily live

  45. Does WOWS have the coke-a-cola nope Pepsi-cola wins every time

  46. Yea phly I didn’t like it to much in CBT because every shot I took my
    turrets got knocked out

  47. Make a video on Hs.129B-3 please


  49. hay fly your intro give the the chills every time i watch it its soo bad

  50. do the Albany next

  51. Do the USS New York!

  52. phly demo and codenameace found ur raptor in ark!!!

  53. I sunk a Pen. with a Furutaka 🙂 9both ships at full health)

  54. Phly how much did you pay Navy field for that intro?

  55. Phly

  56. Where do you live poly

  57. Pepsi>Coke

  58. Put the bass on ur speakers to as high as it would go and listen to the

  59. Lol, awesome :D

  60. Do one of the Russian premiums next 

  61. Sons of Anarchy is shit!

  62. MädchenundPanzer

    +PhlyDaily A bit random, but is it possible to play the AI on island
    capture mode in Battlestations Pacific? Anyone who knows, please tell me.

  63. did you mean Northampton class

  64. But sat intro tho

  65. Finally 

  66. attempt 11 Amagi annihilation

  67. Do the harukyu

  68. Enduring_Hope, you are youtube famous! :D

  69. LeonaTimberCompany

    Phly needs the ultimate challenge and play the Albany!

  70. @slickbee is right. You should watch soa. Best show 

  71. Grinding to my Pepsi now, but I think I’ll farm with the Cleveland to get
    upgrade credits faster.
    I’ve been told leave 1 plane in a group alive, this way it has to fly back
    to repair before it can be launched again at full strength. Otherwise, he
    can just launch a full power squadron Much faster. Is this a used tactic?

  72. Finally you made a Pensacola video

  73. For the love of god cookies and freedom play the new Orleans with AP only

  74. Matias Gaming ¡¡

    Please Cruicer Of Battle ARA BELGRANO ( USS PHOENIX )

  75. You have to do the Gearing.

  76. People who play for the cap just leave this game because your stupid !

  77. What kind of battleship is that in the intro ??

  78. Wow the Pensacola looks a lot like the NorthHampton 

  79. Fly ships are comming in to war thunder at gamescon

  80. The enemy has a torpedus deficiency. take out the Fletcher and flood the
    oceans with you pedus.

  81. I work for Pepsi Cola , salesman. :D

  82. So, my comment about Albany, despite being the most upvoted one, was
    Phly confirmed of being afraid of the Albany :D

  83. RP Anonymous (John Hodges)

    lol,watching a video about the USS Pensacola while living in Pensacola,FL.

  84. I love the opening of your videos. Subbed

  85. HischiAirForce CH

    Are you still doing the top5 plays? (War Thunder)

  86. Do the New Orleans!

  87. Need to watch fairy tail if you want titties

  88. Do a b17 flight next time you play war thunder planes please!

  89. Is it me or they removed the whatever AA ability on cruisers coz i havent
    seen one on Phly’s vids.


  91. Oi Oi lads, anyone wanna go out for a cheeky Nandos and have some mad

  92. Bit derpy to not take the defensive AA fire. And yea, the Pensacola is
    great, as long as no one shoots you, it’s more fragile then a Cleveland.

  93. Aleksander Pedersen

    I like to call it the Peniscola.

  94. Let’s see the Fuso in action :D


  96. 2nd attempt: Plz do the Kongo-Class Battleship again 🙂

  97. Hey Phly! Play the Kuma-class cruiser-kuma!!

  98. Man do i miss the Pensacola now that i don’t have it 🙁 Use to think the
    Cleveland was the best thing ever and the Pensacola was a downgrade, but
    looking back it was fantastic to play in CBT.

    Can’t say the same about the New Orleans tho…

  99. IJN Mogami with 155 !!

  100. I want a press-account too :(

  101. take out the fuso

  102. DuderMcBroBlaster

    Damn I’m early..

  103. I prefer Coke…

  104. Justnyan Andsmile

    Lets make it happen next ship Warspite, pls Sempei? :D

  105. Wellington Mattos

    The USS Midway plz Phly!

  106. God I love your intro I wish I new how to make intros that good 

  107. Anime_Kancolle_Kongou Battleship

    play me Phly-senpai

  108. i finally came here where there was under 301 views :D

  109. The GAMEPLAN Effect

    Yo phly look-up the USS Indianapolis CA-35 is that what you were talking

  110. Jesus dude your intro is epic. I get half a chubby every time I watch it.
    Awesome stuff Steve. 

  111. 4th

  112. Hells yeah….

  113. Thirdst.

  114. First XD Nice gameplay thoe 

  115. Eyyy Am I early?

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