World of Warships – Pensacola Theorycraft

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Built the as the proposed tier 6 version just for the fun of it. I’m really not expecting much from these changes. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Pensacola Replay


  1. rip good old pepsi

  2. Welcome to japanese tech tree 😀

  3. How to fix Pensacola.
    Take the ship with all the upgrads and move it from tier 7 to 6.

    • Makes me think of derps defending the Conqueror gameplay. Whatever bs it is, there will always be people to defend it 😀

    • That would really be an acceptable approach even if you maybe lowered her HP a little bit to fit the lower tier. Heck, maybe even make her reload 1 second longer or give her slightly less accurate guns. Still ok. Advancing from Cleveland, Pensacola always felt like a massive downgrade anyways, so dont touch the upgrades. I hope WG rethinks removing the upgrades until the cruiser split is released.

    • Flame Arora and in the games where it is bottom tier? I would say a stock Pensacola at T8 is worse than the current upgraded version in a T9 game.

    • Christopher Wilson

      Just my observation: I think it depends on the map. First you are the primary target over everything else when detected in the open. With the current Pensacola, concealment expert make a huge difference. Again, my opinions

  4. The Legion of Rome

    I saved my Pensacola to wreck tier 6 and 5 Cruisers but I guess I have to sell it. If they are going to nerf Pensacola, It needs a reload buff on its guns to 10s

    • Jerry Glaze the reload of the Aoba is 11s. That means Pensacola gets ~40ish % slower reload for 66% more guns.

    • R Blinson 16 sec was hard to work with at 7 and I can’t Immagain it will be less frustrating at t6. I would rather have the faster reload. I will still try it but that turret travers drove me crazy before I got the better set
      The best shot I ever had was in Pency. A brand new Perth went from full health to dead. All 10 tubes hit 6 cit and 4 hits. She disapered.

    • Keep it for the split rewards, if you for example own all the US cruisers then you should make tons of extra credits with all the movement being done with the US cruisers

    • Aoba also has torps, not great ones, but still there.

    • Notser i dont understand how or why i the silver will be flowing but i am all for it because i ak broke!

  5. wg needs to go full circle, u see. now we’re back to 20km torps, bb levels of cruiser turret train, destroyer levels of cruiser armor, bb levels of cruiser detection, and good ol midway.

  6. If someone that is pretty good at the game feels this ship is a struggle, imagine how bad the grind will be through it for someone that fits in the average player ranks.

    • Visioneer68 yea that would be me, i recently started playing this game and guess what my next ship is Pensacola

    • lol bruh you sound like a butthurt little boy. do you even watch notsers videos? did u watch this video? cause you saw a different game than I did or than most people did. this ship is awful. ANYONE would struggle in that piece of crap. you sound like someone who needs to go crawl back into your safe space

    • Turret traverse is the one gigantic drawback the base hull has. I’ve just grinded through it, having put it off for months, and it 100% plays like a BB. You don’t turn the guns, you turn the entire damn ship.

    • the ship will be fine at tier 6, he has a way of downplaying ships sometimes

    • Yeager, fuggin dirty troll, back in your hole –

  7. In my opinion, they have underpowered most US ships, therefore I’m not surprised.

  8. Yep now Penny is truthly Salt Lake City! Well done WG! Well done!

  9. EldridgeTheGager12

    im gonna miss the old t7 pepsi

  10. Seems a lot of people didn’t have to grind Pens before her concealment buff. This ship was brutal to grind at T7 with her original concealment. Put that POS at T6? Don’t care.

  11. i’ve completed my pensacola grind in 10 minutes and it’s simple. play a game, get frustrated then dump all of the free xp you gathered into skipping her

  12. So what you are saying is that the new Pensacola will be fun and engaging to play.

  13. its an awful ship and they’re making it even worse… gj Wargaming.

  14. I still think the funniest thing about them removing the upgraded guns from the Pensacola, is the fact that the stock 203mm/50 caliber guns were NEVER MOUNTED to the ship. She was built with the 203mm/55 caliber guns, and they stayed mounted for the entire life of the ship. The stock guns are basically completely fictional, and now they’re the only thing she’ll be able to mount. 10/10, would Wargaming again.

    • On this note, it’s exactly the same story with New Orleans. The stock guns are completely unhistorical.

    • She used to have 4 twin turrets in the game way back

    • Don’t fall into the trap of the historical accuracy, this game is most def NOT a Sim. Where to start, DDs able to reload torps in 40s? HAH. DD able to launch more torps than a ship displaces? Saying that, WGs approach to balancing has all the subtlety of being hit on the head with a brick.

    • And montana is never built, khabarovsk is also never built, there is no conqueror and minotaur and still thinking this game a sim?

  15. i remember when Pensacola had a 17km detection range.

  16. Notser did you really expect Russian game developers to be fair when it came to US ships mate?? Lets be honest if you left it as it is now and moved it to T6 it would still be way below average. I managed to get New Orleans just as you posted this video, and so far it doesn’t seem much better to be honest. The very slight improvement with the NE over the Pepsi is completely lost because of having to fight T10 ships. All your video has done is make me question why I’m bothering to grind the US cruisers for the coming split. Or even play them now.

    • Time Bandit the Des Moines is worth the grind. Baltimore is just a bigger New Orleans.

    • Des Moines is WG’s apology for making you grind USN CAs.

    • I found New Orleans fully upgraded with a skilled/trained captain to be fun while figured out how to opportunistically sneak up on other T8, 9 and 10 cruisers, use radar and reck then with AP into their sides.

    • You are right, New Orleans is waaay better compared to Pensacola. But since the other american cruisers work quite ok otherwise I would not blame the devs for not treating US ships properly. Pensa always felt misplaced in her T7 spot in the tech tree. WG (or Notser, maybe? 😉 )even stated somewhere they struggled putting Pensacola behind the more modern Cleveland, but since it would be awkward advancing from a light cruiser (Omaha) to a heavy (Pensa) to a light (Cleveland) and finally heavy again (New Orleans) they decided to put her at Tier 7. Advancing from light to heavy cruisers once seemed more natural than switching back and forth all the time. Of course that solution was not optimal. Introduce the US cruiser split.

    • Time Bandit I have all US German Frnch and t9 British. US and French are the only lines I play. The US cruisers are get in close and kill you with DPM and ap super heavy shell. French stay and range and burn stuff down. I won the Marblehead and its a lot of fun. But the Russian bias is hige there. Why the Mermansk has better range when same ship I don’t know.

  17. LOL. WG has always hated this POS ship.

  18. I dont think WG understands how awful the Pensacola is; She ends up in t8 (sometimes t9) battles, shes made of citadels, a dd could take her on to be honest, and her AA is a joke compared to the Cleveland.

    Dear WG, making this ship worse while going down a tier isn’t helpful.

  19. And after all that time grinding the pain through, you get to unlock the un-upgraded New Orleans, and experience the same thing… again.

  20. Whenever I hear people saying the Pensacola is an ok ship I think about the fact that I do more damage per game with my Cleveland….and my Omaha….and my Phoenix…..and my St Louis.

    The Pensacola has always been garbage, and now it’s gonna be garbage++….

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