World of Warships: Pensacola’s Adventure

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In this adventure Pensacola will meet ships of all shapes and sizes!

World of Warships footage of the tier 6 US heavy cruiser Pensacola.


  1. I see this has become your favorate ship

  2. another seal clubbing

    • I started grinding the US line and now at Tier 3. I have over 7000 battles, and completed the IJN line. Is this called seal clubbing too?

    • ricky prasetya made

      you must regrind to get research bureau points, sometimes i feel bad for new player in my 19 points captain

    • @ricky prasetya made And then you reach tier 8 and you notice it’s full of new players who purchased a premium. And you stop feeling bad for them.

  3. Conq used to be able to get 10ish km concealment. Its….balanced.

  4. Love your vids, keep great work.

  5. Battleship?

  6. I certainly do not agree with carrying Defensive AA instead of hydro. The Pensacola’s AA is good enough without Def AA and hydro is much more valuable.

  7. Boradside used HE then angled used AP that was triggering me

  8. Great videos! What do you use for recording and editing?

  9. Joey Strittmatter

    You really just going to hump the Border

  10. Aah the Pensacola ,back in the beta she was the main reason to abandon the US cruiser line,how far has she come lol

  11. Lord of the Noobies

    “Volcanic eruption recently” 😂😂😂 apparently that’s what you call “pulling a notser” these days…

  12. 0:11 Ah. Yes. The Pepsi-Cola line of battleships.

  13. Born diplomat: “Pensacola has very little citadel protection”.

  14. WG should create a new Aerroon-inspired map: The Newfoundland”. Seriously, it’s about goddam time.

  15. Pensacola is a cruiser. US battleships are named for the states.
    Still a fun video !

  16. Przemysław Jedynowicz

    I was referring to this ship as PEN-sacola, because it sure can pen others as hell – just use AP more often 🙂

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