World of Warships – Perfectly balansed as all things should be

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I do believe this match shows perfectly well why Smolensk is the outmost best possible pick this season. There is simply NOTHING in the game that is this BALANSed. It just does everything better than other ships.

Win or lose, the capabilities this ship offers are unreplacable.

Don’t worry I won’t bother you much this season with Smolensk videos even tho I’m already rank 1 and I ofc used SMOLENSK mostly.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Xlerb_Again_to_Music

    …can’t see minimap, what is happening Flambu?

  2. hmmm want to see the map! plz move from right corner!

    • its just a stream snippet. He probably has it there to deny stream snipers to ghost the stream in ranked

    • @ohlala va It’s really fucking pathetic that people actually do something like that. Stream sniping just so they can win 1 measly battle or seize the opportunity to kill a player who’s skill they will never be able to match…

    • I had more stream snipers this season than actual players without stream sniping. Ppl were complaining all the time that I should cover the minimap when they were in my team. Funny enough never when the same players were in the opposing team. Every game there were at least few players on each side on my stream so yeah, I decided to cover the minimap so players in MY team can stop complaining about it 😉

    • ​@Flambass I would rather choose few minutes delay. The mini map is very important to actually know what is happening.
      BTW weren’t you being AFK for 2:30 minutes at the beginning one of the reasons of that defeat?

    • Flambass okey, dident know, like to see the Map to try to understand how y plan y plays!! Have à good one ?

  3. so how do u balance Smolensk??
    8v8 Smolensk only

    • Jimmiar Reltherford

      How insane and annoying would that game be? Lol all those fires. Christ

    • The only problem with that would be a lack of vision, so throw in some sort of radar ship like DM or Worcester (probably Worcester because maximum dakka) and watch the shells fly

  4. Is that a plane starting in the background? xD

  5. you have to admit though, the destroyers REALLY did their best to screen you and spot for you.

    • Yes they did, but tell me would I do as good with any other ship which would be bigger, spotted easier and sooner – even from smoke – longer rld – slower turning turrets and armor that actually gets punished for being in the middle of the map in a LIGHT CRUISER and surrounded ?
      I’m just curious 😉

    • @Flambass oh heck no, but that wasn’t my point. I wasn’t saying the cruiser wasn’t op… kinda… (though if it had a 9km radar and smoke instead of that 5km sonar, it would Truely be op as all get out).

      My point was… as rare is it is, you actually had… destroyers screening you. providing you smoke, spotting for you, and working… with you…

      that… is so rare it was worth mentioning.

    • @Flambass well it is all in good in smolensik while we are in smoke but the thing is if we just get out of smoke and fire that’s it we are done
      But smolensik is smolensik it is op
      It does not need a biggggg nerf but a slight nerf is perfectly balanced

  6. But the charts are saying that everyone is having fun! :,D

  7. Everything he survived would kill anyone else even with twice the hp.

    • Kuroteren i know hey! If that was me, I’d be double citadel’d in smoke from blind fire and told “noob!” I like wows, but it hates me. ?

  8. I hope you complimented that DD who smoked you twice

  9. I’m afraid I can’t see the fun anymore…. Probably due to too many smokescreens ahead….

  10. i understand why you cover the map for streaming but it doesnt make good viewing for a you tube video 🙁

  11. Covering up the mini map is really confusing when trying to follow your logic in battle.

  12. For a moment I thought Flambass is gonna clutch this game after the second torp hit

  13. A BB would’ve had a hard time Surviving that.

  14. Multiple smolensk smoke clouds spraying each other. Everyone else without smoke: Guess I’ll just die….

  15. Owner Of All Deathly Hallows

    It is sad that when you read the title of the video, you automatically know it is a smolensk vid ?

  16. -I have reached rank 1 in season 14
    -What did it cost you?

  17. so glad I quitted even before CV rework. It obviously just gets worse ^^

  18. Camera obscured mini-map 🙁

  19. The 3 minutes you spent playing squeegee and spray bottle didn’t do your team much good either but clearly the other team had fewer potatoes in their Smolensks.

  20. Noboby:

    First 50 seconds of video: SPRAY BOTTLE IMPRESSIONS

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