World of Warships- Perhaps I Was Wrong About This Ship….

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at Shikishima…..secondary Shikishima. Enjoy!

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  1. It’s okay SLM, I’m used to you being wrong about ships…

  2. Secondary Shikishima is still fun and can work, it still just isnt as good as it was and I wish it got a buff like german secondaries since, after all, it was offered as a japanese ship with actually good secondaries and was one of the reasons I bought it. Especially as a steel ship I feel it should be given some love.

    • I mean they are still decent. I used it in clan battles with a hybrid build, had a Marceau that just stayed in secondary range as I was focused on a kurfurst and Petro.

      The Marceau died in under 2 min, never fired a main gun shell at him. He was full HP too.

    • RearAdmiralBIGCORE

      @Defau/t the 10cm secondaries have high raw penetration of 30mm, it can hurt destroyers by alot.

  3. i often use secondary builds on anything that is even remotely capable and welcome the 10-25% extra damage on top of my mainguns.
    i dont run out of heals every match, but i can use the extra damage every match, so thats where my points go. 😉
    PS: also: its just fun!

    • Me too. I don’t care if it’s not viable or “good”, i care about whether its fun or not. and for me secondary builds are fun regardless of how bad the match goes lol.

  4. Vladimír Procházka

    GG, but note that damage done was ~7:1 in favor of main battery guns, so don’t go all crazy with secondary builds. It has it utility, but even when adding damage from fires started by secondaries, contribution is still minor compared to main. Think buffing main batery is wiser, could have resulted in extra few hits/cits during game resulting in even higher damage. However, I do admit “fun factor” seeing secondaries going all out 🙂

  5. Best secondary japanese ship is iwami its just perfect

  6. He got almost 10k dmg with airstrikes on the sub, so less than 3k is from flooding and fires on the sub.

  7. Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

    Very unpopular, but I have a secondary Satsuma. It works very well for me.

  8. There are people out there that can run the Tiger 59 like a boss. It is like the ship was built for how they play the game.

  9. Great game Chris and an awesome battle to be part of!

  10. You could hover over the sub to see what amount of fire damage to subtract. Though even if not, it’s pretty obvious that 9.8k depth charge damage was to the sub and 1779 flooding damage was to the sub, so the fire damage amounts to 873. So, about 23k fire damage to other ships for a total of 53k damage from secondaries. Which isn’t great nor terrible.

    From playing secondary Shikishima since the ship released and I bought it, secondary build always has been a less reliable but more fun build and it stays that way. You don’t have to feel shit like with secondary Louisiana or such, because the 10 cm guns actually rip through cruisers and DDs once accuracy builds up, but it’s not exactly great. Worth noting also, that for modules, the 6th slot should certainly not be secondaries, because the main guns are so much more useful in the damage distribution that buffing secondary dpm over their dpm is just unreasonable. In general, it’s best to just get the range and accuracy boosts for the secondaries and leave it at that.

  11. Ive gone head to head with shikishima in my maxxed lutjens Schlieffen secondary, and its come down to fire and torps most of the time. Its a good boat and I use a lot of caution when I close the distance with it and always keep it in the back of my mind when making turns.

    • Umm Schlieffen annihilates Shikishima in a brawling situation, Shiki is too easy to Devstrike on its cheeks, Shiki should turn and run and try to chunk down Schleiffen through the bow.
      How bad is it… same hull an weaknesses as Yamato, & ive done 180k dmg in 2 volleys vs those and got back to back cheek devstrikes.

      Shiki should not brawl , anyone who knows to cheek shot it will murder it

    • @TheAddanz Agreed, granted schlieff murders just about any boat, short of a star boat in a brawl. The hard part is closing the gap. Also with the dispersion on the german twins it is challenging at any range to slug your way into a knife fight with a skilled player.

    • @txchris_z06 in general Schlieffen is brutal if you don’t pay attention to it..still one of my favorite ships cos its so fun to brawl in, its such a pitty the rest of the game is so trash that it sucks the fun right out of the good parts… so many garbage/broken other things these days &they tuned out all the skill in AP and Positional play… more RNG less skill is the motto… meaning everyone ends up having less fun… just wish the devs weren’t blind.

    • @TheAddanz Yup, its fun right up until a carrier singles you out and hits you for 15-25k every single time without the ability to do anything about it. Such a shame, the game used to be very engaging and now the dev’s are just money hungry.

  12. Im surprised that was a 3k game, most of his damage was against t8s

  13. Awesome game Chris. Mount, I also run secondary Shiki and chris’ game is about par.

  14. I saw a lot of secondary Shikishimas and they are great

  15. I play abilissima with main gun accuracy on slot 3, but slot 1 and captain skills are for secondary (without IFHE, doesn’t need it). It’s good and the 10km secondaries are good enough

  16. I think the issue here still lies with the lackluster performance of the secondary build in the first place. How different might have this battle gone had a different build been chosen?

    I have always been a huge secondary brawler (played since the public beta) until recently. Especially on higher tier bbs, getting into that 11km secondary range is 9 out of 10 times totally suicidal. Getting good damage out of a secondary build is far more luck than skill unfortunately. I know dd players still complain about secondaries, but seriously come on… A dd should never, ever be able to go toe to toe with a bb 1v1 and win in the real world, yet it happens in this game on the regular. You’re a squishy dd. Top tier dds should still have that fear factor of sudden death like they do at lower tiers.

    So I’m firmly in the camp of “make secondaries great again”. The secondaries of top tier bbs should absolutely be a royal pain in the @$$ to deal with. So in with better dispersion and higher pen/dmg. Make Manual Secondary Aiming a stock bb feature. I’m just sick of island hugging, HE farming, smoke hotboxing, whimps that sit back and snipe the whole day long. Bleh lol

  17. With 21 points take close quarters expert instead of the fire and flood reduction time skill, and boom you have a ship with sub 20 second reload on Shikishima guns

    And instead of conceal take repair or fire prevention

  18. Honestly Shiki is my favorite ship, and I’ve only gotten it last December

  19. This is something I like about SLM. He’s not afraid to go back and admit his mistakes or that he was wrong.

  20. Hey Sea Lord, I would enjoy your evaluation of this ship. I have been considering her for my next steel ship. Looking forward! Have a great day! Mazda6Red2021

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