World of Warships – Perth Premium Preview

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on Trident moves to support the teams effort in the western side of epicenter. I encounter a couple enemies trying to move forward, we engage with the HE and try to make use of smoke. The Perth is a Leander class that was transferred to the Aussie Navy. The ship feels very similar to the Leander, it has the added bonus of HE and a aircraft.

Tier VI Cruiser Perth Replay


  1. At least the Aussies will be happy

  2. I’m in this battle with u!
    I’m the one that that was typing in chat and got 2 more xp than u

  3. 5 plane kills in a mutsuki? What crazyness do we live in?

  4. As a person from Perth i am disappointed with Perth’s overall qualities, if
    it had British AP and more HP mabye 4-5k HP more, it would be very good.
    Also Notser can you do 2 user replays per week?
    Thanks for the great content Notser! :)

  5. I think you’re right and they’ve brought in this ship too early when we
    wont see a Commonwealth line for probably a year…
    I do hope however WoWS Brings in the equivalent of ‘Ace Tanker’ soon

  6. 1/4th impulse? How STAR TREK of you!!! LOL!!!

  7. That’s at 4;38 for the trekkies!!

  8. Not sure about the perth but a enemy flint in battle last night lasted a
    max of 20 seconds from battle start before it sunk.

  9. i was interested in this until i heard cant be used for captain training.
    nah im good.

  10. Whenever you mentioned commonwealth I remembered Fallout…

  11. When do u personally think the british battleships will come then ?

  12. Lol @ Texas who got torped eventho your fishes got detected instantly by
    those planes on top of you. Wtf

  13. Still RN CL line should get HE shots. And yes I am butthurt because they
    gave premium RN ships HE shots.

  14. Christopher Matarazzo

    are those single fire torps? how do they work?

  15. If wargaming released for a 1 april joke, a premium ship that it just a
    motorboat with a superspeed of +45kn. with 1 single Atlanta gun. (And maybe
    a smoke.)

    Wouldn’t that be just so fun to play? :p

  16. Not being able to use British commanders on Commonwealth ships is just
    about the most ignorant, downright idiotic ruling possible.

    In both World Wars, Royal Navy personnel (AND ships) were freely
    interchanged with those of the navies of the Commonwealth (Canada,
    Australia, India, NZ, South Africa and others). Noting that the training,
    uniforms and basic cultures were identical. So, it was quite commonplace to
    find Commonwealth personnel serving on RN vessels and vice versa.

    Given that most Commonwealth ships were of RN design, it would make much
    more sense to completely unify the two groups.

  17. Gimmicky smoke that is of little benefit and has horrendous cool down
    (probably didn’t think about the consequences rather than being by design)
    and can’t train any other crew. Sounds like a rip off; you’d have to be
    daft. I’m Australian and sure as hell wouldn’t buy it, doubly so as WG
    prices their stuff stupidly high in Aus.
    Based on that, they’ll probably sell plenty of them because stupids abound.

  18. Flys the British battle Ensign but can’t use British captain??

  19. how did you shooting one tor?

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