World of Warships – Perth Review – Gimmicky Moving Smoke Cloud

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The , tier 6 Commonwealth , a modified Leander but with a very gimmicky . While the works well as a DD hunter and can play a support role, she is lacking in many areas and is not a ship I would recommend. Anyways, enjoy the and judge for yourself.


  1. We get it HMS Perth YOU VAPE ??

  2. I want the HMAS Sydney as a T2 premium – as counterpart to the SMS Emden

  3. This is like a big IJN DD. The turret traverse, HE damage and fire chance
    are exactly the same.

  4. Commonwealth Navy? BRING ME HMCS HAIDA, PLEASE.

  5. Can it self spot targets with the spotter plane whilst in smoke?

  6. All I want is the British battleships like the king George the v, the
    nelson, the dreadnaught, the revenge and the planned lion class, oh and the
    hood and renown.

  7. Really looking forward to the Nelson class and the KGV’s. Hope they make
    them nicely competitive :P

  8. Ok, so these hulls have crazy acceleration and the RN version cannot fit
    the propulsion module – because, we thought, it was partially included in
    the hull. So that gets me all thinking, what if you do combine the RN
    cruiser acceleration with the propulsion module – how crazy is it???

  9. I see this ship getting eaten alive in a heads-up battle against the

  10. Creative is the only complement I can give this ship

  11. is this basically Atlanta 2.0?

  12. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura

    the lack of AA makes sense considering the fact that I think she got sunk
    by aircraft

  13. Hmm premiums are BETTER than existing lines????? thats a VERY few for sure.

  14. is this prototype smoke for the regular RN cruiser line?

  15. i hate it that Premiums are the only one that has HE…..

    WG: oh you want HE buy our premium ships b*tch

  16. I wish they put HMAS Sydney first

  17. Having “Commonwealth” as a nation seems like a rather silly way to prevent
    premium ships from being Royal Navy captain trainers.


  19. Brian Lock (神通)

    Just make single torpedo launch happen on IJN DD already

  20. Ps Perth needs radar for that limited range of fire instead of the
    pointless spotting plane

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