World of Warships – Petro goes Quack Quack Full game

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I know you’ve seen highlights from this match but here is a full game because you didn’t see ALL the kills + it’s a fast and explosive and fun match so I think you'll enjoy it anyway 😉

Have fun watching 😉

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  1. When WG leaves 6 year olds to design the ships in the next update

  2. He didn’t even KS the Yama, that was the Lion. 😂

  3. Ships like the Petro prove that WoWS is fun to watch but not worth wasting time playing.

    • @Thinguns it has a huge 25 mm nose meaning any BB in its tier bracket can chunk it for big salvos on its nose. It can bow tank yes, but it’s nose will eat big dmg.

    • @DaManBearPig cheers – i think it’s just hitting the damn thing. don’t get me wrong, i can hit a cruiser at 7km range lol

    • @Thinguns the biggest strength of petro is its low profile and stealth, Guns are overall pretty meh, bad dispersion, but good AP + 360 turrets, but it has 0 DPM. DM shits on Petro cus 27mm nose and good DPM. but Petro is easy to play vs DM, which is a bit harder. Nerf Petros Concealment and it would be fully balanced I reckon. maybe 12.5 or 12.7?

    • Overpowered ships like that is why I don’t play higher than tier 6-7. Tiers 4-7 can still have their fun moments (if sky cancer isn’t present), but overall I would say that the levels of fun in WoWS have decreased dramatically over the years, being replaced with frustration.

    • @Michael Provoast that is just because you suck mate, don’t blame it on the game or developers lol

  4. Wow Flambino KSing left right and center no limits. Hans is a toxic boi 😂😂😂

  5. The ZAO is still wondering what happened!!

    • Tbh he deserved worse. Going in such narrow places with the HIGH MOBILITY ZAO, lmao. Failing to ram even, due to beaching. I’d have log out in the middle of it, out of pure shame

  6. 5:30 when you wanted to ram but your teammate said “Moskau Get back!”

  7. lethargic moonshifter

    Stalinium made in Gulag!

  8. The mouse sound when, want kraken. ( click ….100 x )

  9. I finally got my first Kraken in Tier X using the Flambass method……stealing kills left and right ^^

  10. turned up the microphone volume

  11. it just amaze me, that so many ppl, or should i just say it IDIOTS!, that sees flambass or other known WOWS players in game and thinks, i am gonna take him/they down no matter what, and push in when flambass (or others) just can go backwards and take them out easy as F”#¤.. just amazing, ez clap and so on..

  12. How do you get your front guns aiming to port and your rear gun pointing starboard? First I’ve seen this.

    Thanks for the sweet content Flambass, enjoy watching your style of play

  13. I’m on Monkeys side kill steal😂 be one-step ahead of Flambass Monkey.

  14. 5:20 Flambass to Moskva: “Could you be any more pathetic, please?”
    5:30 Moskva: Hold my vodka
    … stops in between Stalingrad and Petropavlovsk at point blank range with citadel exposed XD

  15. Im close to getting this 🅱️ias boat

  16. I have 58krakens on wows legends for ps4

  17. Romper Stomper 4Life

    Hindi is a good counter IF you have two of them or you focus the Petro

  18. Watching these 2 ships is even more disgusting than Smolensk or Thunderer.

  19. This ship is what HMS Goliath SHOULD have been but because it’s USSR it get’s to be stupidly OP.

  20. Anime Profile Picture

    I don’t know how flambass always manages to get to sit at that position
    whenever I’m in the vicinity, the entire area is 24/7 flooded with torps by the endless halland spam

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