World of Warships: Petropavlovsk Steamroll

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Petropavlovsk is the new T10 Soviet heavy cruiser. Fun as hell!

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Soviet heavy cruiser Petropavlovsk.


  1. “Heavy Cruiser”. Floating Soviet bias.

  2. I wonder, if ships are given an icebreaker, should Wargaming give them special ram modifiers? Considering the chance of getting close in T10 is already slim enough, it would be a nice little detail to add.
    (Planning on using Zao anytime soon to prove Skill > Powercreep? Although I’m not sure how powercreeped Zao is, she’s probably still pretty consistent)

    • Zao is my most played cruiser and she is not what she used to be. The armor gets easily overmatched by all of those recently introduced large battleship guns which has not been the case in the past. On top that WG decided to nerf the legendary upgrade. So yeah, you can do well spamming HE sometimes, but other than that not so much anymore. Sad days.

    • Thematically it would make sense that icebreakers get some advantage in ramming. I think they actually might be getting one when it comes to ramming something that’s very light like a low tier DD. However, when it comes to big ships ramming one another the problem is balance.
      I think Zao is fine. You can still do well with her. She’s just not as exciting to play as AP ships in my opinion.

  3. GG, is there an explanation of what happen with the soviet cruiser split? I need to check the tech tree I guess, I wasn’t playing much, came back and still have my Moskva bought the Tallin to start that line branch but there is something called an Al Neskvy or something 🙂 ? Moskva is gone or the Al IS the mosk?? The Al is the Mosk but now different?? We live in strange days… 🙂

    • The idea was to make the Soviet line more consistent by making it “light” cruiser only; and creating a separate heavy cruiser line. So Moskva was moved from the tech tree, and put into the armoury as a coal ship. Her place in the tech tree was taken up by the Alex Nevsky – which is an improved Dimitri Donskoi (180mm guns). If you already had Moskva, you get to keep her; but you don’t get Alex Nevsky for free. You need to grind her out.

    • Samantha Chase サマンサ・チェイス

      Alexander Nevsky is a light cruiser, and the split is to differentiate between the 152 mm armed ships and the 180 -> 220 mm armed ships.

    • its 152mm-180mm and 180mm-220mm split.
      one is more focused on HE and the other on AP with insane pen and pen angles (shorter radar though).
      so one more vs DDs and another more vs BBs

  4. TomsonPRoDuctions

    Oh look, an overpowered russian paper ship. First time we see one of those

  5. I am shocked a Soviet cruiser does so well, just wait for Soviet CVs

  6. This ship just makes me laugh.

  7. The Iowa was like, “I’ll be fine”
    Petrapavlovsk was like, ” Nyet “

  8. Yesterday my friend got 23 cits on Petropavlovsk. Killed 1 Yam and Musashi showing broadside + Moskva.

  9. The problem is that not everyone owns a Stalingrad, I don’t. So getting this ship would be great

  10. Thank you for fast forwarding through slow parts.

  11. Outstanding! Great game.

  12. No point in playing a BB anymore at this point.

  13. SOOO disappointed how unhistorical typically ‘arcade game boost generic’ WnoW is. Not just fraud bs real players or those who pay more get better faster and faster and faster, but can’t even open up a James or Conways to represent their designs faithfully.
    Real WW2 fans are all over 50 I’m sure and don’t bother with our laziness.
    Same with ‘rock’em sock em bash derby race car Workd if Tanks.

    But we designers have no choice the producers demand we stick to the same arcade addiction formula that destroyed beloved arcades.

  14. I’d love to see a Tallinn video. Justed grinded her and wouldn’t mind getting some tips.

    • The oldtown looks kind of nice, especially the town square. I personally liked it too, but mostly due to how close it was to the port.

    • AP pen is very good. improved pen angles too. HE is decent.
      focus on your AP when u can on any reasonable broadside. BBs included

    • @Aerroon Been there and took pictures. Nice place. Stepped off one of those huge cruise ships. You’re too close to the Russians.

  15. Christopher Jonasson

    Dont have a good captain on mine so havnt used it in randoms
    It is certainly up to brawling bot BB:s in coop tho

  16. iam waiting for the russian nuclear missle cruiser, coming soon i tell ya

  17. Dominic Robertson

    There’s me thinking WG got rid of stealth radars

  18. There is always Co-op. Thats where I’ll spend my playing days from now on. I’d hate to encounter an Aerron or any of the russian bias-sponsored players.

  19. normal WOWS map MM = Money Per MInute CC = Used Car Salesman . Notice how he does not talk about how bad the Match was and this is a Normal Match in WOWS

  20. For those dont have stalingrad ,the petro is a great pick .I only played 6 Battles but have 83% winrate 🙂 .the presence scares already ist seems xD

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